The Red Cross Children's Hospital is unique in that it is the only dedicated children's hospital in southern Africa.
In a healing country, what are your priorities? Do you build houses for the millions of homeless, do you fight the extraordinary high levels of crime, or do you aim to provide access to basic health to the masses?

Due to serious health subsidy cuts, The Red Cross Childrens' Hospital now relies heavily on donations.

The fright of a three-year old being able to hear for the first time in her life.

She is one of the lucky ones. Because of the cost involved in hearing aids, the hospital can only help a limited number of patients every year.

Hospital workers often go beyond the call of duty. One patient on the brink of death was nursed back to health when nurses decided they were not going to let him die. For days they took turns to sit and talk to him. He had someone by his side every minute of the day, encouraging him not to let go. The staff believe he survived thanks to their love and understanding.

In Winter, serious burn victims come in on a daily basis. In most of the cases, the accident could have been prevented.
The worst part of the day for a burn victim is when the bandages are changed.

"They suffer extreme pain at times, but can endure it with painkillers. It is the psychological pain that we can't treat," says a medical researcher at the hospital.

This boy's friend threw petrol on their fire. Skin was removed from his thighs, rolled out, stretched and stapled onto his back. 952 children were treated here for burns in 1996.

The hospital has an impressive organ-transplant record. On the day I took this photograph of little Taryn, waiting for a new liver, there was a story down the corridor of a lung-transplant patient being released.

Tears were dripping from Taryn's cheek, but there was no sound. She could not have been in much physical pain, but she was feeling the separation from her parents, and her brother. He, for weeks, had been praying every day that his sister would find a liver so that she could live.

Taryn died a month after this picture was taken. Her death came a week after we covered the release of a successful lung transplant patient down the passage from her.