Sasani Ltd

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Founded: 1951
Listed: 1997
Nature of Business: Through its subsidiaries, the group operates advanced video, film, and audio laboratories. Clients come from the commercial, feature film, TV movies and series, sport, entertainment, and news TV markets.
Sector: Industrial-Media
Number of Employees: 600
Frangos N J (Chair), Gordon S J (CEO), Appel A R, Coutts-Trotter D C (ne), Egan M P (ne), Ellerine E (ne), George M (ne), Hawton D A (ne), Lascaris R G R (ne), Msomi W T (ne), Slater P T (FD), Smit M J.
Major Shareholders:
Sasani Investments (Pty)Ltd - 29.8%
Kersaf Investments Ltd - 11.9%
Postal Address: PO Box 89271, Lyndhurst, 2106
REGD & Physical Address: 2nd Johannesburg Road, Highlands North Ext 6, Johannesburg, 2192
Telephone: (011) 719-4000