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U.S. Government Researchers Find Mad Deer Disease
New Scientist Planet Science: Up to their necks in it .
MAD COWBOY: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat 11288 Ventura Blvd., #202A, Studio City, CA 91604 PHONE: 818-509-1255 FAX: 818-761-7283 EMAIL:
UK Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food on Bee health
The MAFF (UK Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Foods) seed purity proposals news release can be found at :
Government clearance for new lines of genetically modified maize.
Maharishi's Seven Point Plan (including Vedic Agriculture)
Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) The MAI-Not! Project, OPIRG- Carleton (Ontario Public Interest Research Group) 1125 Colonel By Dr., Room 326 Unicentre, Carleton University Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6
Environmental & Sociodemographic Research
Delta royalties to Monsanto are removed
Farmers Gear for Fight over GMO Foods
INTERVIEW – Thais resisting Monsanto's BT cotton
Monsanto to sell sweetener unit for $570 million
U.S. wheat growers eye GMO challenges
Monsanto to sell NutraSweet for $440 million
Netscape Navigator Plug-in: view molecules in 3D and "stereo", in several formats, with the ability to rotate them to any angle... get and install the plug-in
Sandy Willett, Mead Johnson Nutritionals,
The spy in your server
URL Big Brother is watching your e-mails!
Danish environment ministry
Ethics and Genetics: A center for Bioethics
Ireland's Eco Warriors with links to other NGO's.
Diabetics World Website: the full disastrous story from diabetics' own mouths
Genetic Network News, c/o ngin, 26 Pottergate, Norwich NR2 1DX, UK.
about major animal feed manufacturers
'Feeding the World: Is Genetic Engineering the Answer or Are There Alternatives? - ActionAid Briefing Paper'
Breaking the chain – Dr Michael Antoniou
GM FREE, Vol. 1, No. 4: False reports and the smears of men
Article: "Low yielding GM-beet and rape in UK"
quotes have been judged 'Best Bull!' by Professor Bullsh*t and his closest associates: Dr Halftruth and Professor Wilspin
Norfolk Genetic Information Network (ngin): An unstoppable technology?
evidence of widespread industry pressure on scientists to tailor their research findings and advice to suit sponsors
Statements on the safety of GM foods by scientists
FOOD FIX: G8, OECD, FSA, Krebs and Paterson How the Food Standards Agency is part of a global GM spin operation
Here is an excellent web site on the overseas organic food smear campaign and information to counter it.
Other articles on the spin doctoring of pro-GM scientists
accumulating evidence of corporate bias in the science base of regulatory bodies charged with protecting the public interest
The Morton-Pusztai debate on GM food safety
evidence of government coordination of scientists' contributions to the media to support its pro-biotech line and rebut scientific and political criticism
evidence of heavy corporate influence over research funding, research agendas, and top-level appointments
more on conflicts of interests see Appendix 1 of
Beyond "substantial equivalence" – Dr Erik Millstone et al
Regina Hildwine of the National Food Processors Association during the debate over organic standards in the U.S. in 1998. Several studies exist showing that organic food has higher levels of vitamins and minerals, than non-organic food
Insecticide Causes Mad Cow Disease
Mersey Docks and Harbour Company website
Tell the American Home Products Corp. shareholders and executives of GMO corporations exactly what you think and feel.
Tell the Aventis shareholders and executives of GMO corporations exactly what you think and feel.
Tell the AstraZeneca shareholders and executives of GMO corporations exactly what you think and feel.
Tell the DuPont shareholders and executives of GMO corporations exactly what you think and feel.
Tell the Monsanto shareholders and executives of GMO corporations exactly what you think and feel.
Farmers have dumped 25 million pounds of milk today, because there is too much milk and the market, and the depressed prices are putting them into economic depression!
We're All Just Guinea Pigs
Schools Ban Mutant Food
Le Monde diplomatique January 2000 edition: a very important volume
No Patents On Biotechnology Products
Biotech: Be careful, take precautions [Le Monde Diplomatique]
'Cashing In On Life' Article by JEAN-PIERRE BERLAN and RICHARD C. LEWONTIN,, Le Monde Diplomatique - December 1998
Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly (Environmental Research Foundation) Hazardous waste homepage.
Community Action Publications: updated list of great GE resources
Junk Science, Corporate Ideology, and Genetically Modified Food: An Interview with Ann Clark
Here's the Monsanto "official" story about the GM sweet potato
more Monsanto links at the "Pro-GE" index.
Professor Nanjundaswamy, Karnataka State Farmers Association, India
Agriculture Canada Study questions higher-yield theory on genetically modified canola
Activists won the propaganda war with clever words and images. The serious-looking guys in suits never stood a chance
The Theory of Unlimited Oil – One Heretic Predicts More Oil to Be Drilled in the Ground
The US study on increased levels of fusarium as a result of glyphosate applications may be particularly important, however, as most Roundup Ready soy varieties are susceptible to the disease 'Sudden Death Syndrome' caused by Fusarium solani f. sp. glycines
Mother Jones Magazine. The USDA "smoking gun" documents can be found there.
Mother Jones' Pandora's Pantry article by Jon R. Luoma
Leora Broydo, "The Trouble With Percy", MoJo Wire, 13 December 2000
"MRC Science Budget Allocation Enables Further Development Of Health Genomics Research" MRC Press Release MRC/69/000
article: "Transgenic pollution a new concern"
Raising the anti: For those fighting biotech crops, Santa came early
FRANCK SEURET and ROBERT ALI BRAC DE LA PERRIERE consultant respectively, and joint authors of Plantes transgeniques, une menace pour les paysans du Sud
Prof. John Fagan
James, S. (1989) 'An Essay on the Application of Maharishi's Vedic Science to Agriculture as a Solution to the Problem of Pesticides', Modern Science and Vedic Science, Volume 3, No.2, p.200-205
Summary of Concerns of Genetic Engineering
Farming in Tune with Natural Law. Procedures of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture
Driftless Institute Genetix Gathering Information Reserve(DIGGER)
Youth Initiative High School
UK) Three Cases of Human `Mad Cow' Disease Found in UK Children
El Salvador bans import of Star Link corn products
French Confèdèration Paysanne. You need to understand French.

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