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Biosafety issues related to biotechnologies for sustainable agriculture and food security
Electronic FAO debate. Organised by Research and Technology Development Service (SDRR) Sustainable Development Department Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome, Italy
FAO statement on biotechnology (1999)
A good way to reduce (afla)toxins and other antinutritional compounds in crops is by Fermentation.
Biotechnology and food safety FAO Food and Nutrition Paper 61 Report of a Joint FAO/WHO Consultation Rome, Italy
Codex Alimentarius. Very important issues decided by this commitee appointed by GATT AND WTO to overseer the introduction of G/E foods
State of the World's Forests, FAO, 1999.
Haines, R.J. and Martin, B.E. Biotechnology and the sustainable production of tropical timber. Forest Genetic Resources No 25, FAO, 1997
Scientific papers: "Applications for microsatellite markers in the domestication and conservation of forest trees" and "The role of biotechnology in tree breeding"
While GM proponents continue to smear organic farming, a UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) report in July of this year concluded that organic practices can actually reduce e-coli infection that causes food poisoning (the exact opposite of GM proponent claims) and also reduce the levels of contaminants in foods.
Biotechnology. Note for the 15th Session of the FAO Committee on Agriculture (January 1999)
codex food labeling meeting Ottawa May 1 to 4,2001
Also codex.

Calm, rational, 'farmer orientated' discussion and information may be sufficient to persuade the Pro-GE farmer to pull out
more information on using natural bacteria to break down pesticides
There is now confirmation from scientists in Georgia and neighbouring states that the 'stink bug' problem arising with Bt cotton crops is not confined to North Carolina, with farmers being advised to deploy new chemical pesticide regimes to combat the problem
US Govt. Foreign Agricultural Service
US Govt. Foreign Agricultural Service: Upcoming Events
US Food and Drug Administration
Recalled Corn Product List Released
Letter from K. Zoon to Investigational New Drug Sponsors and Principal Investigators
FDA Manual of Regulatory Standard Operating Procedures and Policies
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
BioGene Division - Safeguarding GMO-free Organic Production
Ackerstrasse/Postfach, CH-5070 Frick, Switzerland Click on the English.
A site profiling and seeking support for Percy Schmieser in his legal challenge with Monsanto over Genetically Altered Roundup Ready Canola.
US Food and Drug Administration
Sea Sickness.(pollution, algae blooms, and climate change affect coral reefs and other marine organisms)
If you are a scientist or physician, please sign on to the list. Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology (PSRAST)
British Friends of the Earth
REAL FOOD is food we can trust
UK Friends of the Earth: British GE test sites
Friends Of the Earth Campaign for Real Food, 26-28 Underwood Street, London N1 7JQ. Tel: 0171 490 1555, Fax: 490 0881.
Safer Food – Safer Farms campaign
100 companies using genetically eng. foods.. their email and website
Food First
Eastern Europe Opposes US Budget Proposals
Lappe, F., Collins, J., & Rosset, P. (1998) 'World Hunger: 12 Myths'
The UK's Food and Drink Federation's web site.
Americans, please let the government know what you think by submitting comments before January 13, 2000!
Dr. Taylor's research interests are "development of immunochemical methods for the detection of allergens, proteins, and toxin ...
Original UK Doc.: Monsanto's Bt cotton & Gonorrhoea
The FOX TV trial: GE Multies against accurate reporting. Reporters Press Lawsuit To Thwart Fox-tv Cover-up
The Jane Akre\ Steve Wilson Rbgh Fox Television Trial
Fox/bgh Trial In Final Stretch
Fox Still Distorting News; TV Critics Are M-I-A
Fox/BGH Jury Verdict Upheld!
More from the FOX BGH trial
Cattle are at the center of intense debate in the UK over the use of GM maize, or corn, as animal fodder
Dr. A. Pusztai's Homepage
UK:South West Green Party
the activist/collective WEBCAST
By Laura Lee Lanning~Shipton
GM foods and denial of rights and choices
International Union of Forestry Research Organisations (IUFRO): Position Statement on Benefits and Risks of Transgenic Plantations
For more background, the FTAA negotiating group on IPR has its own website
(in spanish language) For more background, the FTAA negotiating group on IPR has its own website
How do fuel cells work, what are their benefits and in what ways are they superior to conventional technologies?
The London Financial Times stated that ". . . recent progress in cutting the costs and improving the performance of fuel cells has been so rapid that there really does seem to be a good prospect of the technology going into mass production as a clean energy source in the next century, both for moving vehicles and for stationary power generation" (26 July 1996).
GENET: European NGO Network on Genetic Engineering: Sweet potatoe with Vitamin A
Germans shelve GM trials

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