RE 24/9/99 Health / Agriculture Joint Workshop - South Africa


for Labelling of Genetically Modified Foods

Submit to: Ms. Elsa van Rensburg
Directorate Plant Health and Quality,
 South African National Dept. of Agriculture 
South African Fax (012) 326 4374
International Fax +27 12 326 4374

Deadline: 24 August 1999

We, the undersigned, are outraged at being used without our consent as guinea pigs for the unlabelled genetically modified (GM) and untried food and food ingredients now present in many processed foods being sold in South Africa.

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has been sued for ignoring their own scientific experts' advice that GM foods are not "substantially equivalent" to other foods. Europe, Japan and Brazil have banned further release of any GM crops and foodstuffs, due to lack of adequate or appropriate long-term independent scientific proof of their safety. There is mounting scientific evidence of serious environmental, animal and human health problems created by this new and untried technology. We demand that we should follow a sensible, precautionary approach in South Africa. More information about GM foods on the Internet at

For Non-South Africans: We, the undersigned, will boycott SA food if South Africa continues to export unlabelled genetically modified food.

We demand countrywide regulations for the immediate labelling of all Genetically Modified (GM) foods and GM food ingredients in order to re-instate our basic consumer right to protect ourselves against possible damaging effects ("Gentox").

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