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Jill and Paxton Salmon are two average guys in the street, who are both extensively involved in the hobby of dogs.

We both have full-time careers in the Information Technology industry.

In our spare time, we are involved in a number of dog related activities. We breed Basenjis, under the prefix of Mwanamatapa and are founding members of the African Basenji Club.

We also run a show administration service under the name of SoloShow.

Jill has been involved with dogs for most of her life and is an international Dog Show Judge. She has owned and bred, over the years, German Shepherd Dogs, Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Salukis and Basenjis. She is also the Chairman of the African Basenji Club and a past Secretary of the Irish Wolfhound Club (W.Tvl), the Saluki Club (Tvl) and Goldfields Kennel Club (the largest all-breeds club in South Africa).

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