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Diverse Nature Alert, UK: meetings
Daily Californian (Univ. California-Berkeley)
US Senators Blast Agreement with Novartis
Tightened Biotech Crop Regs Urged
Protesters Rally Against Biotechs
Modified Food Vote in Mexican Senate
There's a huge amount of public relations going on at the moment in the biotech industry, which is in crisis and desperate to improve its image with investors
Biotech May Be Widespread in Food
Corn Flap Points to Food Problems
Davos essay: GM foods
article: "Public fears bio-tech advances"
The South African government said on Monday it was pushing ahead with plans to introduce regulations this year for the labeling of genetically modified food
Greenpeace Vows to Cling on to U.S. Ship
Mega-Artichokes to Power Homes?
Democrats Criticize White House Biofood Plan
GMOs May Pose New Risk to Endangered Plants, Animals
Farmers Mull Legal Move Against Govt. on Seed
DE) German Scientist Finds GM Genes Can Jump Species
Saudi Bans Import of GM Foods
France Orders GM-Contaminated Soya Crop Destroyed
USDA Says Better Job Needed in Segregating Biotech Crops
US: Greenpeace Issues 'Shopping List' of Biofoods
Environmentalists Target Eastern Europe Tastes
U.S.-E.U. Panel Urges Review of Biotech Foods
what Daimler/Chrysler have in the pipeline for a petrol-free future
Deutsches Agrarinformations-Netz
In German: Press statment of the German Federal Research Institute in answer to press and media reports.
Stellungnahme des Molekularbiologischen Zentrums der Bundesforschungsanstalt fur Ernährung zu Presse- und Fernsehmeldungen zur gesundheitlichen Bedenklichkeit von gentechnisch modifizierten Lebensmitteln
SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Diversity Of Flowering Plants; Flowering Plants Have Literally Colonized The Continents And Islands Of The Earth -- ref: pollination of red clover
"Greenpeace Supermarket Protest." Pure food Campaign
The German GE listserv Gentech Messages are in English
Experimenting with Life, by David Suzuki
GE cotton – a health risk?
DECHEMA e.V. Theodor-Heuss-Allee 25 D-60486 Frankfurt Germany Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V. Press the English flag for the english page.
In German: First analysis of the 'genom' of the pathogen bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis
Archiv 1998 Zurückliegende Meldungen 1998 Genom von Chlamydia trachomatis analysiert - Ein Virulenzfaktor von Mycobacterium tuberculosis ermittelt - Eine erste Analyse des Genoms des humanpathogenen Bakteriums Chlamydia trachomatis wurde jetzt veröffentlicht Other interesting stuff, most of it in German.
US Terminator Field trials
Dendrome (a forest tree genome database)
Concerned about bioengineered food? Be sure to join Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert in our next live online chat
Diversa Signs First Agreement Granting Legal Access to Biodiversity in Africa
Genetic Engineering Network: action info (UK) "Genetix Update"
Tansy Ragwort (weed) – and honey [Department of Natural Resources Water and Land Resources Division King County, WASH]

Legal Nobody has been caught yet so the legal response is unknown, but is likely to be 'criminal damage'.
Dave Rietz's site: Overview
All about artificial sweetener Aspartame
FDA's own compiled list of 92 symptoms of aspartame poisoning
Chemistry of Aspartame - Pictures and formulas.
"Franken-Food" News
Jenifer Cohen's science report done on a case of diet cokes
Jennifer Cohen's diet coke report
The original Mission Possible flyer by Betty Martini
The history of truth about Aspartame
Betty Martini's Mission Possible against Artificial Sweeteners
Pamphlet on aspartame
info on the GM strawberries
UKabc HomePage - Agricultural Biodiversity: Sustainable Use for Food Security
UK Five Year Freeze! The Genetic Engineering Alliance , 94 White Lion Street , London N1 9PF , tel: 0171 837 0642 , fax: 0171 837 1141 e-mail:
Britsh Government Advisories Commision on Human Genetics. Many Report Available
UK dep/trade industry bioguide (Seems to be Pro-GE)
Natural Law Party about the Kosovo war. Also article on May 2000: Could bring widespread destruction.

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