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Mae-Wan Ho Director, Institute of Science in Society C/o Biology Department Open University Walton Hall Milton Keynes MK7 6AA, UK e-mail:
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) and Biology Dept. Open University, UK
"Terminator in different guises" ISIS News #3, December 1999
"Terminator gene product alert" by Joe Cummins, ISIS News#6, September 2000
OECD Agenda: "There is no evidence that GM-food is harmful"
Open Letter from World Scientists to All Governments
"Terminator recombinase does scramble genomes" ISIS Press Release 8.12.2000
"Why patents on life-forms and living processes should be rejected from TRIPS - Scientific briefing on TRIPS Article 27.3(b)" by Mae-Wan Ho And Terje Traavik, TWN and ISIS Report, 1999
Xenotransplantation: How bad science and big business put the world at risk from viral pandemic. ISIS Sustainable Science Audit #2,
Achive of Discussion Messages on,"Paticipatory Learning for Integrated Farming", with Dr Jules N Pretty (UK)
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, 2105 First Ave. South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 USA
Epprecht, T. (2000) Global Markets, Phantom Risks, and Globalised Losses: A Challenge for the Insurance Industry in the Swiss Political Science Review vol. 6/3
IBC USA Conferences, 225 Turnpike Road, Southborough, MA 01772
Bee's Health – investigate resistance to tracheal mite Tracheal mite, African bee and more.
Alert over GM Spuds
Boil Your Vegies .... It's Healthier
Corner House Briefings, The Corner House, P.O. Box 3137, Station Road, Sturminster Newton, Dorset DT10 1YJ, UK.
Corner House Briefing 10 on Genetic Engineering and World Hunger
Reactions to products containing aspartame, a chemical sweetener, and their major public-health implications
excellent briefing on the risks of GM foods by Henry Brighouse of the Stroud Campaign
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB)
FURTHER INFORMATION is available on the ICGEB Biosafety
The last ACTIVITY REPORT of the ICGEB Biosafety Unit is available (in HTM and PDF format) at
distribution list service, biosafety -data, has been set up on the ICGEB server
Excerpts from PAST ISSUES of the ICGEB Biosafety News are available on the ICGEB Biosafety WebPages
Application forms and the ICGEB 2001 Calendar of meeting and courses are available at
International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE). Articles, information on ICIPE and biological pest-control
Bt & Roundup cotton linked to gonorrhea – UK Govt report
Center for Food Safety (Washington, D.C.)
Petition of the Center for Food Safety, International Center for Technology Assessment, Washington, D.C.
Biosafety bibliographical database
Institute for Economic Affairs. Genetically Modified Nonsense
editorial concerning transgenic plants and honey bees
Transgenic Plants And Bees: Further Implications
separate topical index for this issue alone on the APIS web site
International Forum on Food & Agriculture (IFA) c/o Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) 2105 First Avenue South Minneapolis, MN, USA 55404-2505
Internatioon Food Information Council
International Food Information Council and Wirthlin Group.
"Food In the News: What's Reaching Consumers? Consumers, Health Experts Desire Benefits of Biotech Foods and Concur with Current FDA Labeling Policy."
NETFUTURE is a newsletter and forwarding service dealing with technology and human responsibility
also NETFUTURE newsletter
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements Oekozentrum Imsbach, D-66636 Tholey-Theley, Germany
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
BioGene Division - Safeguarding GMO-free Organic Production
Ackerstrasse/Postfach, CH-5070 Frick, Switzerland
Institute of Food Research information sheet on soya
Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy:
GREEN DISK - The editors of The Green Disk have released the latest version of their Guide to Environmental Computing
Toxline database
journal Current Science from Bangalore, India. It is an analysis of the Bt-cotton project and controversy surrounding it in India.
complete information on the GMO conference in Montreal
Cartagena Protocol Adopted!
International Institute for Sustainable Development has launched a revised version of its Business and Sustainable Development Internet site
EARTH NEGOTIATIONS BULLETIN Will provide daily updates from the Bratislava conference (May 98). The site also contains links to related meetings, and a store of archive material. (See also
On the Human Genome: Moments of Shocked Silence About Biotech
International Life Sciences Institute, Washington, D.C.
Brian D. Levy, Research Associate, The Institute for Local Self-Reliance
1313 5th St. SE, Suite 303, Minneapolis, MN 55414
Office: 612.379.3815    Fax: 612.379.3920
Do we need to drug our children?
Secret deal will bring a flood of GM to Britain
Europe to act on GM pollution of organic farms
Scientists to stop GM pigs research over virus fears
New blow to GM as big stores extend their ban
James Watson endorses scientists "playing God"
Independent UK: WTO Head Mike Moore: protesters make him sick.
The independent (UK): Bees Make Honey From Genetically Altered Crops
Scientists Worried By Modified Food Risks
Letters replying to Richard Dawkin's article 14.Aug.98
South and Meso American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC) Box 28703, Oakland, CA 94604
The Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology (Vandana Shiva, India)
"Global campaign against Monsanto planned." Online Edition of India's National Newspaper
"Monsanto's Expanding Monopolies." Opinion article in The Hindu
Gene Therapy Risks To Be Revealed
German health minister bans cultivation of genetically modified corn
Independent Media Center's internet sites which will provide print, audio and video content on a daily basis
Who's Our "Man of the Hour" ?
Percy Schmeiser - The Gutsy Canadian Farmer Who Dares Take on Monsanto
GM food has been banned from the staff cafeteria at Monsanto Co.'s UK headquarters by the company's own caterer,
News about biotechnology, genetically-engineered foods (GE) and activist campaigns
Big Brother is watching your e-mails!
Monsanto Under Attack - Setbacks from Brazil, to Canada, to the U.K.
Insanex managed to provoke EuropaBio to the extend of legal threats
China Says First Goat Cloned From Adult Cells Dies After 36 Hours
Organic Farming and Gardening Forum
Websites for Debate on GE food
debate for and against GE food and Bioengineering
New Plant Science Center to Bring US Bio-Technology Advances to the Developing World
Speech by Jimmy Carter: Corporations and NGOs – Forging Strategic Alliances
Iowa Farmer Today – Signs & Story On Drift In Iowa
Main story - Wayne Bott interviewed on drift
Mrs. BellyBeans and Ericka, in color!!
drift statistics in Iowa - pesticide dep't.
reading the labels,1103,1_788,00.html
The US is now enforcing stricter "utility" standards for biotech patent applications. "PTO Finalizes Guidelines For Examiners on Utility Requirement"
Japanese Patent Office database of published patents and patent applications
International Plant Genetic Resources Institute, "Key questions for decision-makers: Protection of plant varieties under the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights", Decision Tools, IPGRI, Rome, October 1999.
RR soy varieties with the best resistance to SDS (which has caused some heavy crop losses in recent years) may be only average compared to the most resistant conventional varieties
According to study co-author Sarah Anderson, "The Seattle protestors expressed their anger at institutions like the WTO for elevating the interests of large corporations over everyone else. We analysed just how powerful the world's biggest firms are and our findings are staggering. "
"Seed Companies Hauled Into Court." Inter-Press Service - World News
"Bio-Piracy Campaign Exposes Holes in U.S Patent Laws." Inter-Press Service - World News
Organic Farmers Marketing Association (OFMA): Organic farmers and suppliers can share info here
Copies of the Proposed Rule, side by side and other relevant papers are available on the OFMA website
Ploughing GM crops has risks, - McKenna
Clive James, International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications
Clive James, "Global Review of Commercialized Transgenic Crops: 1999" ISAAA BRIEFS No. 12: Preview, produced by International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA)
International Society for Ecology and Culture, Apple Barn, Week, Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6JP.
August 11, 1998: Brit.Minister rejects calls for genetic food ban - Immune system damage in tests, By Tim Radford, Science Editor
UK Government Responds to Prince's GM Food Fears

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