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  Olive Fusions





Our special and simple recipe to de-stress and harness your energy is: 

1 cup tranquillity and many doses 

of sleep; 

1 cup 

mountain air; 

1 cup 

river water; 

1 bowl sunset; a kaleidoscope of birds and other creatures; flavoured with heavenly treatments and meals.


It is still possible to find Heaven on Earth, where you can feast on the purest air you will ever breathe. Situated at the foot of one of the most spectacular mountain passes in the world, the Swartberg Pass, you will discover Prince Albert, a place where God, Man and Nature meet.

Less than four hours away from Cape Town, on the edge of the serene Prince Albert village, the Bijlia Cana Wellness Retreat (named after a rare species of vygie) provides a sanctuary where time falls away. 

Are you tired of self-chatter and living according to someone else's standards? Here you can have a complete break and a positive re-think about where to from here. Or perhaps you are just feeling down and need a boost - then this is the place to be.

Stay at the Retreat for as long as you wish, it is an ideal place to restore your balance when recovering from illness, handling a chronic condition or loss. 

The Retreat's treatment room will be the heartbeat of your visit, with holistic body treatments working their own gentle magic.

Through our workshops, you can learn how to heal yourself, relax or meditate for continued well-being.


You can either laze at the Retreat 

or explore the village and the district.

Our spacious, turn-of-the-century,

Karoo-cum-Tuscany style home  

will help you rediscover yourself 

and reveal deeper truths. 

In skies perfect for stargazing, 

an evening on our star deck is a must