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Judging Qualifications
Jill Salmon is an international dog show judge and is currently F.C.I. qualified to judge the K.U.S.A.(Kennel Union of Southern Africa) classified Hound Group, Working Group, Herding Group, Toy Group, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Bull Terriers at Championship Show level. She judges all breeds at Open Show level and is currently working through the K.U.S.A. Judges Scheme.

Jill has judged in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Norway and the United States of America.

Judging Highlights - 1997
BIS and BOSIS Norway Basenji Club Specialty 1997“In June 1997, I was honoured to be invited to judge the Norwegian Basenji Club Specialty Championship Show and drew a wonderful entry of 81 Basenjis. I was fortunate to have been presented with high quality dogs from Norway, Sweden and Finland. My eventual Best in Show (pictured with the Best Opposite Sex in Show), going to a Norwegian bred tricolour bitch bred by Anne and Nina Modahl. An exceptionally delightful bitch who moved the pants off all the competition, even in the heat (yes, heat in Norway).”

Dobermann Best of Breed“In August 1997, I was indeed lucky to have been invited to judge in the United States. The trip started with judging at 3 all-breeds Championship Shows, the Steel Valley Cluster, in Youngstown, Ohio. At the first show, I judged Basset Hounds, Basenjis, Afghan Hounds, Saluki, Norwegian Elkhounds and Great Danes. I was fortunate, in that my Norwegian Elkhound best of breed went on to Group 2 later in the day.

On the second day, I judged Rough Collies, Old English Sheepdogs, Corgi (Cardigans) and one of my special loves - German Shepherd Dogs. My G.S.D. best of breed, a wonderful sable went on to Group 4. On my third and final day I judged, Corgi (Pembrokes), Boxers and Dobermanns with my Dobe best of breed (a wonderfully elegant, masculine dog from the classes and made up on the day - Ch (Am) Briarwood On The Rocks V Opacta), going on to Group 4 in an exceptionally strong group line-up.

Afghan Group WinnerI then judged the Hound Group and gave the first place to an Afghan Hound (Ch (Am) Mithra Gabriel of Etrigan owned by P. Roe, K. Williams DVM and B. Kinley), who I had also given best of breed to when I judged the breed. This Afghan is destined for big things!

I gather by the comments I received after my judging assignment and correspondence I have since received, that my decisions were very well received - the exhibitors were certainly very complimentary and the clubs hospitable.”

Evergreen Basenji Club Specialty BIS 1997“Later on in the month, I judged the Evergreen Basenji Club Specialty in Enumclaw, Washington and this was by far my judging highlight. A large entry of 167 dogs were presented to me and almost all were of exceptional quality. I enjoyed every minute of this tough assignment - my eventual best in show award going to a tricolour dog, from the classes (Ch (Am) Penda Taji's Tri-Umphant One, bred by Katie Campbell and Scott Moberly. I could just have gathered this dog up and taken him home with me - he is just superb!

Evergreen Basenji Club Specialty BOSBest Opposite Sex went to a lovely tricolour bitch (Ch Kibushi High Hat), handled by Brenda Cassell.



I was tickled pink, when the following day, at the Olympic Kennel Club, the judge found the same winners dog and bitch from a large entry of 96!”

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