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Origins of the surname Inggs Unisa Economics Department
Browse the 2332 people in the
Inggs family tree
dating back to the early 1500s
(updated 17th July 2006)
South African Journal
of Economic History
1986 to 2009
Some early Inggs family
photographs and history,
including an account of the burial of
Jonathan Inggs (1781-1819)
Economic History Services
Some Inggs family tree statistics XyWrite
applications & information
A PDF file of
CW Shackleton, East African Experiences 1916,
Knox Publishing Company, Durban, 1941:
A memoir of a South African infantryman
in the German East African campaign
of World War One
Bevil Rudd
1920 400m Olympic champion
St Andrew's College, Grahamstown: Old Andreans killed in World War 1

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