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web page with physician confirmation of the dangers of aspartame
National Research Council, GENETICALLY MODIFIED PEST-PROTECTED PLANTS: SCIENCE AND REGULATION (Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press, 2000) – pre-publication issue
"UV Waterworks: Safe Drinking Water For Single Homes or Entire Communities."
The Australian government should employ proven Natural Law-based technologies
Natural Law Party: For GM food issues click on "current issues"
Natural Law Party UK - Statment on GE
British Natural Law Party on GE. Good articles from Prof. John Fagan
Excellent Summary: "Immediate Global Ban of GM Food"
Kingsley Brooks, national chairman of the Natural Law Party Canada
Genetic Engineering section of the Natural Law Party Canada
Richar Wolfson's Consumer Right to Know Campaign for Mandatory labelling and long-term testing of genetically engineered food 500 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, ON Canada K1N 6N2 email:
Deutsche Bank predicts GM food industry will collapse
Professor Cummins has subsequently cited an alarming list of references documenting the phenomenon of 'viral recombination' arising with such transgenic constructs
unapproved oilseed rape and sugar beet GM varieties in supposedly highly regulated developed world countries.
Health Canada Scientists met before the Senate Standing Committee on Health
Canada's Natural Law Party on GE (now rated as very good site)
Deutsche Bank predicts GM food industry will collapse
NewsLetter index
World Hunger Myths
"Australia to press ahead with detailed food labeling."
"BBC Report - Future Clouded for GM Crops in US?"
"Eminent Scientists Comment on the Dangers of Genetically Engineered Foods."
Natural Law Party of America
The Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods. Summary.
British Natural Law Party manifesto and materials on genetic engineering
New Zealand Natural Law Party about GE
Swiss farming system (by Kaspar Gunthardt, in German)
Miguel A. Altieri, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley ESPM-Division of Insect Biology 201 Wellman-3112 Berkeley, CA 94720-3112
the astounding success of a more holistic system of agriculture recently introduced in China (reported in the prestigious journal 'Nature'
Saxena, D. , Flores, S. and Stotsky, G. (1999) 'Insecticidal toxin in root exudates from Bt corn', Nature, Vol 402, 2 December 1999, p.480
Japan to bring in mandatory tests for GM foods
British Nature Magazine
The latest issue of nature has information on the lifting of the moratorium on patents on plants by a high court of the European Union.
Article: Lifespan extension (Eat more fibre! Consume less cholesterol!)
Dutch Natural Law Party's Campaign
Miguel A. Altieri, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
Poisonous Potatoes: A Case Study In Miscommunicating Science September, 1998
"Environmental Assessment (of terminator tech.) and Finding of No Significant Impact" Prepared by Biotechnology Permits, Biotechnology, Biologics, and Environmental Protection Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture
list of genetically engineered plants that have been cleared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for field tests
US Terminator Field trials
Dr. Pusztai's Lancet report
Good source of Research Abstracts (supplied by Prof. J. Cummins)
National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy in Washington D.C.
in the cotton growing states of the US corn growers are already obliged to plant at least half their corn crops in non-Bt varieties in an attempt to prevent the build up of pests which are common to both corn and cotton crops - corn earworm/cotton bollworm
Greens Wouldn't Like A World Without Pesticides, Chemicals
International Congress on "Applications of biotechnology to forest genetics". Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, September 22-25, 1999
evidence that even indirect industry-linked funding can critically distort researchers' findings and published opinions on issues relevant to public safety
National Eosinophilia-myalgia Syndrome Network
Ratnakar Adhikary, Narayan Belbase and Yamuna Ghale, "Seed of Monopoly: Impact of TRIPS Agreement on Nepal", Pro Public and Action Aid Nepal, 2000, 149 pp.
this is a Canadian activist website listing fax #'s of various ministers
German, English & Swedish. Campaign to ban genetically engineered foods
Anti-biotech info service this article covering Bio-Diversity
Excellent source of (english) News cuttings about GE!
US GM crops meltdown progessing fast
Church of England wants moratorium on GM crops
Ethical Issues Trouble Human Genome Researchers
Corrupt science – Biotech Executives Jailed for Data Fix
GE drugs: Class action - insulin
Similarly when the first transgenic crop was subjected to public testing in the UK the contractor carrying out the work had to resort to faking the data
Opportunities For Non-genetically Modified Soy ...
GMO U.S. Grain Tests Still Seeking 'Magic Bullet'
Activists ask US foodmakers if they test for biocorn
StarLink scare may curb Asian appetite for US corn
Results indicate significant differences in mineral levels in favour of the organic produce. Calcium levels in some organic produce were eight times higher, potassium 10 times higher, magnesium seven times higher and zinc, a vital trace element for nutrition, five times higher
Gene-NO website
TAPP: Tyneside Action for People and Planet (Newcastle, UK)
Think globally - act locally: TAPP News letters
The New Rules Agriculture Website: A growing list of model policies that support independent family farmers. Includes rules on corporate ownership bans, feedlot regulations, anti-price discrimination laws, price reporting, country of origin labeling, agricultural cooperatives, and more
Family Farm Rules E-Bulletin: Current news on the latest policies and programs that discourage agribusiness consolidation, favor the local, ensure fair producer prices, and democratize ownership of agricultural production
The New Rules Journal: Past articles included detailed reporting on concentration in the hog industry, efforts to label foods by country of origin, and the implications of genetically modified crops for farmers
Seeding Power: The Other Problem with Genetically Modified Crops
Article: Superbugs' Possible From Genetically Modified Food
The WTO announces its next top-level meetings will be in Qatar, a nation with a questionable human rights record and little history of public protest
EU and US set for GM food clash
Alternatives to Oil: Renewable Energy could become more important
Organic food boom predicted
Paul McCartney's activism against Genetically Engineered Foods
GM tomatoes
First GM monkey born
BBC: Scci-tech -Experiment
BBC online: BBC News: Prof. Steve Jones is concerned about GM crops
GM Third World Warning (BBC News)
Article: "US farmers fear GM crop fallout"
US farmers have taken to GM crops in a big way
BBC News, 08.05.99
The European Parliament has banned GM foods, the UK Parliament and Scottish Assemblies
Foodfight looms (BBCwebsite)
Giant GM salmon on the way
public discussion going on about the WTO on the BBC website
Brain at Risk from the Environment
BIOWATCH: McDonald's GM-fed meat ban spreads to UK
UK BBC News Website: Co-op pulls out of GM trials
BBC News: Prince Charles leads fight against GM food
UK Supermarket goes GM-free
Prince Charles' Millenium address on GM and Nature
GM group hits out over chemicals
GM pollen found in honey
Prince Charles warns of 'playing God'
GM protesters cleared
Protesters cleared over crop damage
Mohammed Al-Fayed anger in GM seed row
GM foods 'banned' from school menus
Inquiry into Welsh-grown GM crops
Scientific doubts about GM corn
Amazon geneticist 'killed hundreds'
US Federal Court Lawsuit First Global Legal Challenge to GM crops
Audio version: Prince Charles' Millenium address on GM and Nature
Article: Fast-food outlets turn against GM food
"Yellow rice gives dietary boost"
UK lags on riding 'green wave'
Science 'not enough' to allay fears 28 Mar 00
BBC News Online Advanced search options
Vandana Shiva - Reith Lecture on Globalization (long)
UK Fast food chains ban GM
GM pollen found in honey
Prince warns of 'playing God' (BBC News)
BBC News: Marks & Spencer to remove GM products from animal feed
Quote : "A leading Scottish scientist has warned that organic farming poses considerable risks to human health.
France and Sweden have now agreed to destroy their GM rapeseed (canola) crops before 7 July 2000
Well, instead they should get on and grow the biomass required for 'fuel cell' vehicles - a completely new type of pollution-free transport
GM goat spins web based future
BBC News Scotland: March against GM crops
UK begins purge of GM animal feed: 'Iceland led the way in GM-free food'
Welsh Assembly Members vote against GM seed laws
Pharmaceutical Companies – Settling a Lawsuit re Vitamin Price Fixing
"Road to Seattle" – new electronic news bulletin
The last taboo
Some articles are on GE.
Call for a spin doctor: The GE image gets worse
Article "Gone with the Wind" [rapeseed] New Scientist 17Apr99
article in the June 26/99 issue of New Scientist and is about Genetically Engineered Plants being used to spread vaccines
New Scientist provides an interesting report on the work Professor Pretty has done in uncovering systems of agriculture which overcome many of the deficiencies of modern farming practices in developing countries -- often to a spectacular degree
BIOWATCH: Cash cow – first auction of cloned animal at US cattle show
New Scientist: The Greener Revolution
Let battle commence
'Monsanto's modified soya beans are cracking up in the heat'
GMO fish and extinction
Web pages for the magazine,covers quite a lot on Biotech
New Scientist, 18 December (1999) 'Keep that spray'
Excerpt from New Scientist
New Scientist: Apocalypse When
The gene, known as the CCR5 receptor gene, gives rise in human cells to a protein that functions as a receptor or docking site for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
You ca n set Newspage to search the whole of the internet for you, so you have a newspaper e-mail delivered everyday without having to search ,only catch is $5 dollars a month mine is set with five choices:
  1. Biotech Agriculture
  2. Bio-tech Companies
  3. Enviromental Regulations
  4. Animal testing
  5. Bio-Tech Medicine
  6. and more
EXCELLENT SOURCE OF INFO,3332,68901,00.html
From UK Guardian: GM achives,2763,125822,00.html
Why the West must swallow gene foods,2763,129762,00.html
Monsanto's name radically modified,2763,155952,
Greenpeace: Melchett tells court of his fear of GM crops,2763,194157,
Revealed:(UK) GM firm faked test figures,3605,133639,00.html
Bad genes (Gene Therapy),3604,114482,00.html
World Trade Organisation: Gene patents hit research,3604,126204,00.html
Death exposes risks of gene therapy,3604,137581,....
Seeds offered growers a miracle, but may be just another liability,3604,137582,....
Embattled bio-tech industry dealt severe blow as survey in Midwest heartland reveals planting of modified seeds is in decline,3879,130331,00.html
America backs down on GM foods,3879,115672,00.html
How drug giants let millions die of Aids,3147,68900,00.html.
Another GE achive, with cross related stories, from the Nuffield Council, Prince Charles etc.,3605,131218,00.html
Jan Rocha and Sue Branford report from Brazil on the state government that has unilaterally declared war on biotechnology,3605,131220,00.html
A lawyer writes...(about Monsanto),3604,129262,00.html
New food watchdog backs GM labelling,3604,141868,00.htm....
Hidden risks of grafting genes into foodstuffs,3604,193669,00.htm....
US chain ASDA to pay farmers to go organic
controversy for Health Canada's health protection branch
Scientists Want Answers On Genetic Food
Negotiations for a Protocol to Govern a New Agriculture Frontier
Biotech Battle Growing in Canada
Monsanto is facing a tough audience in its appeal of the Canada's Senate's refusal to approve rBGH
Ottawa Mum on Relationship with Biotech Firm
Genetically-altered Foods Could Spark Trade War
Expert calls for moratorium on cattle hormones
Scientist Wins Whistle-blower Award over BGH
Grocers Look for Guidance on Biotech Food Labels
Cutting Crops Latest Greenpeace Protest
Billions at Stake in Genetically Modified Food Debate
Soybean Products – A Recipe for Disaster? Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 4, #3 (April-May 1997). PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. Telephone: +61 (0)7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 (0)7 5442 9381
Soy - the full story: "Far from being the perfect food, modern soy products contain anti-nutrients and toxins and they interfere with the absorbtion of vitamins and minterals."
Most excellent summary extracted from the classic book "Sugar Blues" (first published in 1975) by William Dufty.
Video Documentary "The Genetic Takeover or Mutant Food"
Natural Foods Merchandiser is the leading trade publication of the natural foods industry
Canadian National Farmer's Union, 250C 2nd Ave South, Saskatoon S7K 2M1
Shiv Chopra and others, RBST (NUTRILAC) "GAPS ANALYSIS" Report By Rbst Internal Review Team, Health Protection Branch, Health Canada

Covert crop-pulling. Is usually effective, exciting and empowering. Nearly 40% of commercial tests were pulled up in Britain in 1999, by people doing some 'night time gardening'
INTERNATIONAL COOPERATIVE BIODIVERSITY GROUPS This network funds bioprospecting projects in developing countries. The aim is to share with host countries the benefits of innovations based on natural products.
S. Orkin and A. Motulsky
National Nutritional Foods Association, USA
National Osteoporosis Foundation (related to propagating rBGH milk)
Su Shea, at Permaculture International, Australia
Northern Light Technology, Incorporated, headquartered in Cambridge, MA, was founded in 1997 by a seasoned team of librarians, software engineers, and information industry professionals who recognized the need to fill a void left by other search engines and online research services.
Excellent expose of the RBGH Scandal from Dr. Robert Cohen and Friends.
MONSANTO fined $250 Million. FDA sets five year moratorium on genetic engineering
Robert Cohen discovered that after rBGH came on the market in USA in 1994, lymphatic cancer skyrocketed. Previous to that, the rate was quite constant
Spin detector: new organisation called "NovaTero"
"Dinosaur Breath" by John G. Cramer
National Science Fridays: GM crops (May 21, 1999)
The National Wildlife Federation, 8925 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22184, USA
GM papaya homepage
Novartis sued for conspiracy to create an artifical market for Ritalin
Kraft Recalls Taco Shells With Bioengineered Corn
European Company Will Buy Entire Crop of Corn in Recall
Biotechnology Concerns in Quandary Over Drug Giants
Baking Items Added to Recall
Company Says Tracing Problem Corn May Take Weeks
US: Plan for Use of Bioengineered Corn in Food Is Disputed
Negligence Suit Is Filed Over Altered Corn
Gene-Altered Corn Changes Dynamics of Grain Industry
Panel Backs Stronger Rules for Some Food
Biotechnology Companies Try to Ward Off Generic Drugs New York Times, Thursday 29th December 2000
interesting Article: Bush and Monsanto
Gene Therapy Ordered Halted at University
NY Times article on the Montreal Biotech talks.
Food Companies Urged to End Use of Biotechnology Products
New Study Links Biotech Corn To Butterfly Deaths
U.S. Department of Frankenculture
New York Times: "No Consensus on the Effects of Engineering on Corn Crops"
U.S. Weighs Changes in Rules on Drug Research Conflicts
New York Times article: President Clinton's push for the Genome Project
Concern Remains As Monsanto Drops Gene
Twenty-one resolutions calling for restraints on the use of GE ingredients
NYTimes article: Farmers' Right to Sue Grows, Raising Debate on Food Safety
New York Times, David Barboza, 08.05.99
1,500 March in Boston to Protest Biotech Food
Talks on Biotech Food Turn on a Safety Principle
plant-killing GM bacteria

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