Received from Earth-Live 9 February 1998

Fluoride: Be Warned

by Sandy A.Whyte,
Co-ordinator: South African Safewater Association

Many people are about to be subjected to the consumption of an excess of a chemical called fluoride, should the government succeed in passing all the legislation now being finalised. Fluoride has been potrayed for well over 50 years as the solution to the problem of dental cares which has become a modern plaque since the spread of the modem westernised junk food diet. The claims made for the importance of adding fluoride to the dietary intake of people en mass ignore a number of counter indications which are extremely serious, such as the harm caused to both the teeth and the rest of the body. e.g. brittle bones, osteoporosis etc.

There have been strong allegations of corruption which have not been successfully countered despite them having been made by very highly qualified scientists, even though such allegations have been accepted by courts of law internationally. Opposition by highly esteemed professors and various very well qualified medical men has been ignored and attempts have been made to vilify the characters of the people who oppose the foisting of this toxic waste into the water supplies of the populace without the examination of each individual in order to establish the needs of each for such medication.

This is contrary to the provisions of the new (South African) Constitution and makes nonsense of long held medical beliefs as to the need for very careful examination of each patient and the determination of the exact dose needed by each such patient for the prescription being supplied. Furthermore Fluoride is a poison stronger than lead and it is cumulative. It is also extremely Poisonous to plants as well as animal life.

From the 7th April 1997, all tooth paste marketed in the U.S.A. has to have the following printed on the container:

Warning: Keep out of reach of children under six years of age. If you swallow more than used for brushing seek professional help or contact a poison control centre immediately
The label also recommends to use only a pea-sized drop of the toothpaste.

A treatise "The Dental Guide" has been written by the Chairman of the SASWA (a dentist) for a free copy by e-mail contact


by Dr.Frank Bertrand

Floride will destroy many vitamins and enzymes, it is also carcinogenic, and this has been established by many scientific bodies, including

which stated that Fluoride can also enhance the cancer forming properties of other chemicals which the Oregon National Laboratory also said.

Natural Vitamin E is an anti-coagulant, and an anti-oxidant which protects the body from free-radicals, which can produce cancer and heart disease. Fluoride will destroy Vit.E and will also damage the DNA of cells, which can produce cancer up to 40 years later. The first sign of lack of Vit.E in the hnrnan body is the deposition of tartar (dental calculus), and the Stilfontein Syndrome showed that people with iwLw had high cholesterol, in fact of the first 50 men, and 50 women surveyed, 90% of men, and 92% of women were in danger of coronaries; so tartar is a warning of heart disease and cancer, due to lack of Vit.E.

The Food and Drugs Agency (FDA) of the USA have stated that they have never classed Fluoride as an essential nutrient for the body; no drug application has ever been submitted for Fluoride, and there are no studies to show the safety and effectiveness of Fluoride.

We are going to face an avalanche of cancer, which co-incides with the introduction of Fluoride. The fluoridationists know this, and so they are blaming smoking, but smoking basically is the burning of cigarette tobacco wrapped in paper, and prior to 1950, billions of cigarettes were smoked by millions of people, and cancers of the mouth and lung, were very uncommon, as were coronaries. The cancers of the mouth were seen principally in men over 60, and very rarely in women, whilst coronaries were virtually unknown in women, most probably because a woman has about 6 times the amount of Vit E in her body than a man.

To-day women frequently have cancers and coronaries, and at much younger ages. If some cigarette makers now say that their cigarettes produce cancer, then a thorough investigation must be made of what is put into their tobacco, paper, and filters. Many non-smokers develop cancer of the mouth and lung, so the very questionable theory of passive smoking has been developed to hide one of the main causes of cancer.

Recently released records of the USA, reveal that Fluoride was used to make the atom bomb, and the USA governent realised how dangerous Fluoride was, that Fluoride could cause cancer, affect the brain (it reduces the IQ, and makes people docile) etc., so they did everything to stop people from suing them for heart disease, cancer etc., and pushed Fluoride as good for the teeth. So, since 1944 the USA government have poisoned their own people, the worst enemy the people of the USA have is their own government.

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