Saluki Knowledge.

One of the most important things you can know about the Saluki, to give you a better understanding of its entire makeup, is where it originated. Its particular conformation and attitude was shaped for thousands of years in some of the most harsh and inhospitable parts of our planet. Forget the romantic version of the Arabs, the people who kept Saluki in those days were as unforgiving as the land they lived in and only the strong, healthy and best hunters survived or were used to breed. We can be thankful for that today.

If you remember one thing about the Saluki it should be that this is a high endurance animal, built for speed yes, but its endurance is what sets it apart from the rest. When you look at a Saluki you should see function, function, function. It is moderately angulated, which does not mean verging on straight, and most certainly does not mean over angulated and second thighs too long.

Economy of movement is essential for high endurance, when the other great sprinters are fading, the Saluki should be able to drop a gear and say, come on, stay with me. This properly or typically conformed Saluki moves with great style, with no exaggeration and is a joy to behold especially when it is galloping, which is what it is designed to do. It is a long legged, squarish, galloping dog. It has been this way for thousands of years and because of it, is one of the most successful in fulfilling its intended function, of all time.

A Saluki needs a lot of attention and a lot of companionship, which you must be able to provide, in order for it to flourish. You will be repayed by having a responsive and loving friend for life.

A Saluki is wary of strangers and this has been written into the standard but it doesn’t take too long before they recognise your friends and accept them as such. Long ago when a stranger entered the camp the Saluki was hidden from sight, to the extent that they were hidden under the woman’s robes. It can be seen then that they would develop a strong bond with their family, and not being exposed to strangers, would prefer to watch proceedings, from a distance. They do need a lot of exercise and love to run like the wind, but they would be content to live in a tiny place just as long as they can be with you.

There are many sites with excellent educational material, including the Breed Standards, but should you have any questions please contact us.

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