Three of these houses were introduced in 1971 at the official opening of the school and the fourth was added later. The houses are named after distinguished 1820 settlers: William Matthews (Green); Richard Gush (Red); William Shaw (Blue) and Thomas Pringle (Yellow). All pupils are allocated to one of these houses. Pupils are expected to support their houses at all inter-house functions and to attend all house meetings.

Matthews House

William Matthews

An 1820 settler who founded his first school in Salem for Settler children. He was known as the "Father of Albany Education". He was a man of high principles, who believed that education embraced the moulding of Christian character and the expression of Christian living. This godly man not only taught, but was the town's doctor, magistrate and peacemaker.

Gush House

Richard Gush

Gush house is named after Richard Gush (1789 - 1858) :
an 1820 Settler who was the hero of Salem. He saved the village of Salem, showing great courage and faith, when he rode unarmed to negotiate with 500 Xhosa warriors who had surrounded it. He persuaded them to leave Salem in peace. As a Quaker, he stood for peace at a time of violent conflict. He was a man of God who was always prepared to live out the Gospel of Christ by his words and deeds.

Shaw House
William Shaw

As an 1820 Settler, he came to South Africa as a Chaplain and Methodist missionary. He established many mission stations in the Eastern Cape, often riding into dangerous territory in order to do so. He was also an active educationalist, promoting schools and Christian literature. He was a most highly esteemed man on the frontier, a man of deep personal faith and evangelical zeal, beloved by Europeans and the indigenous population alike.

Pringle House

Thomas Pringle

Pringle House is named after Thomas Pringle(1784 - 1834) : an 1820 Settler who was an editor of early newspapers championing the rights of the British settlers. He was a man of compassion and high principles, and denounced the inhumanity shown to the indigenous population by the colonists. He was unafraid of speaking the truth, and he fought for freedom of the press.

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