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GLOBAL 2000: Austrian environmental organisation. German, but has some English pages as well.
Bioengineering Action Network of North America
Bioengineering Action Network (BAN) Literature Distro. Good source of materials!
"Korean Action Against Genetic Crops." Bioengineering Action Network (BAN)
"UK Activists Disrupt World Seed Conference." Bioengineering Action Network (BAN)
"Britons Skirmish Over Genetically Modified Crops." Bioengineering Action Network (BAN)
"Vandals Chop 400 Research Trees at UBC." Bioengineering Action Network (BAN)
"Wild Greens Destroy GE Experimental Crops in New Zealand." Bioengineering Action Network (BAN)
"French Activists Arrested After GM Rice Destroyed."
"French to Ask EU to Halt Approvals on New GMO's." Bioengineering Action Network (BAN)
"Underground Group Attacks UCB Genetic Engineering Test Site." Genetix Alert
"At Least 5 GM Sites Destroyed Last Night." Genetix Alert
"Spread of Fear that Creates a Coalition." The Guardian
Assemble a mutant of your own choosing and see how it fairs.
Comment at Technology Review Forum (MIT)
MIT technology Review Forum website
Danish Board of Technology: "Town Meetings on Technology"
"Conclusions of the Lay Panel at the Consensus Conference on Gene Therapy 22-25 September 1995" from the Danish Parliament's Board of Technology
Danish Board of Technology's Website: lay panel report about GE foods (english)
Immune system fear over altered potatoes
Monsanto scientists go for growth with luminous lawn
China implants spider genes into silkworms
chemicals database Terratox. TerraBase Inc.'s Canadian Domestic Substances & Non-Domestic Substances List (DSL&NDSL) on CD-ROM covers over 66,400 substances scheduled under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)
Evidence of harm to human subjects in GE experiments
Also see London Times report 1 Oct 1999 on a meeting held by the British Medical Journal and the Lancet which discussed how tens of thousands are killed as a result of suppressed pharmaceutical data from biotech companies - the same people who develop GM foods
GM Crop Research: The food-shortage Myth
Firms move to avoid risk of contamination
Scottish Council Overturns GM Trial
Australia: States free to ban GM crops
US National Campaign to Label GE Food
US: The Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-know Act
The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods
"The Coca-Cola Company has a firm policy of using only ingredients which have been evaluated for safety based on sound food science and accepted for use in food by the relevant health and safety regulatory authorities."
Article: "Frankenstein Foods" February 20, 1999
Article: "Ottawa Refuses to Approve Bovine Growth Hormone"
Frankenfoods need more testing, Chrétien agrees
G8 leaders find GM food accord hard to swallow
The Lancet journal. You have to register as a non-subscriber.
Article: Genetically engineered foods debate sows seeds of discontent
By Laura Lee Lanning~Shipton
check out the links on my chemical page in reference to other things that Canola has - that are not good
The alternatives: use of biochips to measure pollution, but not in humans, because these things are DNA based and if they get a virus or fungus will we know?
URLs about Honey and Bees affected by GE!
Sea Sickness.(pollution, algae blooms, and climate change affect coral reefs and other marine organisms)
Implications of "a virus that replicates in both plants and animals"
Site map: By Laura Lee Lanning~Shipton
Scottland: Ministers face new row on GM crops
Bakery to Make GM-free Cookies
Row Over Food Labels Boils Over At Summit
Labelling Altered Foods `a Necessity'; International Pact Goal of Ottawa,,2-68170,00.html
Stem cell discovery reverses time The Times, 15 Jan 2001
GM Secrecy 'made Seed Error Worse'
Aspartame Toxicity Information Center
Comments to the USDA on its new proposed rules on organic foods
How It Happened That We Don't Regulate Biotech,2637,foodpoll2,00.html
Time Magazine is holding an online poll on your views on GM Food.,3266,27937,00.html
when it comes to matters of food? (see Time magazine article for their extraordinary ability to regularly get it wrong in this area:
Monsanto's R&D center in Bangalore, opened March 4th (from Times of India)
Times of India: Scientist warn against GM food
US Patent on Neem Revoked
KRRS warns farmers of Monsanto sugarcane
Survey of Commercial/Trans Global Selfious Interest.
Totness Genetic Group: Don't let them play with our DNA!
Jeunesse Park, Executive Director, Food and Trees for Africa South Africa, Tel: (082 900 1738) Fax: (+27 11 783 4528)
Greenpeace UK 'True Food Campaign', Canonbury Villas, Islington, London, N1 2PN. Tel: 0171 865 8100. US: Greenpeace Issues 'Shopping List' of Biofoods
The exact page of GP's GE & non-GE brand name foods list
Greenpeace has launched a new True Food Web site. The site is designed to help people get involved in the issue of genetically modified food.
Some of the industry tricks are outlined in a fantastic article from Accountability in Research (1999) Vol 6, pp. 259-310
Red Feather Dictionary of Critical Social Science. (3rd ed)
Article about stolen Genes
Turning Point Project, 310 D St. NE, Washington, DC NY Times: "Unlabeled, Untested - And You're Eating It."
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Saskatchewan Farmer against Monsanto
Saskatchewan: Blowin' in the Wind
Martin Khor, Director, Third World Network 228 Macalister Road, 10400 Penang, Malaysia Email:
The Third World Network (see their Biotechnology and Biosafety page)
Biotechnology and Biosafety: Laws and Protocol, Agriculture, GE and Health, GE and Food, Patenting, and many more articles.
The Hazards of Genetically-engineered Foods
World Scientists' Statement: Calling for a Moratorium on GM
The Golden Rice Saga
The Wall Street Transcript is a premier weekly investment publication interviewing market professionals (Pro GE ?)
TWST Archives
The Wall Street Transcript: examines the outlook for Monsanto & the Future of Ag Biotech (Pro GE)
The Wall Street Transcript recent recommendations by analysts and money managers
Good news: The Ban-GEF Archive with Search Engine! All postings to the Ban-GEF list severs since late 1997 now on the web
Good news: The Ban-GEF Archive with Search Engine! 2000 only
Good news: The Ban-GEF Archive with Search Engine! 1999 only

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