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Route 1 - The Winds of War Neighbour Vs Neighbour.

The route starts in the grounds of Sunnyside Park, one of the oldest houses in Parktown, now an hotel, built for Hennen Jennings, a mining engineer and member of the Reform Committee whose machinations led to the Jameson Raid.

It follows the oldest roads in Parktown, going up Boundary Road which marked the northern boundary of Johannesburg, into Ridge Road and Musi Yami, home Otto Lenz, a German engineer. Many Germans fought with the Boers, but Lenz remained neutral.

It then winds up Park Lane along which the conspirators rode home after secret meetings at the Rand Club, past the home of H.F. Watson, who served in the Cape Colonial forces, into Princess Place where once stood Santa Clara built by a very colourful stockbroker, Rowland Albermarle Bettington who, with his four sons, volunteered and served in Thorneycroft's Horse. He was wounded in the bloody Battle of Spioenkop. Walburton Manor, Dr Frood's home. He was set to work inoculating the local people as smallpox had broken out.
Then across to the park where Rainier, a Z.A.R subject remained throughout the war, chairing the local Rus en Orde committee which protected the property of absentee Uitlanders. Richard Baumann of Ridgeholm served on Milner's Permit Committee. A most unpopular group because the military would not allow the refugees to return to the homes. Next Sir Thomas Cullinan's home, The View. Reluctant to fight the Dutch he took his family to the Eastern Cape and joined the local militia. They nearly captured General Smuts on one occasion. Now the headquarters of the Transvaal Scottish Regiment which grew out of the Scottish Horse. They have a number of Boer War items in their museum including a mountain gun from Ceylon and a heliograph.

Finally back to Sunnyside Park which in March 1901 became the official residence of Alfred, Lord Milner. He was appointed Governor of the Transvaal and Orange Free State even while the Boers continued the war using guerrilla tactics.