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Holistic Body Treatments

Our bodies have a consciousness of their own. The tools of choice in shaping our lives are our mind, emotions and sense of self. So to, they reflectively shape our physical body.

Any technique or system of renewal would require some bodywork to a degree. We cannot "think clearly" - let alone "be nice" - when we feel uncomfortable, be it a pain in the neck, a knot between the shoulders or feeling as if though we are putting the wrong foot forward.

Feelings generated by our emotions give power to every action and non-action. In the case of the latter, it results in becoming frozen in the body, petrifying our emotions within our structural frame and soft tissue.

Massage and other non-invasive body treatments will help to coax your true nature to come out from hiding as your body relaxes, allowing frozen feelings to thaw, your mind to clear and your life essence to flow freely once more.

Simply put, all treatments aim to harmonise the energy flow throughout the body. Energy flows along unseen pathways, criss-crossing throughout, linking with organs and other body parts. When blocks occur along these pathways, it could result in distress on many levels - be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Generally, a treatment takes on the form of a stress release massage using pure essential oils and one of our own, infused olive oil bases for relaxation or, with a more specific aim, we might incorporate shiatsu, reflexology, Reiki or polarity. And, at times, a crystal layout for electromagnetic balancing.