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Servers beginning with O,6903,218250,
GM medicine 'risks the lives of diabetics',6903,353660,
Soya alert over cancer and brain damage link,6903,319418,00.html
GM genes 'jump species barrier',6903,338912,00.html
Dolly firm put woman's gene into sheep
This link shows that rain water is contaminated
FDA Consumer magazine January-February 2000 Are Bioengineered Foods Safe?; by Larry Thompson OECD Reports October 1999
Cooperative resource from Unido and OECD.
OECD Report: Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries: Monitoring And Evaluation 1999.
The new labelling arrangements follow a petition submitted to the FDA by the American Soybean Association (ASA), whose corporate partners include the following biotechnology/agro-chemical companies - American Cyanamid, Bayer, Dow, Du Pont, Monsanto, Novartis and Zeneca
Biotech Database – OECD
OECD's Database of Field Trials.
Community Toxics Watch
Real Reason Behind Monsanto/Upjohn Merger
Indigenous People Fear Genetic Slavery
PANOS INSTITUTE - an excellent article on genetic engineering "GREED OR NEED? Genetically modified crops"
Views from the Third World on GM crops
for children about about genetic engineering
Excellent essays about GE! Compiled by Dr. Ron Epstein
NETFUTURE is a newsletter and forwarding service dealing with technology and human responsibility
Organic Consumers Association, 860 Highway 61, Little Marais, MN 55614, USA. Tel: 218 226 4792, Fax:218 226 4157.
Barbara Duff of Organic Alliance
"The Problem with Genetic Engineering" Organic Gardening Magazine
Roundup Kills More Than Weeds
New Zealand domestic market for organic food has now reached critical mass, said Otago University researcher Dr Hugh Campbell
Women say no to GMOs, UK. Please use the new URL
Samira Wohlfart, Organic Products Exporters Group Inc. (OPEG) PO Box 8640, Christchurch,New Zealand
Organic boost for farmers
Transgenic animals available for research
Organic Trade Association website 74 Fairview Street P.O. Box 547 Greenfield, MA. 01302 Phone: 413- 774 7511 Fax: 413 774 6432 Email:
OTA Calls for Moratorium on Using GMOs in Agriculture
The Ottawa Citizen: Cloning Dangers
Harvard 'oncomouse' decision expected to ignite fierce ethical debate
Inquiry assesses record of Pest Management Regulatory Agency
GenEthics News, PO Box 6313, London N16 0DY, UK.
Genentech, Inc.: company involved in the stolen gene case.

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