Olive Fusions



Olive Fusions


The little shop at Bijlia Cana Wellness Retreat is a treasury of fragrance, home to Valentine's range of beauty products created from 

  • locally grown herbs and flowers 

  • extra virgin olive oil

  • Karoo sun and pure air

The range includes soaps, beauty oils, wonder creams and balms:

  • Rose beauty cream 

  • Rose beauty oil 

  • Lavender wonder oil

  • Lavender wonder cream

  • Lavender wonder hand and feet balm

  • Calendula miracle cream

  • Calendula miracle oil

  • Rosemary & Lavender joint and muscle rub

  • Soaps: Lavender, Mystery, Olive, Prosperity, Rose and Vanilla

  • Vitalizing Body Scrub


Your order can be posted to you 

wherever you are!


To place your order telephone Valentine 

023 541 1872 (Office)
082 775 0135 (Valentine)
(when calling from outside South Africa, please prefix with country code +27)

023 541 1872


PO Box 195, Prince Albert, 6930, South Africa



and here's a little Olive Fusion extra:


To satisfy the culinary soul Valentine has created the most delicious Karoo Lamb Blend - an infusion of Karoo herbs in olive oil. Use her basting oil to turn any lamb into Karoo lamb!