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Biotech backlash – Mainstream plunges into the struggle
Mothers for Natural Law (US) Petition for GE food labeling
GE food labeling petition
a good compilation of government safety alerts in food products
Students for Alternatives to Genetic Engineering (S.A.G.E.)
Genetic research that can save lives is often stymied by biotech companies' greedy patent claims.
Biotech handouts: Tainted alliances
A lawsuit against the FDA reveals documents that show even the agency's own scientists have doubts about the safety of genetically modified foods.
RV Sole & M Newman (1999) "Patterns of extinction and biodiversity in the fossil record", Santa Fe Institute Working Paper 99-12-079
List Archive: Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA) SANET - Sustainable Agriculture Network
Sylvia Tawse for the Organic Trade Association: "Don't let This be the Future of Organic Food!"
South African Company dealing with GE tree development
3D molecule viewer of the aspartame MDL: Dr. Dave Woodcock of the Chemistry Department at Okanagan University College, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
"Genetically-Altered Crops Can Produce Tough, Hard-To-Kill Weeds"
Molecular Barrier to lock out GE and foreign genes
NPR's Science Friday asks for your opinion!
New Zealand Moratorium On Genetic Modification
(Pro GE!) Scottish Crop Research Institute (SCRI)
Scandinavian University Press (Norway): Article: "Gene technology and Gene Ecology of Infectious Diseases"
CaMV promoter virus – a recipe for disaster? international scientific journal Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease (no 4, 1999)
NY Times Article: "U.S. and Allies Block Treaty on Genetically Altered Goods" You have to register -- but it's free.
evidence that patents and other financial interests may be influencing researchers' behaviour in ways which could place the public at risk
SeaWeb Aquaculture Clearinghouse
Two papers among several presented at the International Symposium on Plant Variety Protection, held in Taichung City (Taiwan) on 13-14 June 2000, are available on the web. One is about plant variety protection systems in Europe and the other explains the situation in Korea.
"UPOV in Africa", SANSOR News, Number 1, South African National Seed Organisation, 2000
Food 'n' Health 'n' Hope. Visit this site to listen to (or download) a song about a certain company.
Main website for US Senate
US Senate Testimony: "The Future of Food: Biotech. and Consumer Confidence"
organic food is superior
San Francisco Chronicle
Researcher Questions Nutritional Value of Genetically Altered Crops
Article: "How do you get DNA into a plant? Blow a hole in it"
Coke Scion Joins Protest Against Genetically Engineered Ingredients
Illinois-based Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), buyer and exporter of farm commodities, asked farmers to segregate their GE and non-GE crops at harvest
Indian farmers urge 10-year moratorium on GM agriculture
South Afica: Conference wants moratorium on genetically modified foods
UK Department of the Enviroment Our very own Eco Warrior Force.
The Department of the Environment & Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment: Newsletter June 1996 Issue No. 5
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Index of approved GMOs in Europe
listing of genetically modified organisms released in the UK
gives the names and addresses where public registers of genetically modified organisms released in the UK may be found
Department Eviroment/Transport and the Regions UK gov web pages on GMO Releases
Bradford Duplisea on rBGH, Sierra Club of/du Canada (613) 241-4611
Sierra Club, Chair, Genetic Engineering Committee,
Sierra Club campaign – targeting Kraft Inc.
Biotechnology Regulations Challenged under the Auditor General Act
Aspartame Crisis Posed To World Environmental Conference
New research shows that genetically modified food can stunt the growth of rats and damage their immune system, prompting more concerns about the effect on humans.
The Health Effects Of Canola Oil – None Dare Call It Rape

GE campaign 'sign up' sheets with name, address, phone number, email, and 'skills or resources column'
the Science, Technology and Innovation Program at Center for International Development at Harvard University (they have a mailing list server)
John Bunzl - Director, International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO)
Genetic researchers cite specter of profits
Press release from the Swedish Board of Agriculture 24 May 2000
Big Brother is watching your e-mails!
The Simple Living Network
GM crops are pests, Tasmania declares
Prime Minister of Australia left behind by new GM tests
GM seeds may be in food chain: Monsanto
Prion disease - dormant but deadly
The Sidney Morning Herald: "Potato doctor sacked" By ROGER HIGHFIELD in London
civil society in the Southern African region, issueing the Open Letter attached -- an appeal to the regional and international community to prevent the importation of inappropriate seeds to the region,7843,422....
The Guardian: Against the grain (feed the world)
Book: Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants
Soil Association, Bristol House, 40-56 Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6BY. Tel: 0117 914 2449, Fax: 0117 925 2504.
Third World Network Based in Penang, Malaysia, TWN is another influential environmentalist group. This is a link to an essay on bioprospecting by its director, Martin Khor. "A worldwide fight against biopiracy and patents on life"
information on health research on soy, see: Soy Online Service Uncovering the truth about soy
Genetically Modified Foods 'Super Site' Debuts
Food Pyramid Gets Kid-friendly Look
Activist Network Squall: Mad Cow Cover-Up
US state Vermont: Newbury school board says no BGH
Werkgroep Xenotransplantatie Vraagstukken, Secretariaat WXV Burgtstraat 3 NL-6701 DA Wageningen, The Netherlands
Non-sugar Sweetener Stevia (natural, grown in S.America)
Science & Technology News Network: Pollen From Genetically Altered Corn Threatens Monarch Butterfly
Weird Science The Brave New World of Genetic Engineering by U.S. Public Interest Research Group and Pesticide Action Network North America
Montreal agreement puts brakes on "frankenfoods"
Top 10 Great Big Fibs Of Biotech Part 1
Top 10 Great Big Fibs Of Biotech Part 2
The Next US President and globalisation
Washington Biotechnology Action Council (WashBAC)
Rates other websites about their educational content.
Anti-depressants get into water system Roger Dobson
Villagers force a halt to crop trial
Buffer zone for GM crops 'does not work'
USA Admits Possible Link between Biological Weapons and Agent Green
2 Top Chefs Join Food Fight
Important biotech article
The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) was established in 1986 as a nonprofit and tax exempt research and education organization. (see also
National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture, P.O. Box 396, Pine Bush, NY 12566; phone (914) 744-8448; fax (914) 744-8477; email
information about best practices in government purchasing policies, get in touch with Sustainable America, 42 Broadway, Suite 1740, New York, NY 10004-1617; phone: 212-269-9550
Diabetes: Bellagio Report 1996
Swiss Diabetes Ass.: Problems With Genetically Engineered Insulin

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