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Hagelin, J. (1987) ' Is Consciousness the Unified Field? A Field Theorist's Perspective', Modern Science and Vedic Science 1(1): 29-87; and Proceeding of 'Towards a Science of Consciousness 1996', University of Arizona, April 8-13, (1996)
Allergy Fears Trigger Action on GM Maize
ICGEB Biosafety Italy Webpage
Butterfly Gardeners Assoc. & Project Chrysalis
The risk of vertical gene flow caused by transgenic crops in Switzerland.
David Wengraf, MA Biotechnological Law and Ethics, Sheffield University, UK
Pro-GE: the U.S. biotech and agribusiness industries launched a $50 million public relations campaign
The Microsoft pyramid scheme, writes Parish, "is now accelerating and destabilizing both the stock market and overall economy, corrupting the Federal Reserve's efforts to control the money supply and triggering false inflation.
Biosafety Information Network and Advisory Service (BINAS) is a service of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).
Alliance For Bio-Integrity
406 W. Depot Ave. Fairfield, Iowa 52556 USA (515) 472-5554 Steve Druker's Lawsuit against the FDA ongoing from May 98 Source of FDA documents showing concerns about GE
The United States government deception on GM foods. (the government contradicted its own experts in approving GM foods & misprepresented facts in order to promote the US biotech industry)
The FDA documents are available
About the 'Terminator Technology'
Edward Hedgecock, biology professor at The Johns Hopkins University
UNITED NATIONS BIODIVERSITY CONVENTION The convention website contains full text editions of all the official documents for the forthcoming conference of the parties. This meeting will be held in the Slovak capital, Bratislava from 4-15 May 1998. (see also
Convention on Biological Diversity.
Convention on Biological diversity - Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (2000)
find out all the scandal within the industry. Rumours and their source etc.
"about production without genetic engineering"
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
BioGene Division - Safeguarding GMO-free Organic Production
Ackerstrasse/Postfach, CH-5070 Frick, Switzerland
Excellent Genetic Engineering Newsletter
(Pro GE!) The BioIndustry Association
(Pro GE!) The BioIndustry Association: member list
Very important website! Executive Director of Alliance For Bio-integrity to Challenge U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Officials at November 30th Meeting on Genetically Engineered Foods in Washington, D.C.
Will Confront Agency with Evidence it Covered-up Memoranda from FDA Experts Warning about Unique Health Risks of Biotech Foods
Photocopies of these Internal FDA Documents Now Published On Alliance's Website
Below is the text of Steven Druker's statement to the scientific panel assembled by EPA to determine whether Starlink corn should be granted a temporary approval for human consumption
One Example, From Category B: (Specific Objections to Use of Antibiotic-Resistant Marker Genes)
The consult referred to by Mr. Lumpkin (above URL) begins at ...
FDA Taken To Court By Its Own Scientists
More U.S. Food & Drug Administration internal memoranda about the hazards of genetically engineered foods have been added to the Alliance for Bio-Integrity's web-site
Plant Virus Online
Activists Create Alternative News Source For Farmers
Euro/British Legislation
The Farm Bureau poll follows in the wake of a number of other rather dubious polls purporting to prove that American consumers support agbiotech
Benbrook AAAS Paper Posted (HTML format)
Benbrook AAAS Paper Posted (PDF format - needs Acrobat reader)
Ag BioTech InfoNet Focuses on scientific reports and technical analysis of GE issues
Bee disease – GM crop connection possible "Letter to the editors of bee journals"
"The Promise of Plant Biotechnology The Threat of Genetically Modified Organisms" Patrick Brown Professor College of Agriculture & Environmental Science University of California, Davis, CAJuly 2000
"Buried Data in Monsanto's Study on Roundup Ready Soybeans"
Anyone interested in just how much science, and what quality of science supports an application for a major new technology like Cry3Bb corn will find the comments interesting reading
Deutsche Bank's provocative July 12, 1999 report "Ag Biotech: Thanks, But No Thanks?"
With beneficial insects now placed in the death row amid emerging resistant pests, genetic engineering in corn could cause huge crop losses
Benbrook, C. (1999) 'Commentary on Insecticidal toxin in root exudates from Bt corn', Ag BioTech InfoNet
Dr Charles Benbrook, "Evidence of the Magnitude and Consequences of the Roundup Ready Soybean Yield Drag from University-Based Varietal Trials in 1998, AgBioTech InfoNet Technical Paper no. 1, July 13, 1999.
Ag BioTech InfoNet is pleased to offer a complete copy of the 74 page submission from Aventis to EPA, dated Oct. 25, 2000, asking for a four-year temporary tolerance for Cry9c endotoxins in corn. The submission, in a PDF file, contains the results of a new, rushed allergenicity risk assessment.
Benbrook, C. (1999) 'Impacts on Soil Microbial Communities Needs Further Study', Ag BioTech InfoNet
Dr Pusztai's latest response to Morton, which we are also forwarding to the AgBioView list, is given below.
Dr. Charles Benbrook has posted coverage of the FDA biotech hearings
They also posted 8 of the statements delivered thus far (from the US FDA Hearings)
Most Powerful Evidence yet that GM Crops Are Failing
Dr Benbrook's observations in this area can be found in his highly critical commentary of a report published last year by the US National Academy of Sciences entitled: "Transgenic Plants and World Agriculture".
By popular demand, we have gathered together and better organized various items on the StarLink episode on Ag BioTech InfoNet
Losey, J., Rayor, L., and M. Carter. "Transgenic pollen harms monarch larvae." Nature 20 May 1999 vol 399 pg 214 Cornell University
Nature Biotechnology: 345 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10010-1707, USA
Jeremy Rifkin's Foundation on Economic Trends website. He has some excellent articles about GE seeds, bio-pollution, etc.
Press-releases collected by MONSANTO-UK
Opinion of the Scientific Committee on Plants
Guidance document to facilitate notifiers in the preparation of plant GMO dossiers for consideration by the Scientific Committee on Plants
Arabidopsis -- A Model Plant Genome
Genetic Cranberries: UW Professor Explores the Possibilities
"Feds Appeal for Farmer's Patience." Associated Press Article
The Missing Synergy That's Killing Life Sciences
US-BIO: Recommending approval of ALL GE crops for human consuption Forbes article: "Biotech Corn Leads To Series Of Recalls"
Disaster Of The Day: Aventis Corn Monster
headaches, migranes, Aspartame and MAXALT(R)
link to Wall St. Journal McDonalds story
US) Food makers try odd ideas to win U.S. consumers
Italy defends GMO ban
Farm groups want Aventis held liable for bio-corn
USDA doesn't know how StarLink tainted 1998 corn
USDA says reviewing Aventis conduct in bio-corn flap
Missouri demands $25 mln StarLink bond from Aventis
Aventis slapped with second StarLink corn lawsuit
Americans wake up to threat of mad cow disease
Plant Breeding 119 (5) 417-420 (c) Blackwell Wissenschafts-Verlag, Berlin [Synergy]
Blauen Institute (for promotion of organic agriculture, see also Blueridge-institute: Novartis-patent on human organs
British Medical Association Board of Science and Education, "The Impact of Genetic Modification on Agriculture, Food and Health -- An Interim Statement," May 1999. Summary statement
Genetic Concern Ireland, information on current justicial review and protests on releases in Ireland.
Genetically Modified Pest-Protected Plants: Science and Regulation, National Academy Press
Boston Globe News
"Genetic crops backfire on farms – More money paid for other grains"
Should we worry over genetically altered foods?
Article: "Labelling Rules Prohibit Foodmakers from Telling What isn't in their Products"
Article: "Tinkering with the DNA on your dinner plate"
Boston Globe recently published a useful front-page report on genetically engineered foods (30 Oct. 98)
John Rose Englishman campaigning on GE
'The Trouble With Tofu: Soya and the Brain' by John D MacArthur
Bread of the World does not deal with GE but can clearly be linked to the "GE Feeding the World" discussion.
Bretton Woods Project works with UK-based NGOs to monitor the World Bank and IMF
Dangers of GE human Insulin
Organics under fire! – Strategies the AgChem + Food Industries are using to Discredit Organics
In relation to safety concerns and biotech insulin see:
Claire Robinson's illuminating articles from the great GM FREE magazine (first 4 issues still available via website)
the motives and behaviour of the Royal Society have been brought seriously into question
Natural Law Party Wessex, UK
GM Stink Bug Problem hits Georgia as Chemicals go Back On
Caulflower Mosaic Virus promoter and links on articles and research
"Why Many Farmers And Consumers Are Lukewarm About GMOs And What Might Change Their Minds"
Griffiths, M. (1999) 'The Millennium Choice: Genetic Engineering or Natural Law', NLPWessex
There have already been mistaken releases of GM crops because people thought they were working with normal crops when the batches got mixed up
Dismantling the myth of genetics as the principal constraint on responsible global agricultural production
For more on this type of approach to land management
NLPWessex, (1997-2000) 'Will GM crops deliver benefits to farmers?'
Transgenic Oilseed Rape [canola] line unexpectedly increases growth of crop pest
more on the Cargill Dow initiative and GM industrial crop issues
Griffiths, M. (1999) 'The Emperor's Trangenic Clothes - Are GMO lemmings in the US leading all of us over the biotechnology cliff?', NLPWessex
in reality GM crops frequently produce lower yields, so those farmers switching back to non-gm varieties are unlikely to lose out
US agronomist writing on GE crops
'What leading scientists and public figures have said about the dangers of genetically modified foods'
NLPWessex (1998) 'Monsanto's approach to sustainability'
New US 'mystery' corn viruses – is GM the prime suspect?
risk-generating disturbances in gene expression referred to by Professor Moseley
Interestingly this legal advice is based on local government environmental planning regulations for development and land use in Australia
ee how the arm of US agri-business globalisation is creeping into UK agriculture without anyone noticing
No government or international agency, however well intentioned, can possibly handle these types of development. As a species the human race has lost its way. An alternative solution which transcends these problems is urgently required.
Unknowing or fraudulent release of GM canola.
NGIN press release, 1 March (1999) 'US corporate link up with UK co-op rings GM alarm bells'
evidence of misrepresentation of research to the public and the media to suit commercial objectives
Independent research increasingly demonstrates that GM crops may achieve a quantitaive advantage, but what about the quality?
ExpertSource, a collaboration of Business Wire and The Round Table Group, provides academic and industry experts to the media at no charge
Business Wire's Media Resource Center provides working journalists many free media services
Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA) An independent non-profit organization. 893 West Street Amherst MA 01002-5001
T: 413-559-5338     F: 413-559-5404
Big Brother is watching your e-mails!

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