Lesotho March 2003 Baboon's Pass in the rain

Heine's web write-up on the trip

Michel Zimmermann's Letele trip

Michel & Verena (Gelandewagen) - Barry & Hannah (TDI110) - Paul (TDI110) - Koos & At ("Grizelda" Toyota LC special) - Niel (Toyota) - Dirk Wentzel (Gelandewagen) - Heine & Michele (110) and Tanya and me in our TDI90)

Day one: Michel pointing out Baboon's Pass from Ramabanta. The weather is very unpredictable up in the Lesotho mountains, you need to be prepared for any weather and mostly rain.
Heine and Verena doing the same as me...

The group - 8 vehicles in total. We planned to do the pass from the North West to the South East, but the river you need to cross to start the pass just outside Ramabanta was in full flood, so we headed off to start form the S.E side.


The start form the South Easten side

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