MWEB - the South African internet portal


PictureNET Africa - on-line database of South Africa's top photojournalism
MSNBC Picture of the Week - view MSNBC's selection of the best photojournalism of the week, vote for your favourite
Washington Post Camera Works site - a resource page from one of the world's most successful picture desks
AP Photo's of the century - history as captured by Associated Press photographers and members
Yahoo Top News Photos - updated daily, they don't aim to put up the best pictures, but illustrate the top stories from wire services
Two Visions : Out of Africa - The Digital Journalist compares the work of two young Southern African photographers from different backgrounds
The Digital Journalist - brilliant photojournalism resource site


Photocritique - Send your photographs to be critiqued
The Journal of Fine Art Photography - with galleries
The Kodak Guide to taking better picture - get some tips on how to make your pictures look better

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