Articles published in the
South African Journal of Economic History
Vol 1(1) to Vol 24(2)
1986 to 2009

The first decade, an article by Jon Inggs in Volume 11(1), March 1996, contains a synopsis of every article published between 1986 and 1995.
The second decade, Volume 21(1&2), September 2006, contains synopses of the articles published between 1996 and 2005.

Volume 1(1), September 1986
John Latham Ethnic Chinese multinationals in the international grain trade before the Second World War 4
Stuart Jones England, Holland and the capitalist commercial revolution of the seventeenth century 19
Peter Wickins State and private enterprise in the development of the Cape wool-growing industry 42
André Müller The state and the development of the Cape 1795-1820 58
Jon Inggs Liverpool of the Cape: Port Elizabeth trade 1820-70 77
Gwyn Campbell The monetary and financial crisis of the Merina empire 1810-1826 99
Maryna Fraser The value of business archives with special reference to Barlow Rand's archives 119

Volume 2(1), March 1987
Christopher PlattThe problem of numbers: the stock of British investment abroad on 4 August 1914 4
Leslie Hannah Entrepreneurs and the social sciences 16
Peter Wickins Pastoral proficiency in nineteenth century South Africa and Australia: a case of cultural determinism? 32
Stuart Jones Black advancement in the secondary sector of the South African economy 1880-1980 48
Chris Aucamp The establishment and development of the Cape fresh fruit industry 1886-1910 68
Gavin Maasdorp Railway development in Swaziland 1964-1986 92

Volume 2(2), September 1987
Gavin Maasdorp The vulnerability and role of railways in small, landlocked countries - the Swaziland experience 4
Edward Osborn The financing of Rhodesia as a siege economy 26
P.D.F. Strydom The evolving instruments of monetary policy 35
Ruth Edgecombe
& Bill Guest
The Natal coal industry in the South African economy 1910-1985 49
Grietjie Verhoef The establishment of the Netherlands banking tradition in a British colony: the activities of the Netherlands Bank of Rhodesia/Rhobank, 1952-1980: a preliminary study 71

Volume 3(1), March 1988
Kenneth Wilburn The nature of the Rothschild loan: international capital and South African railway diplomacy, politics, and construction 1891-1892 4
Paul Dickinson Smith's coasters: the shipping interests of C.G. Smith 1889- 1966 20
Angus Laing Change and development in short- term insurance in South Africa 1950-1985 33
John Lambert African purchases of Crown lands in Natal 1880-1903 45
Gordon Pirie Economic limits to bus apartheid in Cape Town 1948-1979 61
P.H.R. Snyman The northern Cape manganese fields: development and effect on the surrounding agrarian community 1922-1948 71

Volume 3(2), September 1988
Stuart Jones PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Economic growth in the long-run and in the short-run 4
Jenifer Dagut Some demographic observations on White urbanisation in South Africa 1904-1948 16
Bill Guest Financing an Infant Coal Industry: The Case of the Natal Collieries 41
Jon Inggs Port Elizabeth's response to the expanding economy of Europe 1820-1870 62
Angus Laing The Munich Reinsurance Company of South Africa 1968-1985 87
Anthony Lumby Economic history and theories of the multinational corporation 106

Volume 4(1), March 1989
Mira Wilkins The impact of multinational corporations 4
Paul Dickinson The Umzimkulu Sugar Company Limited 1904-1940 21
Graeme Hart The emergence of the Victorian housing market of Johannesburg 34
Anthony Lumby The customs tariff and the cement industry in South Africa 1886-1939 47
Anthony Minnaar The South African maize industry's response to the Great Depression and the beginnings of large-scale state intervention 1929-1934 68
Narissa Ramdhani The effects of climate and disease on African farming in Natal 1895-1905 79

Volume 4(2), September 1989
Sean Archer Industrial protection and employment creation in South Africa during the inter-war years 5
Chris Aucamp The Cape Orchard Company: Its contribution to the fresh fruit industry of the Western Cape 1892-1910 25
Philip Mohr, Mariana Botha & Jon Inggs South Africa' s balance of payments 1946-1985 37
Tony Pringle A history of the South African mohair industry 1838-1971 55
Arthur Webb The circumstances leading to the formation of the Natal Bank in 1854 78
G.M. Wessels The decline of the British pound as a key currency 91
Peter Wickins Agricultural revolution in South Africa 109

Volume 5(1), March 1990
Anthony Lumby A comment on the real forces in South Africa's industrial growth prior to 1939 1
Gavin Maasdorp A century of customs unions in Southern Africa 1889-1989 10
Anthony Minnaar The Great Depression 1929-1934: Adverse exchange rates and the South African wool farmer 31
Tjaart Steenekamp Discrimination and the economic position of the Afrikaner 49
Grietjie Verhoef &
Andries du Plessis
State involvement in the rehabilitation of poor Whites by means of land resettlement at the Hartebeespoort irrigation scheme 67

Volume 5(2), September 1990
André Müller PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Black and Coloured entrepreneurship in historical perspective 1
Bill Guest The Natal regional economy 1910- 1960 in historical perspective 16
Stuart Jones Real growth in the South African economy since 1961 40
Anthony Lumby Foreign trade and economic growth: South Africa during the inter-war years 61
Anthony Minnaar The effects of the Great Depression (1929-1934) on South African White agriculture 83
Frank Vorhies From colonial mercantilism to nationalism and socialism in Africa 109

Volume 6(1), March 1991
Gordon Mingay The sources of productivity in the agricultural revolution in England 1
Jocelyn Bell Sir Evelyn Wallers: Mining magnate extraordinaire 19
Stuart Jones Real growth in the South African economy since 1961 - Part II: The tertiary sector 34
Elaine Katz Miners by default: Afrikaners and the gold mining industry before Union 61
Cheng-Chung Lai The role of cooperatives in colonial Taiwan 1913-1945 81
Gail Nattrass The tin mining industry in the Transvaal 1905-1914: Some social and economic implications and perspectives 91

Volume 6(2), September 1991
Andre Appel Exploring some aspects of labour and labourers in Port Elizabeth 1870-1914 1
Richard Bouch Mercantile activity and investment in the Eastern Cape: the case of Queenstown 1853-1886 18
Jon Inggs Early Port Elizabeth harbour development schemes 1820-1855 38
Keith Tankard The effects of the "Great Depression" of the late 19th century on East London 1873-1887 72
Conrad van Gass Technological and institutional restructuring: National and international trends as they impact on a semi-peripheral region in South Africa: A case study of North-eastern Natal 89

Volume 7(1), March 1992
Special Issue: Economic interpretations of 19th century imperialism
Stuart Jones I Economic interpretations of 19th century imperialism 1
John Gallagher &
Ronald Robinson
II The imperialism of free trade 27
D.K. Fieldhouse III "Imperialism": an historical revision 45
D.C.M. Platt IV "The imperialism of free trade": some reservations 73
D.C.M. Platt V Further objections to an "imperialism of free trade" 88
D.K. Fieldhouse VI The role of economics in the expansion of the empires 1830-1914 107
Stuart Jones VII Britain and economic development in Africa, Asia and South America in the age of empire 124
P.J. Cain &
A.G. Hopkins
VIII Gentlemanly capitalism and British expansion overseas, I: the old colonial system 1688-1850 150
P.J. Cain &
A.G. Hopkins
IX Gentlemanly capitalism and British expansion overseas, II: new imperialism 1850-1945 182

Volume 7(2), September 1992
Bill Guest Presidential address 1
Alan Jeeves Sugar and gold in the making of the South African labour system: The crisis of supply on the Zululand sugar estates 1906-1939 7
Colin White The limits of industrialisation in "New Societies": An Australian perspective 34
David Duncan Foreign and local investment in the South African motor industry 1924-1992 53
Diederik Goedhuys The settling of New Netherland, North America 1613-1664 82
Anthony Lumby Environmental economics and the shaping of development strategies 101
Matthew Smith "Working in the Grave": Mining accidents on the Witwatersrand gold mines c1900-1940 127

Volume 8(1), March 1993
Special Issue: Entrepreneurs of theIndustrial Revolution
Stuart Jones I Introduction 1
Peter Mathias II The entrepreneur in brewing 1700-1830 19
Neil Mckendrick III Josiah Wedgwood: An eighteenth - century entrepreneur in salesmanship and marketing techniques 36
E. Robinson IV Eighteenth-century commerce and fashion: Matthew Boulton's marketing techniques 67
Stanley Chapman V The Peels in the early English cotton industry 91
C.H. Lee VI Marketing organisation and policy in the cotton trade: M'Connel & Kennedy of Manchester 1795-1835 121
R.G. Wilson VII The fortunes of a Leeds merchant house 1780-1820 134
Arthur Raistrick VIII Richard Reynolds, 1763-1772 and Abraham Darby III, 1768-1789 152
J.P. Addis IX Anthony Bacon and Richard Crawshay 168
A.E. Musson X Joseph Whitworth and the growth of mass-production engineering 181
Stanley Chapman XI The foundation of the English Rothschilds: N.M. Rothschild as a Textile Merchant 1799-1811 221
Stuart Jones XII The entrepreneur in banking: The private bankers of Manchester 1770-1825 224

Volume 8(2), October 1993
John Bottomley The application of the theory of "economic backwardness" to South Africa 1881-1924 1
David Duncan Wage regulation for African workers 1918-1948 24
H.F. Nel Keynes's proposal at the Bretton Woods conference as an exchange rate system 46
R.J. Thompson
& B.M. Nicholls
The Glen Grey Act: Forgotten dimensions in an old theme 58
A. Smith The "Colombian kickstart" in context: Are growth and redistribution mutually exclusive? 71

Volume 9(1), March 1994
Tim Cross Britain, South Africa and the Entente Internationale de L'Acier: The development of the South African iron and steel industry 1934-1945 1
Julian Hofmeyr Reform of the labour market in South Africa 13
Stuart Jones Productivity in an imperial bank in the age of high imperialism: The case of the Standard Bank of South Africa 1882-1900 31
Anthony Lumby Managing South Africa's environmental pollution: The "command-and-control" versus economic instruments debate 46
Helena van Zyl A historical perspective on the changing role of the International Monetary Fund 65

Volume 9(2), September 1994
Special Issue: The South African economy in the 1980s
Stuart Jones
& Jon Inggs
An overview of the South African economy in the 1980s 1
J.F. Kirsten,
J. van Zyl &
J. van Rooyen
South African agriculture in the 1980s 19
Chamber of Mines
of South Africa
The South African mining industry in the 1980s 49
Colin McCarthy The 1980s - a lost decade for the South African manufacturing sector? 66
Grietjie Verhoef The dynamics of South African banking in the 1980s 84
Stuart Jones South Africa's external trade in the 1980s 110
Philip Mohr,
Mariana Botha &
Penny Hawkins
South Africa's balance of payments in the 1980s 127
Diederik Goedhuys South African monetary policy inthe 1980s: Years of reform and foreign financial aggression 145
J. vd S. Heyns South African tax policy in the 1980s 165

Volume 10(1), March 1995
Derek H. Aldcroft Rich nations - poor nations: A long run view 1
K.A. Dix The motorcar assembly/manufacturing industry in South Africa: Phases I to V 21
Brian Dollery Government failure as an explanation for the asymmetric effects of labour apartheid in South Africa 38
P. Draper Disinvestment and the restructuring of the South African computer-hardware industry 51
Anthony Lumby Industrial history in South Africa: Past trends and future needs 74
Grietjie Verhoef Nationalism and free enterprise in mining: The case of Federale Mynbou 1952-1965 89

Volume 10(2), September 1995
Colin Newbury South Africa and the international diamond trade - Part One: Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, De Beers and the evolution of central selling 1920-1950 1
J.J. Edley The Natal Land and Colonisation Company and the vexed question of land distribution and redistribution 23
John Giantsos The development of the South African petrochemical industry 35
J.vdS. Heyns Aspects of fiscal policy in South Africa 1985-1995 51
C.U. Uche From currency board to central banking: The Gold Coast experience 80

Volume 11(1), March 1996
Jon Inggs The first decade 1
Malcolm Abbott Budgetary policy and the fiscal stance of the South African government during the Great Depression 58
Peter Draper The limits to indigenous technological capacity in the South African computer-hardware industry: Company strategies and the local manufacture campaign of the 1980s 75
Graeme Hart Residential settlement behaviour, the housing market and suburban development during the formative stage of growth in Johannesburg 1886-1902 98
Judith Streak The movement of the cocoa frontier towards the Indian Ocean region 119
Robert Vivian A history of the South African Fire & Life Assurance Company: South Africa's first insurance company 145

Volume 11(2), September 1996
Special Issue: Business imperialism in South Africa
Stuart Jones Business imperialism and business history 1
Stuart Jones The imperial banks in South Africa 1861-1914 21
A.H. Jeeves The Rand capitalists and the coming of the South African war 1896-1899 55
Kenneth Wilburn Rails crossed: Imperialists, republicans and Edward McMurdo 82
Donald Read Reuters and South Africa: "South Africa is a country of monopolies" 104
D.K. Fieldhouse Unilever in South Africa 144
Theo Barker Pilkington Glass in South Africa 1882-1992 194
Ken Kilvington A second 1820s settlement: British textile manufacturers and South Africa post 1945 218
Colin Newbury South Africa and the international diamond trade - Part Two: The rise and fall of South Africa as a diamond entrepôt 1945-1990 251

Volume 12(1&2), September 1997
Malcolm Abbott South African wool marketing 1
A.E. Loots The evolution of development policy in South Africa: Lessons from the past and the way forward 26
André Müller The government in the economic history of Singapore 54
Theo van der Merwe Events, views and ideologies which shaped social security in South Africa 77
Elize van Eeden So long gold mines - long live industries? A case study of Carletonville's battle for economic survival 103
Arthur Webb Blainey and early Witwatersrand profitability: Some thoughts on financial management and capital constraints facing the gold mining industry 1886-1894 128
G.M. Wessels Cycles in central bank independence 153

Volume 13(1&2), September 1998
Doreen Bekker Labour's mistrust of profit sharing 1
A.B. Julius
& A.B. Lumby
Phases I, II & III of the local content programme in the South African motor car manufacturing industry, 1961-1976 17
Henry Kenney Path dependence in South African economic development 36
A.A. Okharedia Neglected historical and social factors in the development of less developed countries 60
Stefan Schirmer Towards a new interpretation of the history of economic growth 75

Volume 14(1&2), September 1999
Special Issue: The South African economy in the 1970s
Stuart Jones
& Jon Inggs
An overview of the South African economy in the 1970s 1
Charles Simkins The political economy of South Africa in the 1970s 11
R.M. Gidlow South African monetary policies during the 1970s 37
J.vdS. Heyns Fiscal policy in South Africa during the 1970s 55
Nick Vink South African agriculture in the 1970s 90
Gillian Moncur
& Stuart Jones
The South African mining industry in the 1970s 114
Colin McCarthy The manufacturing sector during the 1970s 143
Trevor Jones The South African transport sector in the 1970s 162
Stuart Jones Banking in the 1970s 195
Stuart Jones,
André Liebenberg
& Robert Vivian
Asset and risk management in the 1970s 232
Stuart Jones Internal and external trade in the 1970s 260
Gavin Maasdorp Some aspects of economic relations between South Africa and the BLS countries in the 1970s 290
Philip Mohr The South African balance of payments in the 1970s 309

Volume 15(1&2), September 2000
Alan Cohen A note on Mary Elizabeth Barber, some early South African geologists, and the discovery of gold 1
André Müller The economic history of the Port Elizabeth-Uitenhage region 20
Krige Siebrits Government employment and pay reform in South Africa 1996-1999 48
F.G. Smith Changing attitudes and policies towards the South African state forestry industry in the 1980s and 1990s 69
Chibuike U. Uche J.B. Loynes and central banking development in British West Africa 112
Grietjie Verhoef Community banking for development: The case of Community Bank in comparative perspective 134
Arthur Webb South African agriculture in the 1970s: A decade of transformation? 159
Stuart Jones An agricultural revolution 1950-1970: A rejoinder 180

Volume 16(1&2), September 2001
Doreen Bekker The changing face of anti-dumping actions against Chinese exporters 1
Josceline Bell The influence on the South African economy of the gold mining industry 1925-2000 29
Duncan Hodge A tale of two governors: Monetary policy and the South African economy 1981-1999 47
Stuart Jones Transformation in the external trade of South Africa 1925-2000 74
Philip Mohr The governors and deputy governors of the South African Reserve Bank 1921-2001 101
Raymond Parsons Steps towards social dialogue and the development of NEDLAC in a democratic South Africa 1979-2001 139
Adrian Saville & Anthony Lumby A comment on the management of South Africa's commercial fishing industry 172
Grietjie Verhoef Genrec: A business history of individual entrepreneurial spirit in the construction industry 189
Karl Wunde An analysis of deepening in the Cameroon's financial sector224

Volume 17(1&2), September 2002
Zerihun Gudeta Alemu, Lukas K. Oosthuizen & H.D. van Schalkwyk Agricultural development policies of Ethiopia since 1957 1
R.M. Gidlow The history of exchange controls in South Africa 25
Stuart Jones The decline of the South African economy 1980-2000 49
Estranell Lübbe The effect of the gold standard crisis on the foreign exchange business of Barclays Bank (DCO) in South Africa 82
Raymond Parsons The political economy of Zimbabwe 1996-2002 105
Robert Vivian A history of the London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Company in South Africa 138
ObituaryPieter Hendrik Rudolf Snyman182

Volume 18(1&2), September 2003
Special Issue:The South African economy in the 1990s
Stuart Jones & Jon Inggs The South African economy in the 1990s 1
Philip Mohr An overview of the South African economy in the 1990s 16
Andrie Schoombee The Stals era of monetary policy in South Africa 31
Estian Calitz & Krige Siebrits Fiscal policy in the 1990s 50
Rashad Cassim The pace, nature and impact of trade policy in South Africa in the 1990s 76
Nick Vink & Johann Kirsten Policy successes and policy failures in agriculture and land reform in South Africa: The 1990s 96
Stuart Jones Mining in the 1990s 118
Colin McCarthy Manufacturing during the 1990s: Facing up to trade liberalisation 159
Grietjie Verhoef Innovation for globalisation or globalisation of innovation: Sasol in the chemical industry during the 1990s 188
Trevor Jones The freight transport sector in the 1990s 213
Stuart Jones The banking sector in the 1990s 238
Brian C. Benfield & Robert W. Vivian Insurance in the 1990s: A. The long-term insurance market 1990-2000 275
Robert W. Vivian Insurance in the 1990s: B. The short-term insurance market 1990-2000 289
Brian Dollery & Jen Snowball Government failure and state incapacity: The South African public sector in the 1990s 310
Stuart Jones External trade in the 1990s 332
Philip Mohr The South African balance of payments in the 1990s 366

Volume 19(1&2), September 2004
A.M. Pretorius & P.F. Blaauw An analysis of provincial economic growth in South Africa 1991-2001 1
Roger Gidlow Modifications in South African exchange rate policies 1998-2001 18
Henry Kenney All those racial capitalists: Sampie Terreblanche on A history of inequality in South Africa, 1652-2002 42
W. Duncan Reekie The wood from the trees: ex libri ad historiam pertinentes cognoscere 67
Corné van Walbeek Tobacco control in South Africa in the 1990s: A mix of advocacy, academic research and policy 100
G.M. Wessels Central bank independence before and after the democratisation of South Africa 132

Volume 20(1), March 2005
Roger Gidlow South African gold sales policies during the 1980s 1
Erik Green Agrarian change and commercialisation in Nyasaland: A tentative discussion from the perspective of Mzimba district 1938-1963 18
Adrian Hadland The world paper famine and the South African press 1938-1955 40
Anthony Lumby Government and sustainable development in South Africa: The environmental legislative framework in historical context 65
Ronald Mears Reading the politics from the migration and urbanisation process in Whittlesea, Eastern Cape, since 1828 83
T.M. Mokoena, L. Rangasamy, J.A. Swanepoel & F.J. Visser South African consumer price inflation in a historical and global context 109
Stuart Jones Lessons from Affirmative action around the world 131

Volume 20(2), September 2005
Roger Gidlow The collapse of the rand in 2001 and the effectiveness of exchange controls in South Africa 1
Rachel Jafta The role of new technology in the South African textile industry's quest for survival in the 1990s 19
Elaine Katz The role of American mining technology and American mining engineers in the Witwatersrand gold mining industry 1890-1910 48
Anthony Lumby The management of South Africa's water resources with particular reference to the period 1956-1998 83
Howard Phillips Treating White poverty in interwar South Africa: 'Civilised labour' and the construction of Groote Schuur Hospital 1926-1938 109
R.P. Viljoen The changing popularity of economics at South African universities 1991-1999 131

Volume 21(1&2), September 2006 (No synopses as yet)
Jon Inggs The second decade: The South African Journal of Economic History 1996 to 2005 1
Christoph Buccheim What causes successful late development? Insights from history 52
G.N. Farrell Capital flows, capital control regulations and foreign exchange policies in South Africa 84
Roger Gidlow The exchange control amnesty and the repatriation of foreign capital 2003-2005 124
Stuart Jones Datatec: A shooting star in the IT firmament 1989-2000 141
Deirdre Mccloskey Keukentafel economics and the history of British Imperialism 171

Volume 22(1&2), September 2007 (No synopses as yet)
Sophia du Plessis Property rights as an institution in Zambia 1
Anton Ehlers Trust companies and boards of executors vs banks: Aspects of the battle for corporate trusteeship and trust business in South Africa up to 1940 22
Martin Kaggwa, Anastassios Pouris & Jasper L. Steyn Sustaining automotive industry growth in South Africa: A review of the first five years of the Motor Industry Development Programme 51
Maria Eugénia Mata Foreign joint-stock companies operating in Portuguese colonies on the eve of the First World War 74
Leo Noordegraaf Economic historiography in the Netherlands 1960-2000 108
Eyüp Özveren Economic History in Turkey: Advent, present condition and prospects 142

Volume 23(1&2), September 2008 (No synopses as yet)
Willem H. Boshoff & Johan Fourie Explaining ship traffic fluctuations at the early Cape settlement 1652-1793 1
Roger Gidlow Foreign banks, exchange controls and the future of four pillars bank policy in South Africa 28
Thabo M. Mokoena EU enlargement and the future evolution of European banking 62
Jacinta Nwachukwu A late twentieth century guide to Africa's twenty-first century problems: A comparative analysis with Latin America, South Asia and East Asia 122
A.M. Pretorius & P.F. Blaauw Local Economic Development Agencies in South Africa: Six years later 155
Stefan Schirmer The contribution of entrepreneurs to the emergence of manufacturing in South Africa before 1948 184

Volume 24(1), March 2009 (No synopses as yet)
Tapio Bergholm Transforming foreign policy: The boycott of South African trade by the Finnish Transport Workers' Union 1985-1992 1
Tracy Bromfield & Helena Barnard Local effort and global connections: The role of international linkages in the evolution of technological capabilities at SASOL 30
Roger Gidlow The historical role of foreign equity portfolio capital in South Africa 69
Stuart Jones The role of banking development: South African economic development during the period of functional stability 1850s-1970s 94
Grietjie Verhoef Savings for life to build the economy for the people: The emergence of Afrikaner corporate conglomerates in South Africa 1918-2000 118

Volume 24(2), September 2009 (No synopses as yet)
Special Issue: Aspects of banking history in Africa
Anton Ehlers South African trust companies and boards of executors and the 1942 Bank Act: From self-regulating 'financial aristocrats' to statutorily controlled deposit-receiving institutions 1
Evan Gilbert, Estian Calitz & Stan du Plessis Prudential regulation, its international background and the performance of the banks: A critical review of the South African environment since 1970 43
Arnaldo Mauri The re-establishment of the national monetary and banking system in Ethiopia, 1941-1963 82
Andrie Schoombee Access to formal financial services for South Africa's poor: Developments since 1990 131
Grietjie Verhoef Concentration and competition: The changing landscape of the banking sector in South Africa, 1970-2007 157


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