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What is a modem "Initialisation String," and why do I need it?
Modems are controlled by a command langauge called the Hayes AT (Attention) commands. These AT commands are usually found in communicatiosn programs and software drivers, all prefaced by AT (lower or upper case). ATD for example is an instruction to the modem by the appropriate software to Dial. ATH to Hang up the line.

A modem insitalisation string can contain many of these commands placed together, so as to optimally prepare the modem to dial out or answer. This is called the Initialisation String. You can easily alter the recommended initialisation string for Option modems.

The Option Windows 95 driver is pre-configured with the recommended initialisation string.

There is thus no need to insert it.

There might be circumstances however where when using Windows 95 where you need to input an initialisation string even though you are using Windows 95.

A complete list of
Hayes AT commands is available on this site.

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