Olive Fusions

My Story by Hendrik with magical fingers  

I have never lived anywhere else than in Prince Albert.  The Karoo is all I know about and, from what I hear from the guys that work elsewhere in the cities and come home for weekends, I think this is heaven.  

I am different from the other gardeners in town.  Why, I do not know.  I like colourful pants to wear and on my work days I have this nice hat that I made to keep the sun off my hair that I have never cut.  One of my employers call it an elfin hat.  I don’t know what is an elf.  She says they are like me and she is sure we have a connection.  We are bro’s.  What she does not know is that we are ALL Bro’s.  The people, the stars, the sun, the moon. The soil in which we plant our carrots, the stones, the birds, the fruit on the trees that we all eat, the sheep, all of us – we are Bro’s.  

When you want to build a wall with stones without cement I know just how.  Everybody thinks it is difficult, but all you have to do is look at the stones and ask.  OK guys, which one first and they will tell you.

So too will the sun and moon tell you when to plant your seeds.  And when you plant, you hold your seeds and say “ OK where do you want to do your growing?”  And they will tell you.  The problem comes though when only some want to grow in your employer’s garden and some say “at home with you”.  We can accept that, but when they say “next door” it is really a problem!  That is when you have to make the decision for them.  Then you listen to the earth through your feet.  


Hand embroidered art in many forms. 

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My Story by Ollie the Owl 

Owls call Who Who? Who Whoo will listen? Instead, people shout: "Put the chicks away, is it sitting on your roof? Who's going to die? It is let's get outa here time for the holiday!"

But that is not why owls have been put on the earth. To inject fear into its two-legged brothers and sisters. That is what people do to others and themselves when they are unhappy and need a reason to feel that way. 

Owls are wise. Especially Ollie the Owl. You might be lucky if you go for a walk just before sunset, down De Beer Street (because the trees there are good and strong to hold Ollie and her babies' nest and nursery; it is also a very good playpen where they learn how to do their swoop de loops) or early morning around five in the summer.

Owls, in their wisdom, took it upon themselves to call us to attention to listen. Climb out of our heads and listen to the birds, to a gentle or huge wind for messages of love whispered to cleanse our hearts of sorrow and anxiety. Telling us that we are love, that we can love that and that, like the wind, we can be gentle or huge, as we are all one. If you are in Prince Albert you have an extra blessing, for the pink, fluffy clouds at that time of day will float down low in its sea of purest sky, with an invitation to hop on and gently float over our beautiful land to take away some of its magic to bring you joy.

Whenever you hear an owl call: Who Whoo will listen. Take a deep breath, close your own eyes, become still in your head and listen for messages of love, strength and joy. Should you pick up an owl feather that it left for you to find - not by chance I might add - keep it safe and hold it now and then. Still your head and listen.

Our Story by Piet and Koos

Herding sheep can sometimes be a difficult job.  Especially when you do not have the dogs that day to help you.  Then all you have to do is sit on a rock whistle and shout and enjoy the sun on your back.  But man, when the dogs are elsewhere, it is a different story. 

On this particular day, we were out in the gorge having to bring in the sheep.  We should have been home well before dark, if it wasn’t for the little lamb that got lost.  We searched high and low, between the hills, behind rocks, in the dry riverbed, amongst the thorn trees – everywhere in fact.  We also knew, that we could not go home without, because that would mean no bonus at the end of the month for outstanding work.

That night we had to sleep out and go hungry.  We also had to do without our ‘dop’ which was difficult because a man needs a glass of wine or two at the end of the day with no other company than one another  and the sheep! 

Anyway, so we built a fire.  Man, we were hungry.  Couldn’t sleep without our nightcap.  And, after a while had nothing to say to one another.  So we just sat.  Listening to the shooting stars and the frogs in the dry riverbed – man, we were thirsty for a ‘dop’!  Eventually our heads became empty, sitting there staring at the fire.  Then suddenly, Piet staring out saw something that almost made him run!  He shook Koos’ arm, pointing.  There floating just off the ground was the beautiful pink sheep Guardian Angel of lost sheep, that they have only heard about but never seen. Then suddenly as dawn appeared it vanished.  And, as it did we heard it, just off to the left… the hungry call of a little lamb for it’s mothers teat!


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