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Quotes From Our Guest Book

"We've fallen in love with you, these mountains, the fresh air, all this unspoiled space, and 'the magic'."

"You didn't know me, but were able to remind me of who I am. Thank you for letting me into your space while still allowing me mine. Thanks for your love, all the fabulous treatments, the lessons, the good food, the scenic tours, the company, and the fun."

"Time as we know it comes to a standstill in Prince Albert. No need for a watch, no need for a cell phone, TV, or even radio. One becomes enveloped in a life that has no schedule, no restrictions, and no effort."

"I came on a journey to the unknown. With faith in my heart and courage in my carriage, I ended up where I always wanted to be. Merging with the mountains, connecting with rock, mineral and stone. Life force reflecting in the river, soothing my soul. Like so many before, the 'retreat' was a going forward. Each step becoming an intent on compassion. Never able to waver or wither in the presence of two wisdomkeepers at the gateway of the universe."

"This 'paradise in heaven' was calling us as we were crying for it. We can breathe, live, feel free again. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to chill out, enjoy all your healthy home cooked food, good old music, and special books."

"My friend booked a B&B - we found a home! I will take memories of this place with me to Norway. Then it's time to remember the Swartberg Pass river with little pools, flowers and horseflies, warm evenings on the veranda, happy ducks, and a great massage treat."

"We will certainly stay longer next time - maybe a lifetime."

"It's not always that one has the chance to get away from the density of the city to find an oasis in the desert."

"I found the silences - a rare wonderful experience."

"Quiet time. Nothing but the gentle hum of the refrigerator and the distant song of the cicadas. As I prepare to leave this magical place, my heart pangs somewhat. To leave seems almost impossible. My week has been full of bright colours, rich scents, vibrant sounds, and intense emotions. Fabric blowing in the breeze. Trees groaning at the weight of the wind. Owls hooting in the dark. Stars - more than I've ever seen."

"Your place radiates so much of your love and sensitivity, joy and creativity, and thus stimulates relaxation, balance, self-healing, spiritual growth and happiness. I experienced a 're-attunement' and furthermore got to know a whole new world. Thanks for taking me to these special places. Here even the sky comes in different blues, and I did wake up with a song in my heart. Thanks for the opportunity to be with you and at the same time care about myself."

"The warmth and love will inspire me for a while to come. I feel many wonderful stories inside, bursting to come out, for the first time in a long while. I'm going home now with a song in my heart, and I'll be sure to send the stories born in Prince Albert's mountains. Thank you as well for helping me to get excited about MY story again!"

"Thanks for the rainbow serenity you created. What an inspiration to life."

"Walking back from the Karoo mountains to your home, it made me feel complete. This is the way life can be if you choose it. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to stay at your place and get to know the easy way of living with beautiful people."

"You have helped me to get back on track. I was able to keep my sanity, to retrieve my power, and to take back the responsibility for my well-being."

"Through divine intervention my higher power found the perfect place for me to begin to restore my soul."

"I've been reminded that there are more important things than deadlines, bills and corporate climbing. Like feeding the ducks, searching for crystals, eating home cooked meals, swimming in rivers, watching sunsets and sunrises, afternoon naps, and spending quality times with loved ones. Thank you. We won't forget."

"It is amazing that even only two days at your wonderfully peaceful place makes already such a difference."

"All your kindness, calmness and wonderful hospitality had rekindled our spiritual strength, and brought great harmony to our battered souls."

"Thanks a lot for that beautiful fairytale feeling we have in this place.

""We'll dream about this desert place until we return."

"I had no idea why the universe was conspiring to get me here, but now I'm sure glad I listened."

"Thank you for opening up a wisdom window that will remain with me eternally. I hope you understand the depth of the impact that you have had on my life and all that I come into contact with. Bijlia Cana is a true gem of the Karoo, and you are the light that makes it shine."

"This is perhaps the most peaceful home I have ever visited. Thank you so much for your hospitality. Thank you for the ENERGY."

"We have spent six amazing days here. You’ve helped us both to find a new 'path' to self-healing and general well-beingness - so you have achieved exactly what you promised."