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28 July 1997

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Egypt Bans GE Food
Diet-Coke need prescription?
Tobacco Scandal continued
New GE Web-site
Cloning Produces Giant Lambs

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Egypt Says No To Genetically Engineered Food

RTw 20.07.97 13:27

CAIRO, July 20 (Reuter) - Egypt's main wheat importer said on Sunday he was not thinking of buying wheat until the issues raised by a government import ban on genetically engineered grain were settled. Egypt issued a decree that it would require imports of commodities meant for human consumption to be accompanied by proof that genetic engineering was not used in their production. The decree also said that any imported grain or pulses must be accompanied by a certificate saying it has not been genetically altered.

"A freezing in the world market concerning Egypt will continue for 15 to 20 days," Samir Shakankiri, vice chairman of the state's General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC), told Reuters. "We have ceased watching the market until this problem is solved." "We used to watch the market to buy when prices go down. Even if we could get the wheat for free, we would not buy it because it would not enter the country without the certificate," he added. Shakankiri, whose organisation is the biggest wheat importer in Egypt, said contacts were underway with exporting governments to see how they could issue such certificates.

Egypt imports about six million tonnes of wheat a year from suppliers including U.S., France, Australia, and Argentina. U.S. industry sources in Cairo said they were trying to set up a meeting soon with Egyptian authorities for an explanation of why the decree was issued. -- Cairo newsroom +202 578 3290/1

Florida (Hey Doc, how about a prescription for a Diet Coke?)

From: Betty Martini

Dear Gwen: Thanks. I'll check out the web page. Actually, John Hammell at the above e-mail address, said they are trying to make phenylalanine by prescription only but have not yet.

Its very interesting because 50% of aspartame is phenylalanine, and genetically engineered. John can give you a lot of information. I think journalists should start writing "Hi Doc, can I have a prescription for a Diet Coke?" The FDA either way is going to get caught on this one. However, they are known to violate their own laws. The late Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA toxicologist who tried to stop the approval of aspartame, told Congress that aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment because it triggered brain tumors, and the Delaney Amendment forbid putting something on the market that you know will cause cancer. And actually it caused other cancers and soon we will have the Bressler Report on the Dorway web page (it's 75 pages long and we have to type it in). This is the study that probably gives Monsanto the most indigestion. It had rats that were declared dead, alive later in the report. Besides resurrecting dead rats on paper, the report also showed that aspartame triggered other cancers.

The last words of Dr. Gross to Congress will ever be remembered because after admitting aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment he said: "And if the FDA violates its own laws who is left to protect the public?" Obviously, the FDA is not our protector, the approval of aspartame is in my opinion one of the greatest atrocities ever committed by them, and those who have already died from NutraSweet (and death is even listed on the FDA report of 92 symptoms - death, the ultimate symptom) are simply Holocaust Victims of the FDA! John Hammell's people have the FDA Holocaust Museum in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, near the Airport.

But what the FDA does with this one will be interesting to watch. Probably like the questions we send them that go unanswered, they will ignore it! But its a golden opportunity for journalists to write lots of articles and more information on this can be gotten from John Hammell at the above e-mail address, that is CC'ed.

Regards, Betty

For more information on aspartame e-mail: Mission Possible, 5950-H State Bridge Rd., Suite 215, Duluth, GA 30155 USA

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  1. Take the 60-day No Aspartame Test and send us your case history.
  2. Tell your doctor and all of your friends!
  3. Return Asparcidal food to the store. Anything with Monsanto's NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful or Benevia or NatraTaste

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Disability and Death are not acceptable costs of business!

Genetically Engineered Tobacco Scandal at B&W

Phil Bereano wrote:

Industry does LIE to regulators and regulators are lax. Biosafety is being discussed as if the companies would tell the truth, as if they wouldn't scatter their ex-employees throughout the regulatory ranks.

Robert Cohen wrote:

Dear Phil,

Funny how most of us keep insisting on a set of rules and would play by the rules... and biotech companies repeatedly bend the existing rules. Congress allows their integrity to be purchased... My daughter, Jennifer taught me a solution three years ago when she was in third grade.

She came home one day to tell me about a class election. Instead of raising hands the children were allowed to write a name on a piece of paper, and then fold it in half. No peer pressure was permitted. Each child voted using his or her heart, brain and soul.

Can we give that same integrity back to the members of Congress whose votes are currently for sale? Allow them to be polled before each vote so that their vote becomes a matter of public record... then let them cast their ballot so that nobody really knows... Let 'em keep the damned PAC $$$ but give 'em back their integrity... and they are free to vote with that spirit that I believe they all still have, and have just misplaced.

Robert, i4crob@IDT.NET

New GE internet web-site

Dear friend

Our genetic engineering website, which is a subset of the Natural Law Party website, is up and running. It contains all of the biotech articles from Alive magazine, as well as articles by John Fagan, by Joe Cummins, and links to other articles and websites.

The genetic engineering website address is:

You can choose the 'links' option at the bottom of most of the pages to access many other websites on genetic engineering. You can also link directly to an index of all the biotech articles from Alive and then access them all individually.

I will also be sending out other articles on genetic engineering, but you can now access all the past articles and background on genetic engineering on this site, and link to other sites. I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes,


Richard Wolfson, PhD, Campaign to Ban Genetically Engineered Food

Natural Law Party, 500 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, ON Canada K1N 6N2, Tel. 613-565-8517 Fax. 613-565-6546, email: NLP Website:

'Giant' lambs put future of cloning in doubt

London Sunday Times July 27 1997

by Steve Connor, Science Correspondent

THE SCIENTIST who pioneered sheep cloning has admitted its commercial future may be doomed because many of the lambs are born abnormally large and die after birth.

The problem of the "giant" lambs keeps re-occurring, despite attempts to solve it since it was first identified last year.

Dr. Ian Wilmut, leader of the cloning team at the Roslin Institute near Edinburgh, said last week that it now seriously jeopardises the exploitation of cloning technology.

"You do sometimes have an increase in size which is sufficiently great to threaten the well-being of both mother and offspring. Obviously you are not going to go on using a technique with those effects," Wilmut said.

The most recent cloning experiment produced lambs that were nearly twice the size born naturally. The cloning technique was almost certainly responsible, according to Wilmut.

Other research published earlier this year, which included work on Dolly, the first adult sheep clone, also produced oversized lambs. Dolly was, at 6.6 kg, about a third heavier than she should have been at birth.

Scientists from the institute, which is government funded, and PPL Therapeutics, the private biotechnology company set up to exploit its research, last week announced the birth of the first cloned lambs that had been genetically altered to include human genes for a blood-clotting protein.

Of the six clones, one died within hours of birth while the others weighed between 3 kg and 9 kg. PPL maintained that their weights were within the normal range for the Poll Dorset sheep breed.

One of the lambs was delivered by caesarean section but PPL refused to give details of the individual birth weights, claiming this would prevent formal publication of the scientific research.

However, the Meat and Livestock Commission said that the typical birth weight of a Poll Dorset lamb is 4.75 kg. Jim Dufosee, spokesman for the Poll Dorset Sheep Breeders' Association, said he has never come across a lamb weighing more than 7 kg at birth. "A 9 kg lamb is impossible. You would never get it out," he said.

Animal welfare organisations criticised PPL for using the Scottish blackface, a small breed of sheep, as the surrogate mothers and a larger breed for the embryos.

Joyce D'Silva, director of Compassion in World Farming, said: "We believe this can cause great suffering to the animals in terms of painful births and caesarean operations. It should be banned."

Last year, when Wilmut vowed to address the problem of oversized lambs, he said: "If we still have this problem in the next generation of lambs, we will go back to the beginning."

Dr. Alan Colman, the research director of PPL, said there is not yet enough information on the effects of transferring embryos from one sheep breed to another. "PPL will have to consider what data is available. If there are indications that lambs are bigger than they should be, one thing to look for is a larger breed to use as surrogates," he said.

He hailed the birth of the clones last week as "the realisation of our vision" to produce instant flocks of sheep that can be used for human therapeutic uses.

But Wilmut said: "Before this is used on a large-scale commercial project you would have to have eliminated the difficulties with large size and the increase in perinatal deaths."

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