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The African Basenji Club was formed in 1992 and affiliated to the K.U.S.A. (the F.C.I. affiliated Kennel Union of Southern Africa) in 1994. The purpose behind the formation was to provide a united platform for education about the Basenji breed of dog in Southern Africa.

The club has a small membership base and relies on support from enthusiasts from other breeds. It has given breed workshops and runs a rescue scheme, which unfortunately, has been called on, on a few occasions - even with the few Basenjis that are bred in Africa.

We also try and encourage all breeders to register their dogs with the K.U.S.A.

The first priority of the club is education about the breed and we have drawn on articles and experience from breeders around the world to assist in this. The show ring is far lower on the priority list and whilst we encourage people to show their dogs, it is not the over-riding factor.

We welcome any support from interested people. Membership is a nominal R30 per annum. Overseas members are welcome - payment in South African Rand (ZAR) only.

We are currently working on a Basenji Buyer's / Owner's Guide, which will be published here in due course. This will contain some helpful insight into the pros and cons of living with a Basenji.

If you have any suggestions on improving these pages, or would like to submit something for publication, we would like to hear from you. Please contact the Club.

We are currently in the process of development, so check back and see what is new!

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