Regal Air Services and its sister company Trans-Ops specialises in heavy and abnormal air cargo. With the ever increasing movement of cargo around the world and the time restraints that are imposed for the movement of cargo, Regal Air Services have the answer, "fly it on heavy capacity cargo planes".

AN 124

We utilise a range of cargo aircraft from the AN124, AN12, AN32, Boeing 747, Boeing 707, IL76 and many more types.        

BOEING 747-400

With a wide network of cargo planes around the world, Regal Air Services offer a high standard of service and with Trans-Ops being in the transport project management and freight logistics field the company can offer over 23 years personnel experience of freight movements within its ranks.      
With the ability of carrying up to 100,000Kgs of cargo on the AN 124, and up to 50,000Kgs on the IL 76, Regal Air Services can arrange the movement of almost any cargo.


IL 76