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MINIREVIEW Biological Effects of Plant Lectins on the Gastrointestinal Tract:Metabolic Consequences and Applications - Pusztai, A.; and Bardocz, S.
Get documents from: Secretary of Health and Human Services and Secretary of Agriculture
Global Environmental Change Programme
... the current [WTO] approach may lead to what can be described as 'soft disasters' -- large-scale health and environmental problems that emerge slowly but at high cost to society.
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
2105 First Ave. South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 USA
Imminent FDA Rulemaking on Genetically Engineered Foods
Archive of list for discussions about resistance to genetic engineering
GENTECH archive. Irish Times potato spin
Immune system damage in tests. By Tim Radford, Science Editor Guardian (London) Tuesday August 11, 1998
Electronic Telegraph story regarding the GM potatoes
Times (london) August 10 1998 Britain: Line Nigel Hawkes on new evidence about dangers of genetically modified food Gene potatoes damage rats' immune systems
Monsanto pleased ... GE scientist to retire (UK Rowett Institute case)
GE scientist walks the plank
Scotsman on GE potato research
GE potatoes WEREN'T GE!!
Re: GE potatoes WEREN'T GE!!
Potato science
Potatoes Debunked
GE Challenge to Brit. Government
In German: Britische Studie: Gen-Nahrung stellt Gefahr für...
In German: Institut bestreitet Warnung vor gentechnisch ...
Gentech-kartoffel, Part 3
In German: Na wenigstens die TAZ schläft nicht ... gentech-kartoffel im Ratten-test, part 2
In German: Kartoffeln (= potatoes)
In German: GVO Kartoffeln schädigen Immunsystem von Ratten
Council for Responsible Genetics, 5 Upland Road, Suite 3, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA. Tel: 617 868 0870, Fax: 617 491 5344.
GENET: The European NGO Network on Genetic Engineering Reinhäuser Landstr. 51, D - 37083 Göttingen, Germany "Law To Protect Native Intellectual Property" - GE Archive
Australia: States free to ban GM crops
"Gene-Modified Crop Sabotaged in Ireland." Gentech Archives August 1996-97
genetiX snowball
ACF GeneEthics Network, 340 Gore St, Fitzroy 3065 Australia Dr. Bob Phelps
100 Molecular Millionaires
Article about stolen Genes
Ben Lewin has a wonderful resource site: It provides fundamental information on molecular genetics
To test any product if it is Genetically Engineered, ask this company
News from Genetic ID, Inc.
The Worldwide Debate Over genetically Modified Foods + Effects on Business
Table of Contents for the current GMO newsletter. You can access the articles by clicking on the hyperlinks.
100% Purity May Not Be Possible
15 % of EU Maize May Be GM
analysts have been considering the future of, the biotech giant, Monsanto
Australia's Tasmania Wants Right to Decide on GMOs -----
Australia/New Zealand
Black swallowtail butterflies are unharmed by Bt corn
Brazil Turns Away Argentine Corn
Britain Adds More GMO Advisors
Britain Says No Safe Planting Distance for GMOs
British Village Says "Yes" to GMOs
Canadian PM to Ask France to Lift Ban
controversy over scientific review of industry studies on Bt corn
Egypt Concerned Over Choice
EU Discusses Standards for Seed Purity
EU Farmers To Receive Aid and Compensation
G8 Leaders to Discuss GMOs
GM soybean seed may have a somewhat lower yield than conventional crops
GM tomatoes with increased amounts of beta-carotene
British supermarket chain plans to buy 40 percent of world's organic vegetables
New Zealand Finalizes Voluntary Moratorium -----
Novartis Seeds AG announces a new type of "genetic marker"
Singapore to Launch GMO Web site
Southeast Asia
South Koreans Concerned Over Unsegregated Imports
Switzerland Eases Import Restrictions
Thai Muslims Avoid GM Tomatoes
U.N. Biosafety Protocol Signed
U.S. Activism on the Rise
U.S. and EU Set Up Panel on Trade Dispute
United States
Update on shareholder resolutions to remove GM ingredients -----
---Voices in the Debate---
The only contentious issue discussed at the G8's annual summit meeting this July was genetically modified (GM) foods, reports Reuters
Environment ministers in the European Union are upholding their de facto moratorium on the granting of any new approvals of GM crop varieties, reports Reuters. The position was taken at a recent informal meeting in Paris.
AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND: After several delays, a draft standard for labeling GM food has been agreed upon by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Council, reports Reuters.
A generous section devoted to news from around the world
National Science Academies Promote GMOs for World Hunger The national academies of science from the United States, Britain, Brazil, China, India and Mexico, as well as the Third World Academy of Science, have all endorsed a recently published "white paper,"
The Knorr division of Bestfoods, which is scheduled to merge into the Anglo-Dutch Unilever Group, has come under fire from Greenpeace in Argentina.
The John M. Olin School of Business, part of Washington University in St. Louis, plans to set up a special center
Bt corn and rice decompose in the soil about 10-15 percent slower than conventional varieties
Quotes with views from both sides of the GMO issue
U.S. Grain Industry Looks at Segregation
U.S. Announces New GMO Policies. The Clinton administration wants to step up the government's oversight of genetically modified (GM) foods.
Kenyan Scientists Debate: Pro-GMO scientists in Kenya have formed the African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum to counteract an increasing anti-GMO sentiment in the developing world. The Africa News Service said debate is heating up on the continent.
New Zealand Gets Tough on GMO Law: The Environmental Risk Authority of New Zealand (ERMA) has cited seven institutions for breaching laws by failing to get the proper approvals for GMO experiments, reports the Evening Post (Wellington).
Spanish Food Processors Considers Cost of GM Corn: Europe's only commercial GM corn is being grown in Spain, but the country's corn starch processors have told their government the crop, which contains the Bt gene, is costing them money.
U.S. State Governors Band to Support GMOs: State governors concerned that consumer resistance to GM foods could hurt farmers and biotech companies in their states plan to use their political muscle to promote the industry.
Of Note: GM Salmon Pose Slippery Questions. There is debate over which U.S. and Canadian regulatory agencies can most effectively monitor GM salmon.
Food News, Business Notes and Science Notes
Voices in the Debate.
Seed Mix-up Unsettles Europe. GM seeds were accidentally mixed with a shipment of conventional seeds and sown on thousands of hectares in Europe.
Labeling News. From United Nations, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa.
Australia Wants Tougher Laws: A strict new set of laws to govern GMOs is in the cards for Australia, according to a report from Farmers Weekly
Brazil Denies GM Soybean Reports: Agriculture officials in Brazil have denied recent reports that 30 percent of the country's billion-dollar soybean crop is genetically modified.
British Bees Making GM Honey: Bee farmers in Britain want a meeting with the government after their honey was found to contain 'GM components '  specifically GMOs for weed killer tolerance, said the Independent (London)
Britain's Prince Charles on the Precautionary Principle: In a recent talk on BBC Radio, Prince Charles endorsed the 'precautionary approach ' to scientific advances.
Indonesia Sets Up Guidelines: The government in Indonesia recently issued guidelines on the biosafety of crops in an effort to comply with the Cartagena Protocol, a global treaty on the use of GMOs.
Japan Sees 'Explosive ' First Day Trading of non-GMOs: The world's first non-GMO soybean futures began trading on the Tokyo Grain Exchange on May
The Splice of Life c/o The Genetics Forum, 94 White Lion Street, London N1 9PS. Tel: 0171 837 9229, Fax: 0171 837 1141.
Feeding the World? Jules Pretty examines the myths and realities of sustainable farming's quiet revolution
Corporate Watch: SPLICE magazine subscription
Leaking from the lab? The contained use of genetically modified micro-organisms in the UK
Details of registered large-scale GMM users in the UK:
Genetic Engineering: Can it Feed the World? GeneWatch Briefing
(PDF format: needs Adobe Reader) GeneWatch also found that companies registered as using GMMs on a large scale are not required to supply details of what they are producing or releasing into the environment.
GeneWatch also found that companies registered as using GMMs on a large scale are not required to supply details of what they are producing or releasing into the environment.
Ronnie Cummins at the Pure Food Campaign USA Little Marais, Minnesota   55614 New address:
n the corrupt relationship between the biotech industry and regulators
Corporate Watch n Animal Feed and Genetic Engineering
Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) Peasant Movement of the Philippines
The UK's Department for International Development, "Eliminating World Poverty: Making Globalisation Work for the Poor", DFID White Paper, December 2000, has a section on Intellectual Property Regimes and Developing Countries outlining its commitments.
Planting The Seeds Of Destruction
New Corporate Watch anti-gmo website
GMA (Grocery Manufacturers of America): Mandatory Biotech Labels Falsely Imply Safety Concerns, Raise Trade Barriers
This (200K) PDF file contains some of the best general scientific criticism of GM I've ever seen, by Assoc Prof Peter Wills:
The page of evidence texts at the Royal Commission website also includes some very sensible advocacy of keeping NZ agriculture GE-free for economic reasons, e.g. from Zespri International Ltd. (the main Chinese gooseberry exporter).
Marcus Williamson's GM Food News
Genetically Modified Jelly Bellies
For more companies and individuals involved in GM spin
GM tomatoes
UK grassroots GM campaign 'Women say NO to GMOs'
Women say NO to GMOs offers anyone concerned about genetic engineering the chance to say no. The new site has up-to-date campaign info, an online and printable petition, and links to useful GM resources and information
Paul Mobbs English enviro issues including GE
Free Range Activism Web Site
The Ecologist, Unit 18, Chelsea Wharf, 15 Lots Road, London SW10 0QJ. Tel: 0171 351 3578, Fax: 0171 351 3617.
Last summer "The Ecologist" prepared a Monsanto-centered edition but it was pulped by the printer because of threat of libel
genetiX snowball (GS) group handbook
Download a copy of the genetiX snowball (GS) group handbook in Zip file format
Paul Mobbs' 'Free Range' (chicken) website
SCHUMACHER COLLEGE is an international centre for ecological studies
The Pesticides Trust, Eurolink Centre, 49 Effra Road, London SW2 1BZ. Tel: 0171 274 8895, Fax: 0171 274 9084.
Genetix Snowball Website and handbook of the Genetix Snowball, a "campaign of nonviolent civil responsibility", which aims "to safely remove GE crops from the ground".
The Women's Environmental Network, 87 Worship Street, London EC2A 2BE email:
some American Biology courses that teach "Bacteria only reproduces by cloning" when it was known in 1958 that bacteria also reproduces by sexual recombination.
ETHANOL PRODUCERS AND CONSUMERS September/October 99 Newsletter
This link shows that rain water is contaminated
Florence Wambugu is an advocate of GM foods who is quoted in reports by many other GM advocates
US Government Printing Office
Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN), Girona 25, pral. E-08010 Barcelona, Spain. Tel: 34 93 301 1381, Fax: 34 93 301 1627.
Biotech and rice research in Asia
TRIPs Versus Biodiversity: What to do With The 1999 Review Of Article 27.3(b)
Organic Federation of Australia, C/- 452 Lygon St, East Brunswick, Victoria 3057, Australia
Green Books Ltd., Foxhole, Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EB, UK Tel & Fax (+44) 1803 863843
Judy Kew and Friends enviro network
Greenbuilder's bookstore
Greenbuilder's Calendar
Green Building Professionals Directory
Greenpeace Germany´s shopping basket campaign (Einkaufskorb-Kampagne)
Swiss University applies for GM trial
Greenpeace USA Homepage
Greenpeace petition against the EPA regarding the approval of BT Toxin.
Greenpece Bio Tech information and Campaign Highlights
Another good source of info from G.P on NEWS G/E
Greenpeace International's Genetic Engineering Campaign
Start the Greenpeace US website from here
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of the Greenpeace Reports:
Greenpeace petition against the EPA regarding the approval of BT Toxin.
Novartis Genetically Engineered Maize: why didn't they apply the precautionary principle?
Greenpeace UK website
The Online Shoppers Guide to GM [in UK]
Review on Non-Target Organisms and Transgenic Bt Plants
Review on Non-Target Organisms and Transgenic Bt Plants
Reporter Wins Jury Award in Landmark GE Milk Case on GMO Cow Hormone
Greenpeace USA press releases directory: source of good information
Germany bans Novartis Bt Corn in move to protect public health, environment
Flawed Science behind EPA Approval of Biotech Crops
EPA and Bt lawsuit update: Greenpeace press release
Background information for Flawed Science behind EPA Approval of Biotech Crops
New York State Greens: visits to legislators' district offices in support of the bill, as well as demonstrations and other actions
"Report from French Farmers: Confederation Paysanne."
Arctic Monitoring program but the Artic Nations also report on the problem
Genetic Science Learning Centre: A joint project of the University of Utah Eccles Institute of Human Genetics and School of Medicine and the Utah Museum of Natural History.,4273,4055716....
Scientists versus the soya industry,4273,4098923....
The Guardian on 'contrite' Monsanto,4273,4115493....
Guardian: Lab Creates Killer Virus By Mistake,3604,328155,00.html
PCBs: The people of Anniston v Monsanto
The Ethics Of Genetics – Special report on gene patenting,2759,395698,00.html
Guardian's special feature: Genes, patents, ethics, biopiracy website
Special report on the GM debate,2763,194211,0....
evidence of the falsification of data to suit commercial objectives,2763,319432,0....
Report from Germany that GM genes in GM pollen have transferred to the bacteria and yeasts in the gut of baby bees.,2763,356692,0....
GM animal tests 'out of control',2763,362574,0....
GM crops threaten skylarks,2763,375537,0....
GM crops get public hearings,2763,379237,0....
Gene scientists disable plants' immune system,2763,382845,0....
Key DNA fragments can enter the human food chain, reveals research by Commons committee,3605,349298,00....
DuPont attempts to influence anti-GM food campaigners

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