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The prefix (kennel name) Mwanamatapa, was registered in South Africa in 1992, with the importation, from California of our foundation bitch Ch (RSA) Jamila’s Ti-Khami of Mwanamatapa Khami - bred by Jo Anne Fimlaid.

Since this time, we have imported a dog Ch (RSA) Tamsala Jimbun Tukituk of Mwanamatapa Herbie and a bitch Ch (RSA) Tamsala Chimaera Blondie, both bred by Jan Robert from Australia.

Our policy is to breed infrequently and we are very proud to have produced 2 breed champions to date - Ch (RSA) Mwanamatapa Ti-Zinzan Zinzan and Ch (RSA) Mwanamatapa Winning Drop of Marikate Rayne.

We are very proud to introduce our new arrivals - Mwanamatapa Twilite Treacle, Mwanamatapa Crimson Comet, Mwanamatapa I'Peppa Re, Marikate Kwisa Ye Mono of Mwanamatapa - Treacle, Comet, Peppa and Yemo - all with us here at Mwanamatapa. Mwanamatapa Injasuti Re and Mwanamatapa Galactic Glimmer - Ninja and Glimmer.

Prior to 1992, it had been many years since this wonderful breed had been seen in the Southern African show rings. It is rewarding to now see that Basenjis (although numerically small) are consistent Group and Best in Show contenders.

Our policy with regard to the reintroduction of the breed here is to educate about the breed. As experienced Basenji breeders know, this is not a breed for every person and it is important to point this out to prospective Basenji owners. We receive numerous enquiries on a daily basis from people who have been delighted by tales of this unique breed and believe that they would like to own one.

All of our Basenjis are lovingly reared in a family environment (regardless of their show prospects) and when placing puppies, we look for the same kind of environment to place them in. We test wherever possible for health defects in our dogs although the testing available here in South Africa is not up to the same standard as elsewhere in the world.

For further information on this wonderful breed contact us.

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