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12 reasons why the World Bank and IMF must be shut down
Report of the "Biodiversity, Biotechnology, and Law Training Course for West Africa", Global Biodiversity Development Institute & International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, 1-24 March 2000.
Australia: Committee recommends councils gain GM crop autonomy
Indonesia Says It Will Stop Growing Genetically Modified Cotton
GM Canola Allegedly Dumped
Dr. Vandana Shiva's Plenary address on the eve of the Melbourne World Economic Forum
AMA (Australian Medical Assoc.) Lends Support to Food Labelling
FDA scientists question soy safety
The Other Side of Soy
Gene Therapy Hearing Begins Victim's Father Defends Researchers
Gene therapy has not proven to be the revolution promised
Test Deaths Weren’t Reported to NIH
UK: No Soy in Sir Paul McCartney Foods
GE potatoes that were harmful to rats.
You can vote online whether you want/do not want genetically engineered foods.
Why Is ABC Lying About Mad Cow Disease?
Goat-Spider Experiment: Biotech Company to Produce "BioSteel" Milk
Scientists seek probe into GM foods report
explosive report on the FDA's failure to evaluate properly recombinant bovine growth hormone (BGH) drug
The Food You Eat (Transcript)
The new guidelines (66 Fed. Reg. 1092) can be accessed from the Federal Register
Institute for Public Accuracy, 915 National Press Building, Washington, D.C. 20045
Action for Community & Ecology in the Rainforests of Central America
Charles M. Benbrook, "World Food System Challenges and Opportunities: GMOs, Biodiversity, and Lessons From America's Heartland," unpublished paper presented January 27, 1999, at University of Illinois
Gary Goldberg, 918-488-1829, or David Senter, 202-835-0330, both of American Corn Growers Association, or The American Corn Growers Association (ACGA) represents corn producers in 28 states. ACGA's Board of Directors consists exclusively of corn producers representing farmer interests.
FYI and EPA documents on what constitutes food quality.
American Chemical Society, Washington, DC 1996 ACS Symposium Series 605 Genetically Modified Food: Safety Issues
Lay panel's recommendations: commentary on the Canadian Citizen's Conference held on genetically engineered food
ActionAid, Campaigns, Hamlyn House, Macdonald Road, Archway, London N19 5PG. Tel: 0171 561 7611, Fax: 0171 281 5146.
Gebhard, F. & Smalla, K. 'Transformation of Acinetobacter sp. Strain BD413 by Transgenic Sugar Beet DNA' Applied and Environmental Microbiolology, April 1998, p. 1550-1554, Vol. 64, No. 4
Australian Financial Review article: All transgenic food to be labelled
Eugenics watch. UK and USA.
Shiga toxin destroys the kidney. Studies on constructed wetlands have been done to follow the fate of toxic E coli and Salmonella. The studies
Biology and History of Maize
Two New Corn Viruses Discovered
Sustainable Agriculture.
Converse with an expert on soya politics
GM Food Information Dismissed as Propaganda in New Zealand
Gary Goldberg of American Corn Growers Association, 918-488-1829, or
From boom to bust in three seasons - the rapid rise and fall of GE markets
backgroundinfo on resistance to Cry1F
More info on Starlink can be found in the approval paper from APHIS (may 1998). Mentions for example countries where field trials have taken place
For the full text of Morton's reply, '"Response to Pusztai and apology"
No economic benefits for farmers from Bt maize.
Glyphosate application has negative effects on soil microorganisms
University of Missouri: MU Tests Find Comparable Yields Between Bt, Non-bt Corn Hybrids
"Tansy ragwort contains at least six pyrrolizidine alkaloids which by themselves are not toxic. When combined with liver enzymes after ingestion they are converted to pyrroles which result in liver dysfunction and sometimes death."
Etherpeek packet sniffer
Peoples' Global Action (PGA)
Operation "Cremate Monsanto"
Combined pages for growers and exporters of Soya .(US)
Christopher, T. (1996) 'Aggregate Stability: Its Relation to Organic Matter Constituents and Other Soil Properties', Department of Land Management, University of Putra, Malyasia
David Godden, "Growing Plants, Evolving Rights: Plant Variety Rights in Australia", Australian Agribusiness Review, Vol. 6, Paper 3, 1998.
Organic poll web pages..make your mark.
Tuskegee University, Center for Plant Biotechnology Research, Tuskegee, AL 36088, USA
Boulder, Colo., City Government Unit Bans GMOs on City Land Rented to Farmers
Rumor mill: StarLink genetics found in U.S. cargo of corn destined for Japan
StarLink corn fiasco is a mess for Elevators
Dutch study: Starlink protein stimulated antibodies in lab rats
British Stores Warned of GM Food Fines
South African newspaper questions Aventis application for StarLink
AGWEEK & AgLINK, 375 Second Ave. North Grand Forks, North Dakota 58203
up to the minute reports of protests via the internet on the WTO summit
South African Church Calls for Moratorium on Genetically Engineered Food
1958 Nobel Laureate in Medicine for his discoveries concerning genetic recombination and the organization of the genetic material of bacteria.
Jeremy Rifkin believes one day soon you will wake up and find that your entire life has become a paid-for experience. Sound frightening? It should, Rifkin explains in a thought-provoking interview.
"The Economic Horror" by Viviane Forrester (pub 1999 by Blackwell ) ISBN 0-745-61994-0
Book: Genetically Engineered Food: Changing the Nature of Nature: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself, Your Family, and Our Planet
US ambassador Felix Rohatyn speech to Credit Agricole Federation
American Chiropractic Association
Loka Institute
USDA's National Organic Program website: The new 663-page proposal incorporates nearly all of the recommendations made by the National Organic Standards Board and organic activists
'Frankengrass' creates multi-coloured lawns. (hardly a scientific website but go figure out yourself)
Clone scientists 'more interested in wealth than health. (Rev Ian Paisley)
UK Scientists highlight new BSE threat from other animals. Alarming findings by scientists investigating mad cow disease has raised new fears over the safety of beef and other meats sold in butchers and supermarkets
Cloned buffalo dies
GM cow milk is on the way
Public Unease on GMOs well founded, says expert
Big Brother is watching your e-mails!
Lucy Goodman-Owsley Boulder Belt CSA New Paris, OH
Study: "Awareness of Genetically Modified Foods Wide but Knowledge not Deep"
Established in 1979, the Angus Reid Group is among the world's leading research companies
The first chart shows the GE awareness level of Americans and Canadians:
The second chart rates the growing negativity towards genetically modified foods in all of the countries surveyed
The third chart lists what consumers feel are the perceived benefits and risks of genetically modified foods in all of the countries surveyed
ASEED is a Euro-group involved in g/e and other enviro issues
ASEED is a Euro-group involved in g/e and other enviro issues
The March 99 issue of the MONSANTO MONITOR
"Solutions Group Electronic AgBiotech Newsletter 170 April 6 1999
Ifgene: Particular focus on the worldviews with which people approach science, and the moral and spiritual implications of biotechnology.
All about milk and why you should avoid it.
FDA's finger of approval also set into motion a long line of falling dominos. USDA, NIH, GAO, FAO, WHO, JAMA, etc. The entire fraud is laid out in detail:
Weekly Newsletter 17 Jan. 99
The Anti-Dairy Coalition Weekly Newsletter 18 April 1999
Bozell created the famous RUGRAT AD that invited mothers to give milk to children under the age of one, a no-no which will one day result in big- time litigation
The Anti-Dairy Coalition Weekly Newsletter Column
USDA: Genetically engineered crops allowed in US food supply
U.S. Biotechnology permits.
APHIS Regulated Field Releases
Terminator Technology: The Threat to World Food Security
Please note, from my original, June 1998 Terminator technology article, that the USDA clearly expects to profit monetarily from this patent.
Agricultural Research Service, USDA: News Service
Melumber fruit (melon and cucumber hybrid) made the old way
The Hexterminators are a multinational conglomerate of artists, political organizers, scientists, and superheroes who have joined together to battle the biozoid misdeeds of the genetics revolution.
researchers find fungi buildup in glyphosate-treated soybean fields
Aspartame and artificial sweeteners - more about them.
Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas - ATTRA: more information on organic agriculture
Intercropping Principles and Production Practices
GE Food Claims: Benefits for Bone, Heart, Digestion
The Australian Vaccination Network, Inc. PO Box 177 Bangalow NSW 2479 AUSTRALIA

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