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Skepticism about GM seeds
sign the petition for recall of aspartame
more information on organic agriculture
UK soil association (Organics )
Scientists cautioned about genetically modified food
ADA assumes that both FDA and PTI have looked extensively at the literature regarding potential safety concerns such as allergenic reactions and possible toxicological effects of soy. While we recognize that there is limited research in this area, we urge FDA to consider any safety and toxicological issues prior to finalizing this rule.
Basmati Action Group, c/o 1957 Kitchener St. Vancouver, B.C. Canada V5L 2W6
Basmati Action Group is calling for a North America boycott of RiceTec products, and campaigns actively against life patenting.
CU FQPA site
Economic Research Service
New materials have been added to the website of USDA's Economic Research Service (ERS)
USDA Economic Research Service, Genetically Engineered Crops for Pest Management
To subscribe or unsubscribe to the New-at-ERS mailing list
Austria Bans Transgenic Maize – Greenpeace Asks Europe to do Same
Alarm in South over Expired Pesticides
UK govt to Change Law to speed up GM Crop Development
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
Anthony Trewavas FRS, Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology
Mayfield Road, University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh EH9 3JH, Scotland
Phone 44 (0)1316505328     Fax 44 (0)1316505392
The Edmonds Institute, 20319-92nd Avenue West, Edmonds, Washington 98020, USA. Tel: 425-775-5383, Fax: 425-670-8410.
featuring downloadable versions of the Institute's Manual for Assessing Ecological and Human Health Effects of Genetically Engineered Organisms
The Edmonds Institute website contains remarkable Revolving Door information
Jeunesse Park, Executive Director, Food and Trees for Africa South Africa, Tel: (082 900 1738) Fax: (+27 11 783 4528)
Vera Hassner Sharav, President CIRCARE: Citizens for Responsible Care & Research, A Human Rights Organization
eGroup Boston. You have to log into a group
Agnet Aug. 14/98 by Douglas A Powell
Scientist in genetic food scare suspended Scientists step up tests...
a free subscription to The Konformist Newswire
Monsanto, US 'War On Drugs' Poisoning Columbia's Environment
New Journal Announcement: "Environmental Biosafety Research"
Gebhard, F. & Smalla, K. (1999) "Monitoring field releases of genetically modified sugar beets for persistence of transgenic plant DNA and horizontal gene transfer," FEMS, Microbiology Ecology, 1999, Vol.28, No.3, pp.261-272
Crecchio, C. & Stotzky, G. (1998) 'Insecticidal activity and biodegradation of the toxin from bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki bound to humic acids from soil', Soil Biology & Biochemistry, Volume 30, Vol. 30 (4) pp. 463-470, 1998
Tapp, H. & Stotzky, G. (1998) "Persistence of the Insecticidal Toxin from Bt subsp. Kurstaki in Soil," Soil Biology and Biochemistry, Vol. 30, No. 4, p. 471-476., 1998
Gollier C., B. Jullien and N. Treich, 2000, "Scientific progress and irreversibility: An economic interpretation of the Precautionary Principle", Journal of Public Economics, 75.
Environmental Media Services (EMS), 1320 18th Street NW, Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20036
English Nature. Northminster House, Peterborough, UK
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (S)
Publication: Enig, Mary G. "Trans Fat" 12 May 1999
Environmental News Network
Mercury: Dangers in the home
The Environment Show
Lost fragrance
more investors are concerned with the environmental impact of where their money is going
EcoWatch/London Radio Service: When scientists at the Roslin Institute in Scotland brought Dolly the sheep into the world, alarms went off about human cloning.
"Farmers unite" (to source organic seed)
First Successful Gene Transfer in a Crustacean
Population Quiz: Does humanity need GE to feed a shrinking population?
By Jean-Michel Cousteau: "Superfish are no superfix for hunger"
GM trees raise new crop of concerns
Bt found to reduce toxin in corn
Environmentalists alarmed over giant GM fish
Panel discusses biotech food
Convention exposes rift over genetically altered foods
Any week now, Percy Schmeiser expects to hear whether he'll be ordered to pay about $400,000 in technology fees, penalties and legal costs to Monsanto.
Global Meeting Defines Biosafety Measures
Transgenic Animal Feed Could Affect Dairy Products
Giant Companies to Phase out Biotech Foods
Greece to Pull Up Genetically Modified Cotton
Genetically Modified Rice Tests Worry Philippine Farmers
U.S. Organic Farmers Young, College Educated
An unprecedented wave of debate on genetic technologies in agriculture has overtaken the UK
Healing Our World: Weekly Comment - By Jackie Giuliano, Ph.D.
Environment News Service: "India's High Court Stops Field Trials Of Biotech Cotton"
Environment News Service (ENS): "CANADA: A blow to Monsanto". Pictures of cows suffering from rBGH treatment.
Experts Urge Cautious Approach to Biotechnology
Article: "European Supermarkets Pledge Biotech-free Food"
– Toxic Mercury Found in New England Rain and Snow
Article: "Bt Corn and European Corn Borer: Long-Term Success Through Resistance Management,"
William Hutchison and colleagues from the department of entomology at the University of Minnesota: "Impact of transgenic Bt sweet corn on beneficial insects: Evaluation of visual and sticky card techniques"
Research by Iowa State University confirming monarch butterflies damaged by GE pollen from Bt corn. See:
Russia Bans Imports, Sales of Belgian Poultry over Dioxin Fears
BRUSSELS is poised to allow unprocessed mutant food into British shops and the Government cannot stop it
Article: Thousands of Frankenstein Foods Still in Supermarkets
Euro-law to Put GM Food Into Britain
Louise tries to avoid buying anything new
The Sky's the Limit at Organic Farming
EnviroLink Network was created 1991 by Josh Knauer at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. High ratings from the press.
British Genetic Engineering Network
UK Environment Agency
UK Environment Agency GMO workshop paper
UK Government/biotech industry 'Farm-Scale Trial' (FST) information
UK Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions - ACRE This is the delayed brit government report about the effect of GM agriculture on wildlife
Fish Farming Is No Panacea, Says Authority On Oceans
Environmental Defense scientist Dr. Rebecca Goldburg has been chosen to sit on the National Organic Standards Board
Something Fishy With Transgenic Fish
Earth First! Journal, Contact: Earth First!, POB 1415, Eugene, OR 97440, USA. Tel: 541 344 8004, Fax: 344 7688.
Goodland, R. & Rockefeller, A. (1996) 'What is Environmental Sustainability in Sanitation?', UNEP-IETC Newsletter, Summer 1996
Genetix Sage and Onion Man.
US Enviromental Protection Agency... The place to check on Legislation and press releases in US of EPA
EPA: Genetically engineered crops allowed in US food supply
The EPA listing and reviews of Bt pesticides and toxins are listed
The EPA review of the Bt toxin Cry 9 is found at
Euro/Paliament news releases
Bt. Corn Insect Resistance Management Announced for 2000 Growing Season
None of these criteria are exact as the state of science in the field of allergenicity is still in its infant stages
Richard Wolfson Live Interview Today (5. April 2000)
Global Preparedness News,
Biotech Industry Uses Antiquated Weapons To Battle Adversaries
Jack L. Cooper, Food Industry Environmental Network (FIEN), 33 Falling Creek Court; Silver Spring, Maryland 20904
US Dept. of Agriculture
Alison Power, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, E331A Corson Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853,USA
"Virus-Resistant Crops Could Help Weeds"
Economic and Social Research Council
Genetix Food Alert, c/o 23 Fleming Street, Glasgow G31 1PQ. Tel: 0141 554 6099, Fax: 0141 556 5589.
The Council for responsibility in Genetics
Council for Responsible Genetics:
Ethical Consumer magazine issue 65. A subscription to EC costs #19 per year from Ethical Consumer, Unit 21, 41 Old Birley St, Manchester M15 5RF
In order to help Monsanto find a buyer, I put together an ad on the Ethical Investing Web Page
Operation "Cremate Monsanto"
unprecedented 50% increase in soya related food allergies
European Commission: Seeds of Doubt – Concerns over GMOs
New genes protect trees from insects, disease
From boom to bust in three seasons - the rapid rise and fall of GE markets
The SCVM Report on Public Health Aspects of rBST is available on the European Commission
Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare
EU Scientific panel gives opinion regarding Austria's ban of GM maize
Opinion Of The Scientific Committee On Plants On The Submission For Placing On The Market Of Genetically Modified Insect Resistant And Glufosinate Ammonium Tolerant (bt-11) Maize For Cultivation. Notified By Novartis Seeds Sa Company (notification C/f/96/05-10)
European Commission Scientific Assessment of Potential Risk to Humans
Commission of the European Communities, Communication on the Precautionary Principle
European Parliament G/E Releases statements for 1998.
Press Service of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament
Europarliament news
Vote "No" on a GE related poll!
European Patent Convention (1973)
"Erklärung Von Bern" A swiss NGO. German page, but you can switch to english (Top left). Synonym with "Berne Declaration"
Controversy Still Steaming over "Counterfeit" Basmati: Indian Government Prepares to Challenge Basmati Patent in US
the "Online Corporate Spy Network" web page
Article: "You say potato, they say pesticide"
Article: "Irradiation gaining acceptance"
Yield problems with RR soybeans under dry conditions
free Political Literacy Course from Common Courage Press

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