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.... suggests that there is evidence of deformities, possibly caused by GM crops, in North American wildlife ....
Pesticide Action Network UK
Eurolink Centre, 49 Effra Road, London SW2 1BZ UK
phone (44-020) 7274 8895    fax (44-020) 7274 9084
Pesticide Action Network, North America
Action Network North America (PANNA), "Genetically Engineered Crops and Foods: Online Presentation
Excellent, easy to follow web tutorial on GM debate
Monday August 17, 1998 Scientist Suspended For Criticizing Genetically Modified Food Do not question science. A Scottish professor was suspended from an...
Agriculture and Forestry Committee of the Canadian Senate released its interim report on Genetically engineered BGH
Canadian Senate Hearings
Health Canada management against the recommendation of their own scientists
UK House Of Lords report on approving GE
United Kingdom Parliament Home Page (House of Commons + House of Lords)
View patent 5,723,765 (and try others)
"US. United States Patent Number 5723765: Control of Plant Gene Expression, issued on March 3, 1998." to Delta and Pine Land Co. and The United States Department of Agriculture.
Dr Andrew Weil's website. He has a writeup on GE foods
Is Monsanto's biotech worth less than a hill of beans?
"The Voice of Reason in the Global Food Fight," - Gordon Conway, Rockefeller Foundation,2960,43007-101000412,
Despite Alarms GM Salmon is inevitable,2637,foodpoll,00.html
Time Mag. doing GM public acceptance poll,2637,foodpoll200.html
Poll about Genetically Modified Foods: Are You Afraid of Eating Them?
web page that mentions aromatic amines along with transgenic crops
Tom Pavich, Pavich Family Farms, Terra Bella, Calif.
Bob Phelps, Director, Australian GeneEthics Network Melbourne, Australia
Australian Enviromental magazine exposing fraud and corruption.
John Allen's database of non-GE food suppliers
Canberra Organic Growers Society have an excellent new website on Genetic Engineering
The National Networking Peace Group
PO Box 9314, Wellington, Aotearoa / New Zealand.
tel +64 4 382 8129,    fax 382 8173,
Dr. Thomas Gold: The Deep Hot Bioshpere
Josh Lerner, "150 Years of Patent Protection", Harvard Business School Working Paper #00-039 and National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper No. 7477, January 2000.
Can it be True!? Sometimes Canned Veggies are Better than Fresh
Saint Paul Pioneer Press (seems to be Pro-GE!)
A commentary by Dr. Arpad Pusztai, made available on the internet by Thorkild C. Bøg-Hansen, Senior Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Commentary to the Dr. Pusztai Case (UK Rowett Institute)
Skeptical Europe still not sold on GM crops – EC official – USA
U.S. green group to launch biotech food protests – USA
INTERVIEW - Food tracking system aims to ease UK worries – UK
Extra hot weather may damage gene soya – magazine – UK
GM foods needed to feed world, UK scientist says – UK
Japan may delay next approval of new GM varieties – JAPAN
Genetically modified food – Japan to take initiative in calming consumer fears – JAPAN
Asia swept by global storm over genetically modified food – AUSTRALIA
Gene therapy death puzzles scientists, regulators - USA
Greenpeace atop cranes in Denmark to stop GM beans
Groups march peacefully ahead of biosafety talks
Delegates ready bio-safety food talks in Montreal
Japan to ban unapproved GMO imports from 2001
Sri Lanka bans import of genetically modified food
Greece urges tighter EU controls on gene crops - GREECE
France's Voynet questions motives of GMO seed firms - FRANCE
GM food accord hard to swallow at Japan summit - JAPAN
US, EU aides clash over precautionary principle
Brazil soy farmers tap GM black market in key state - BRAZIL
EU farm ministers split over pace of GM approvals - FRANCE
Israelis use tree gene to fight desertification - ISRAEL
Australia canola cut by price, rain, not GM fears - AUSTRALIA
All-consuming Passion: Overconsumption
Check out the latest Reuters Environment News Photographs:
INTERVIEW - Scientists in Italy study GM rice - ITALY
EU takes tough stand on GMO trade negotiations
EU ministers rubber-stamp deal to tighten new GMOs
Planet Ark News
UK Sainsbury says own-brand ingredients GM-free
UK Minister tells GM firms – public comes first
UK – Church of England bars GM crop trials
Australian farmers see holes in gene label rule - AUSTRALIA
Japan risks U.S. ire with GMO label plan - JAPAN
Japan to start random checks on GM crop imports - JAPAN
Leading European dog food maker eschews GM
US regulators take new look at biotech foods
Check out the latest Reuters Environment News Photographs:
Listen to the latest 'Pulse of the Planet' radio broadcast. This needs RealPlayer G2 available via Planet Ark -
Prof. Ann Clark, University of Guelph, Crop Science
Transposable genetic elements-maize.
Butterfly Decline In California Presents A Mystery
"World Food System Challenges and Opportunities: GMOs, Biodiversity, and Lessons From America's Heartland,"
On Bt resistance
Charles M. Benbrook, "World Food System Challenges and Opportunities: GMOs, Biodiversity, and Lessons From America's Heartland," unpublished paper presented January 27, 1999, at University of Illinois. Available in PDF format
"Non-target effects of Bt corn pollen on the Monarch butterfly (Lepidoptera: Danaidae)," Abstract of a poster presented at the North Central Branch meeting of the Entomological Society of America, March 29, 1999
Pesticides Action Network.
Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
"GM Foods - Victory for Grassroots ActionNow Most of the Big Names in the Food Industry are to Ban GM Products - But it is Thanks to the Consumer, not to the Government." Independent Newspaper in London
creation of a safe, sustainable strategy for nourishing humanity and eliminating world poverty
PPL Therapeutics Produces World's First Cloned Pigs
PPL Therapeutics Produces World's First Cloned Pigs: Background
PPL Therapeutics Produces World's First Cloned Pigs: download
Aspartame information Group
Vilsack: $3 million for Biotech at Iowa State Univ. & NOTHING for other universities
Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., Professor of Environmental Medicine at the University of Illinois, School of Public Health, Chicago, Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition
UK Press Association - Royal News Headlines of Prince Charles
Prince Charles and his fight against GE foods
PR NewsWire: source of many GE articles. BIO Responds to 'Nature' Report on Bt Threat to Monarch Butterflies
Monsanto: Scientists Achieve Major Breakthrough in Rice (Pro-GE)
Kate de Santis, Director, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations of Human Genome Sciences, 301-309-8504
Triple-resistant Canola Weeds Found In Alta
Canola seeds tested for herbicide resistance
Ottawa Resists GM Food Label Lobby
Progressive Farmer magazine
Canola is a name that recently appeared in the marketplace and is apparently derived from Canadian-oil. Canola oil is actually produced from the rape seed plant.
A report, ordered under the [British] Government's Genetically Modified Organisms Research Programme, has found that plants engineered to be resistant to common viruses could in fact lead to the creation of more virulent strains which could spread throughout the British countryside.
Public Relation Watch: "Mad Cow/Food Slander" trial of Oprah Winfrey and Howard Lyman in Texas
The "20-20" news program was directed by the infamous anti-environmental TV journalist, John Stossel, aided and abetted by agbiotech's favorite "scientific expert," Dennis Avery.
From boom to bust in three seasons - the rapid rise and fall of GE markets
Biotechnology and Development Monitor. Monitor is a well edited and relieable journal from The Netherlands, in case you do not already know it. Good discussion and background to issue...
Scientists Closing In On How Increased Alzheimer's Risk Is Linked To Fat CHICAGO, IL. -- October 27, 1997
Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology (PSRAST)
BGH processes in Canada: information on "GM milk"
information on "GM milk" banned in over 100 countries
information on "GM milk" banned in over 100 countries
Koskella, K. & Stotzky, G. (1997) 'Microbial Utilization of Free and Clay-Bound Insecticidal Toxins from Bt and Their Retention of Insecticidal Activity after Incubation with Microbes,' Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Sept. 1997, p. 3561-3568 H.
Leading scientists are the prime cooperation targets for biotech companies, and cannot be trusted uncritically in this issue
Open Letter To The Government from Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology
Recently unearthed secret documents show that this has been recognized even by FDA and EU experts
Global Moratorium and Declaration of concerned Scientists
document: "Is there enough knowledge about effects of GE foods to make it possible to estimate their safety?"
n the corrupt relationship between the biotech industry and regulators
About "Substantial Equivalence"
Very good Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Even biotech advocates now admit that none of the present GE foods are of any significant value to mankind.
English home page
Fagan J, "Assessing the safety and nutritional quality of genetically engineered foods"
Fagan, John, "Testing the safety of genetically engineered foods"
information at our website about the warning for investing in Biotech that Europe's leading bank had sent to over 1000 institutional investors
But even with long term scientific testing for years there is a residual risk that some slowly acting harmful substance will pass undetected.
... written so that everybody can understand the essential problems without prior knowledge about genetics
letter to governments
Dr. Pusztai speaks out (Rowett Institute Case UK)
Genetically Engineered Roundup Ready Soy crops less profitable than conventionally bred varieties
best site for studying GE
Sponsors needed!
"The approval of Roundup Ready GE-Soy - based on incomplete evidence"
For natural foods there has been long term testing, mostly since thousands of years that is greatly superior to the superficial short term animal test approved by FDA, EU and others for GE foods
Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology (PSRAST)
Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology (PSRAST): Sponsors needed
report in Chemical Research in Toxicology December 21, 1998 by David Josephy
Almost All Vitamin C Is Now From Gentically-Modified Corn!
the corrupt relationship between the biotech industry and regulators
The organic crops had a higher concentration of vitamins and far more secondary metabolites, which are naturally occurring compounds that help immunize plants from external attack. Some of these metabolites are thought to lower the risk of cancer and heart disease in humans
Worries Rise Over Effect of Antibiotics in Animal Feed
"Is Genetic Engineering in Agriculture Dead?"
4-page GE facts flyer that can be downloaded as a pdf file
"Update on US Lawsuit Against the FDA Regarding Labeling & Safety-Testing of GE Foods."
For an expose of the American biotech industry's favorite pollster Thomas Hoban
"Front Group for Food Giants Launches Public Relations Propaganda Campaign on GE Foods GMA kicks off $1M job to laud biotech foods." Pure Food Campaign
"Japan Label Plans Seen Affecting US Gm Crop Output." Reuters News Service Tokyo
For a copy of our Frankenfoods 15 leaflet in printable format see
"Transgenic Food Rules Sparks Market Upheaval."
Pure Food Campaign sends out a great report about once a month
Campaign for Food Safety (Formerly Pure Food Campaign), 860 Highway 61, Little Marais, Minnesota 55614, USA. Tel: 218 226 4164, Fax: 218 226 4157.
Monsanto-Pharmacia merger comes on the heels of a similar move by European life science giants Novartis and AstraZeneca last year, who combined their agbiotech divisions together in order to sell them off
findings on the health content of organic food contrast with research indicating that industrial agricultural practices may be having a detrimental effect on the nutritional value of conventional produce.

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