PIT TALK (Bulletin 7) Variable Tunepipe control Pictures

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vpipe2a.jpg (11360 bytes) At the back where we normally put a proper bracket to hold the exhaust in its place,  it is now just a hole. I use silicon tubing as the insulator on a cut out of Epoxy Glass sheet.
This picture just shows you the system in its place and at its short pipe positon. vpipe1a.jpg (14566 bytes)
vpipe3a.jpg (14726 bytes) This picture just shows you the system in its place and at its long pipe positon.
I weld a ball joint onto the top and bottom of the pipe that needs to slide into the seal . I then use silicon tubing to act as a rubber absorption mount for the lever which goes round a bolt that screws into the ball joint that is welded in place. This allows for durability and no worry about the heat from the exhaust pipe.The other side I use a normal plastic clip on like you wold for any other servo connection. vpipe6a.jpg (7668 bytes)
vpipe7a.jpg (9401 bytes) You can see the water cooling jacket is covering the area where the silicon ring is in.
As you can see the lever moves the shaft in and out from both the top and bottom. vpipe8a.jpg (10915 bytes)
vpipe9a.jpg (8852 bytes) A view looking at it as from where the exhaust gas enters the exhaust pipe.
Another view from the top vpipe10a.jpg (10012 bytes)
vpipe11a.jpg (9801 bytes) With it disconnected from the 2 levers you can see the o-ring with the cooling pipes and the exhaust with the 2 levers on it. The exhaust is just held on with silicon tubing and normal  cable ties. Take note the the tube from the exhaust pipe has been turned in the lathe to make sure it is smooth and round. It is a good loose fit in the housing that holds the silicon seal.
Close up view of the housing that the pipe from the exhaust slides into. Take note that only 1 o-ring is used. It is not necessary to use 2. But if you want to get fancy you can. Take note that if you make it too tight then you end up with not being able to move it with the servo. I use a normal High speed  4kg servo to move the exhaust. This is more than strong enough.


vpipe12a.jpg (9492 bytes)

Last Updated on 03 Apr 2001

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