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Canola growers watching the biotechnology debate closely; many won't decide what to plant until spring
George W. Bush's new Agriculture Secretary, Ann Veneman, was previously a director of the Californian biotechnology company, Calgene, which developed the Flavr Savr tomato - the first commercial recombinant DNA crop to incorporate the Cauliflower Mosaic Virus promoter
US Senators want review of growth hormone's FDA approval
Province Ends Research To Keep Sliced Apples From Turning Brown
Canola council
Canola council - 1998 proceedings
Leonard Peltier: a man who happens to be the most well-known political prisoner on this planet
about the growing popularity of organic foods
Cargill, Hayashibara to Introduce Trehalose Sweetener to the Americas
Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (Pro-GE!) 4420 West Lincoln Way, Ames, IA 50014-3447
Vegetarian Society on Gen/Eng
"Ericka's Anti-GE website"
WWW virtual library on biotechnology
More protests against genetically modified food
GM food conference met by protest
Article: McCain's Bans Genetically Modified Potatoes
Top Chefs want Labels on Genetically Altered Food
Association calls for labelling of genetically modified food
Ottawa Attacked over GM Food Campaign
Monsanto used private investigators to check on farmer
Canada: Dozens claim GM corn made them ill (CBC)
Environmentalists give cautious endorsement to Biosafety Protocol
Protesters Call For Labels On 'Modified' Food (WebPosted Sun Jan 23 09:03:55)
Saskatchewan: Blowin' in the Wind – Schmeiser against Monsanto
Tell CBC TV Marketplace how you feel about labelling genetically engineered foods
Bioengineering Action Network of North America
Perils amidst the promise - Ecological Risks of Transgenic Crops in a Global Market.
Center for Foodsafety: Americans, tell the government NO to GM food
"Humanitarian" GM corn: U.S. Withdraws Genetically Engineered Corn -- Animal Feed Donation After Bosnia's Hesitation
Center for Ethics and Toxics
Scientific Paper that shows that GE Soyabeens are different: "Alterations in Clinically Important Phytoestrogens in Genetically Modified, Herbicide-Tolerant Soybeans"
the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website
Canadian Plant Biotechnology Office
Important evidence to support this theory is that deer and elk herds which feed on grass rather than commercially-produced feed are also experiencing an epidemic of mad cow disease.
Voluntary Labelling Project Announced for Foods Derived From Biotechnology
Sears, M. and A. Schaafsma. 1998. Responsible deployment of Bt corn technology in Ontario
Canadian Food Inspection Agency's Web site
List of Approved GE foods in Canada
UK Government claims over 'sterile' crops proved false
As of May 2000, the CFIA web site lists more than 40 GM plants approved for various commercial uses, including the Novartis (CIBA Seeds)/Mycogen 176 Bt corn referenced in the EcoStrat report
FDA Taken To Court By Its Own Scientists,3266,18814,00.html
Time Magazine article: "The Suicide Seeds",3266,17687,00.html
Time Magazine article: "The Biotech Century",3266,17698,00.html
Genetic Engineering incur a backlash in Europe, where "Frankenstein" fears run deep
International Food Policy Research Institute: New Listserver
David J. Glass, Ph.D., D. Glass Associates, Inc., 124 Bird Street, Needham, MA 02492, USA
Phone (617) 726-5474    Fax (781) 449-8045
The Directory is 100 pages long, includes over 70 company profiles and 18 tables summarizing the phytoremediation activities of companies, governments and academic research labs around the world, and includes complete contact information for phytoremediation companies
D. Glass Associates, Inc. announces the availability of a market report and a new industry directory on phytoremediation - the use of plants and trees to remove contaminants: executive summary
table of contents
Price and ordering information
Canadaian Magazine: This story asks, what's the worry?
Chicago Tribune: Farmers Face Harvest Headache Segregating Gene-Altered Crops 31. Oct. 1999,2669,SAV-0001240052,FF.html
Farmers Fear Controversy Over Genetically Altered Seed May Make Harvest Unmarketable.
GM Crops could devastate the Third World. A World Development Movement Report Christian Aid (See their Biotechnology Policy Briefing)
Selling Suicide: farming, false promises and genetic engineering in developing countries Christian Aid Report
Selling Suicide: farming, false promises and genetic engineering in developing countries Report published by Christian Aid and available from them at PO Box 100, London SE1 7RT
Disinvest in GM Shares, – Says Christian Ecology Link
Interesting Triple selection of Web pages from G.P and on the opposing sides Monsanto and Soya Growers.
Biotechnology Viewpoints
Are risk assessment and the precautionary principle equivalent?
Bioengineered crops and human health
The institutions of precaution
An economic interpretation of the precautionary principle
Sound science' as ideology
Precautionary policies and biotechnology in Africa
Science, Technology And Innovation Update
The Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy L'institut Canadien du droit et de la politique de l'environnement, 517 College Street, Suite 400 Toronto, Ontario M6G 4A2 E-Mail:
Christine Graves at the International Potato Center
Citizens For Health (CFH), Boulder, Colo.
Compassion in World Farming, Charles House, 5A Charles Street, Petersfield GU32 3EH. Tel: 01730 264208 / 268863, Fax: 01730 260791.
Ethical Issues of GMO at OSU (Ohio State University)
the Klub Konformist at Yahoo
US Federal Court Lawsuit First Global Legal Challenge to GM crops. complaint plus media reports can be viewed at the website of lawfirm: Cohen, Milstein, Hausfeld, and Toll
Italian government blocks marketing on 4 GM maize varieties
Genetically engineered foods causing some concerns
Japanese Food Ministry: Starlink found in 10 of 15 samples of U.S. corn
Dolly creators to breed modified chickens to fight cancer
By McDonalds pulled Frankenfries from Menu
US Lawmakers seek special labeling for genetically engineered food
CNN Searcher. Good source of material available on health, enviroment politics etc worldwide.
CNN article about Chemical War Victims from the Vietnam War. Monsanto as one of the makers of Agent Orange(Dioxin) have not paid out compensation owing to the Constitutional Protection they received from the US Government.
Devastation through de-forestation, a study by botanists at the University of Georgia
Article: "Frankenstein's Harvest -- North American Farmers Face Catch 22"
Cover-up claim on the safety of GM foods; Challenge to US as Edinburgh talks open
Wheat Acreage is Lowest Since 1972 Farmers Cut Back amid Depressed Grain Prices
New talks on treaty for genetically altered products face major rifts
Genetic Engineering Should Be Taken Slowly: Professor Warren Tate
Irish firm to play a key role in GM labelling
Quaker Oats Makes Deal with Swiss Firm to Produce Healthier-Food Line
UN meetings tackle GM safety, labelling
Debate Heightens over Genetically Modified Foods
Reply to the "agricultural expert"
Illegal genetic research exposed (NZ)
Genetic food warning labels denied
Biotech Companies Fear Public Resistance Could Hurt Industry
French roundup on GM-contaminated rapeseed story and EU's GM policy
From salad oil to sweeteners, biotech foods stir excitement, concern
Farmers Stick With Biotech Soy
GMO debate: 95% of Canadians want the right to choose what they eat
Religion: Genetically Altered Foods Violate Bounds Of Creation
ConAgra stops producing corn flour as precaution against GE grain
Of course organic food is better
More States Try To Weigh In On Genetically Modified Food
Food industry rises to the demand for non-GM food
Organic Farming Increasing, USDA Reports
Altieri, M.A. "The Environmental Risks of Transgenic Crops: An Agro-ecological Assessment."
Tree Biotechnology in the New Millennium. Forthcoming meeting, July 22-27, 2001 Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, Washington.
Colorado Archaeology Network
Bookreview: "Against the Grain" by Marc Lappé, Ph.D. and Britt Bailey
free Political Literacy Course from Common Courage Press
San Francisco Chronicle: "A Puzzling Decline in Butterflies"
We are being Exposed to One of the Largest Uncontrolled Experiments in History
Canadian magazine Alive: Canadian Journal of Health and Nutrition; Information about biotechnology and its hazards.
In this article, "HPB" refers to the Health Protection Branch of Health Canada. One of the topics in this article was short-acting nifedipine, a hypertensive drug that is still on the market despite concern over its safety.
Indonesian & Brazilian fire updates
From boom to bust in three seasons - the rapid rise and fall of GE markets
Third World rejects GM (Independent)
myth of E.Coli / Faecal Contamination
Genetically Modified Food UK News & Contacts, Marcus Williamson London, UK
USDA Pushing Gene Foods On Third World By Devinder Sharma, Pakistan Observer
information on the lack of safety testing on GM soy
an excellent letter sent to Lands End UK
Geoff Brewer "E"-number nasties (in UK products)
The New Statesman Essay – Bring back common sense
New Statesman article: Thank you for the genes we eat
Sara Jarvis, Development Assistant, Consumers International, 24 Highbury Crescent London, N5 1RX, UK
Codex Alimentarius: No Standard Adopted for BST
Consumers International re upcoming Codex Alimentarius meeting in Ottawa May 25-29, 1998
Campaign To Label GE Food
Consumers Union, "CONSUMER REPORTS: Genetically Engineered Foods in Your Shopping Cart," Press Release, August 23, 1999
Peace Movement Aotearoa
The National Networking Peace Group
PO Box 9314, Wellington, Aotearoa / New Zealand.
tel +64 4 382 8129,    fax 382 8173,
All LibertyLink Hybrids Approved for Feed and Food Use in Major US Corn Export Markets
Ex-Napalm Maker Moves to Biopharmaceuticals
Russell Mokhiber is editor of the Washington, D.C.-based Corporate Crime Reporter.
Corporate Watch, Tel: 01865 791391.
The industry has been hit both by the crisis in British livestock farming and by the continuing scrutiny of the BSE Inquiry.
Additional work in Australia indicates that the Bt resistance gene may be dominant and not recessive
Anticipating problems further down the line these scientists report that H.armigera "is capable of resistance of a magnitude that would result in significant, perhaps severe, damage" to Monsanato's transgenic Bt INGARD. cotton
Big Brother is watching your e-mails! The legislation is gearing up to it
New book on GMO harmful effects - now available online!
concerns about GE in food and agriculture
Full Spectrum Health is Craig Winters' Consulting and Brokerage company for the Natural Products Industry.
It took the Chinese hundreds of years before they found how soy needs to be processed in order to make it real medicinal product.
Farm News from Cropchoice: Spanish Corn Starch Industry says Bt Corn is a Problem
Australian National Farmer's Federation (NFF) warnes its members
Big Brother is watching your e-mails! The legislation is gearing up to it
Mary Riley & Katy Moran (guest editors) "Intellectual Property Rights: Culture as Commodity", Cultural Survival Quarterly, Winter 2001.
the substitution of information for stuff is essential to sustainability
Sheep growth accelerated by GE lupins (Pro-GE!)
USA: Christian Science Monitor: Tainted corn broadens biotech backlash
"Marketing in an era of biotechnology", by Greg Arason, President and CEO of the Canadian Wheat Board

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