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Europe Again in Food Flap
Monkey Cloning Feat Could Aid Disease Research
More Diverted Research Funds Found, CDC Misleads Congress
University of Pennsylvania will no longer use humans for experiments
Gene Therapy Firms Resist Publicity: "Adverse events are, by definition, trade secrets."
Gene Test Deaths Not Reported Promptly
Frito-Lay Accused of Helping Anti-Biotech Activists
Scientists Reminded To Report Deaths – FDA Responds to Gene Therapy Flap
Panel Keeps U.S. Judges' Investment Files Secret
Article: Biotech Crops Spur Warning
Article: "Biotech Food Raises a Crop of Questions"
U.S. Blood Donations Decline By Avram Goldstein, Washington Post
World Development Movement: The Battle for International Rules on GMOs
The World Development Movement
Views from the Third World on GM crops
Words of warning; When scientists talk of 'absence of evidence' of risk, take cover. Password protected -- need to register first
FALLS BROOK CENTRE, 125 South Knowlesville Road, Knowlesville, New Brunswick, Canada E7L 1B1
To protect and defend Frankenfoods, Novartis has launched a new website (Pro-GE!)
Monsanto and Media Progaganda Radio Show
Look up chemicals and get the CAS number (Chemical Abstracts Service, registry number)
Which DNA Marker for Which Purpose? Final compendium of the research project 'Development, optimisation and validation of molecular tools for assessment of biodiversity in forest trees' - European Union DGXII Biotechnology FW IV Research Programme - 1999
Monsanto placed print ads telling farmers Roundup was "the only weed control you'll ever need." You can see one of these 1998 ads on the Iowa State University Herbicide Ad "Hall of Shame" web site
Some weeds are developing resistance to Roundup -- notably hemp weed or pig weed -- so Roundup is becoming less effective, requiring additional measures for weed control, raising costs for those relying on Roundup Ready
FDA Taken To Court By Its Own Scientists
David Brear's monthly review of GM news in Britain. The Wild Flower Page
More about GM environmental risks. Try also GM_Apr.doc, GM_May.doc and so on. Needs MS Word (viewer).
The Wild Flower Page
monthly review of wildlife conservation in Britain
Wheatsville Food coop; Jim Ellinger (512) 478-2667 (Related to Austin TX Anti-GE resolution)
US President's Office: Office of Management & Budget
See World Health Organization (WHO), OVERCOMING ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE (Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization, 2000)
Release of Genetically Modified Organisms in the environment: is it a health hazard?" The report from the WHO/EURO-ANPA Seminar held at the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health, Rome Division, Rome
Margaret Wittenberg, Communications Director, Quality Assurance, Whole Foods Market, Austin, Texas
Pro-GE: Leading biotech seed companies

Why Take DA ? (DA=Direct Action) .. but taking direct action can be one of the most wonderful and liberating experiences. However, some people can be traumatised by the event.
The Wild Flower Page
the monthly review of wildlife conservation in Britain
The World Intellectual Property Organisation has a Collection of Laws for Electronic Access (CLEA) on its website. The CLEA contains a full-text database of national intellectual property legislation, as well as international treaties, in English, French and Spanish. The laws of some 35 countries are presently covered.
Organic Cropland Doubled in 1990s (US),1367,35376,00.html?tw=wn2000....
Biotechs Getting Cold Feet (Business Monday),1283,36492,00.html
Vocal GM protests loom in Italy,1282,33534,00.html?tw=wn20000110
Genome Map Near Completion,1282,34289,00.html
Patients May Have Been Given HIV,1282,34877,00.html
EU Halts Franken Crops,1282,35266,00.html?tw=wn20....
Researchers in Toronto have found the gene that allows one of most common and highly contagious cold viruses to trigger deadly heart disease,1282,35283,00.html?tw=wn20....
Isolating the Meningitis Gene: can any good come out of these sequences?,1282,36151,00.html?tw=wn20....
Italy to Scientists: No GM Gelato,1282,36335,00.html?tw=wn20....
Despite negative market response of late, experts say things are still looking up for biotech,1282,37088,00.html?tw=wn20....
Percy Schmeiser: A Canadian farmer battles agribusiness giant Monsanto over the use of the company's rape oil seed. The case reveals pitfalls associated with controlling patented, genetically engineered technology. From the Environment News Service.,1282,38646,00.html?tw=wn20....
Scientists have genetically modified tomatoes so that they ripen more slowly and produce twice the amount of an antioxidant that can help prevent blindness and cancers. - and of course there are no side-effects,1282,41171,00.html?tw=wn20....
Researchers say the presence of one gene determines whether or not skin cancer will spread in people with tumors.,1282,41225,00.html?tw=wn20....
Bayer AG and genomics company CuraGen will spend more than a billion dollars on a 15-year project to develop drugs for diabetes and obesity.
University Of Wisconsin-Madison: Research on Molecular Barrier to lock out GE and foreign genes
Arche GENoah, German GE activist group, Uni Kassel. German language.
UK Nationwide Ban on GE-Food
High-Fat Diet Protects Brain After Stroke A Western diet, containing animal fat and protein, may help prevent loss of cognitive functioning and mental ability following a stroke.
Wood Mackenzie will release a global review and forecast on GM seeds in January 2001 entitled, "Seeding Growth."
For more information on the e-conference, including a full archive of contributions
For more general background on the WDR (World Development Reports)
Newsletter Update on WDR (World Development Report)2000/01, No. 1, January 1999
World Watch Intitute and Magazine: Some food facts.
Testimony from Senate Subcommittee on International Economic Policy, Export and Trade Promotion at the Hearing on “The Role of Biotechnology in Combating Poverty and Hunger in Developing Nations”
World Watch Intitute and Magazine: Some food facts.
World Wildlife Fund, 1250 Twenty-Fourth Street, N.W. P.O. Box 97180, Washington, DC 20077-7180
WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE The Washington-based institute has published a very useful overall introduction to the issues surrounding bioprospecting.
Dr Aarpad Pusztai interview with GM-FREE magazine
The WTO itself is supposedly streaming the plenary sessions through their website
World Trade Organisation: meeting schedule
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
2105 First Ave. South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 USA
612-870-3400 (phone) 612-870-4846 (fax)
An Overview of GM Technology in the Forest Sector. - a scoping study for WWF-UK and WWF International by Rachel Asante Owusu
WWF's report, Do Genetically Engineered Crops Reduce Pesticide Use?
'more friendly to the environment' has been a major selling argument, which in practice has not turned out to be true according to recent studies.
Neem tree patents: an immodest victory
Natl.Institue of Health: Minutes of RAC meeting, 5 September 1999
Testimony of A. Patterson,
Battle over genetically modified food extends to Brazil

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