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Why is the Keyword Search on this Website Not Working?
PSRAST - Our web domain blocked! - Attempted suppression of our information
Make a Mirror Site of This Website

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Date: 9 Sept. 1999
From: Franz Beck

Why is the Keyword Search on this Website Not Working?

Since end of July readers are complaining that the keyword search of this website is not working. I reported the error up to now – 9 Sept. 1999 – five times. The staff at the service provider Intekom were kind and friendly, but since this was bejond their capacity, they launched five service request to the higher management. And that's where it is still hanging.

I just received the message Our web domain blocked! Do you believe that this is accidental? I don't. It is time for everyone to realise that the Monsanto & the like work like the Mafia behind the scenes all along. They manipulate the process of making laws, as you know. And they are silencing the truth in a manner that looks like an 'accident' or a 'system error'. They have been the secret masters at this art. They have abused their power in this direction all the time sofar. If you don't believe it - just try the keyword search.

To circumvent the problem with the keyword search please read the Solution.

Yours truly

Franz Beck

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Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 21:14:44 +0200
From: "Kerry Niddrie"

Dear Franzie, I don't know if you subscribe to PSRAST news letter but if you don't you may want to use this stuff below. If you already get it let me know and I won't send you more stuff.

Jai Guru Dev

-----Original Message-----
Date: 30 August 1999 10:13

PSRAST - Our web domain blocked! - Attempted suppression of our information

Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology (PSRAST)


Our domain "" was, on August 27, 1999, taken over by an unkown agent and is inaccessible. All traffic to our website is now directed to another site owned by "Globalworks corporation" (click here: and you will see). This is apparently a mock site, as the "links" from the index page of "Globalworks" are just underlined text. And the e-mail is returned as "host unknown".

We take this apparent sabotage act as a dubious recoginition of the importance of our site (we have not heard of any other similar case). It is however serious that such attempts at suppressing the free word occurs. The biotech industry has taken similar actions before, like threatening publishers and in one known case a TV station when they were about to publish unfavorable facts (read: the truth) about genetic engineering. So there are reasons to suspect them although we are not able to prove it at this stage, if ever, as they are likely to cover their trails carefully.

On Friday the 27th August we we entered information at our website about the warning for investing in Biotech that Europe's leading bank had sent to over 1000 institutional investors (see "Message to investors in Biotechnology", URL:

It was the strongest blow against biotech shares so far. - Is it just a coincidence that we were blocked out within 24 hours after this? Already before that the webpage contained enough information to dishearten investors - was this the "drop"?

We are taking action to stop this intrusion and hope to be able to recover our domain (including contacting InterNIC). If you are knowledgeable about such matters, please contact us. For example we would need help to, if possible, track the owner of the "globalworks" site.

We would greatly appreciate if you wanted to convey this information and our new (temporary?) URLs, given below, to friends who may be interested in GE.

URL in the US (may be more rapid than the other but has banners that disturb):

URL in Europe:


We are in great need of more sponsorship. We are still on the verge of having to close down. At the same time as we are on the verge of a major breakthrough (an additional reason for blocking us out?). Because of the loss of our domain site, on-line sponsoring does not work (we can only use free sites, and they don't support the cgi-scripts required for the on-line service). So please mail either banknotes or checks or make a transfer in accord with the instructions at: or

Although it becomes more and more apparent that the food biotech enterprise is heading towards a crash, the industry is fighting hard. It is now directing great efforts to Third World countries where legislation is less developed, the countries are more or less "defensless" against pressure from superpowers, being dependent on support from them, and corruption may often be pronounced. At the same time, release of GE crops there is likely to do much greater damage to biodiversity and the ecology because there are more wild relatives to important GE crops. It is by the way ironic that the EPA of the US, at approval of GE crop release in the US, considers the risk for spread of transgenes to wild relatives, while the government of the US does not hesitate to press hard to promote the spread of such genes in countries where this risk is considerable. And is lobbying hard internationally to achieve a global deregulation of Biotech crops.

So there are very strong reasons to continue campaigning so as to achieve a global moratorium as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Jaan Suurkula, MD
Physicians and Scientists for Responsible
Application of Science and Technology
A Global Network for impartial interdisciplinary evaluation of the safety of new technologies

E-mail: Tel: +46-322622966 Fax: +46-322620944
Winner of the StudyWeb Academic Excellence Award

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Date: 9. September 1999
From: Franz Beck

Make a Mirror Site of This Website

Since the keyword search on this website has been 'silenced', I recommend to make your own copy of this website by Downloading it in one zipped file.

Website status18. Dec 2000
Download (zipped) size7.10 MegaByte
Unzipped size19.46 MegaByte
Nbr. of files358


You should have at least 21 Megabytes free disk space. Create a separate folder (directory) and unzip into it. You can then use your browser to do off-line browsing through the website. Start with file index.html.

For searches use your Windows 95 -> Start -> Find facility and narrow the search to your copy of the website. Use the 'Advanced' -> 'Containing Text' to get your keywords found throughout the website.

It's free – no strings attached. Please distribute widely.

Download this website

Thank you for helping spreading the truth!

Franz Beck