The John Kender Diet

John Kender (a TTM sufferer) has developed a diet which has kept him pull free for 6 years already! This diet has not been scientifically tested or proven, but many, many TTM sufferers have tried this diet and have found it to help tremendously. It is no magic cure, and unfortunately does not work for everyone, but if it works for is wonderful! I have been on the diet since Sept 1996 and it has been many months (going for many years)  of being virtually pull-free and urge-free! I can recommend it for everyone to try!As with most things concerning TTM, the diet is a very personal thing. What works for some, does’t always work for others. You have to find your own personal diet. I, for instance, do not have a problem with aspartame, but had a huge problem with raisins, which was not on the original diet. Being on the diet is not always easy, but once you start getting results, it really encourages you to stay on it. Good luck to all trying it - may you all have wonderful success with it.

In John’s words:  "In general, my hypothesis is that it may be that people inclined to TTM have a natural biochemistry irreversibly inclined towards certain allergic reactions. They are allergic to a normal yeast (Malessizia sp.) that is found in the skin and gut of virtually everyone, but they react to it with itching and irritation and a need to remove the allergen.  "There are therefore ‘bad’ foods, and ‘good’ foods. Bad foods cause an increase in hair-pulling 1.5 to 2 days after ingestion, peak around day 3 or 4 and take about a week to get back to whatever is the usual amount of discomfort. The exception (sugar), has a more rapid effect, much less that 0.5 day, but also a more rapid decline, about 2 days to baseline. It seems to take about one month of abstinence from ‘bad’ foods to flush out TTM symptoms entirely, so be patient, and try to perservere.   ‘Good’ foods seem to have a positive effect on mood and control within 0.5 days, but wear off in about 1 day, unless repeated. Yogurt, however, seems to take longer to work, about a week, but is longer lasting, about 3 days. In general, the ‘bad’ overpowers the ‘good’, unfortunately.

Here is the list:

Bad foods - stay away! (It usually takes 3-4 days to show an  effect, except sugar which                                              can cause urges from half to 1 day)                 

Sugar                         (Refined sugars, honey, molasses) Now don't start eating all the wrong things, ok?
Eggs                          (Yolk, white is ok)
Peanuts                     (and some other nuts)
Legumes                   (Beans and bean products, peas, soy,                                       lentils, liquorice)
Butter                         (Margarine ok, if not made from soy)
Organ meats             (liver, kidneys)
Nutrasweet                (a trigger for a lot of people, I seem to be ok with it)
Raisins                      (definite trigger for me - even just a handful)
Grapes and watermelon (for me it is a trigger, don't know about others)                 Tomato seeds           (this is a new one - normal tomatoes and tomato sauce seems to                                        be ok, but  John had very bad urges when he ate things like salsa                                        which had a concentration of tomato seeds. Be careful!)

Good foods:                 (to help a bit with the urges)
Allicins(Onion, Garlic)
Tannins(Unsweetened tea,Cheap dry red wine)
Tropical fruits(Pineapple, kiwi fruit, papaya, guava, mangoes)

Please note that you have to give the diet a chance - at least a month before you decide that it doesn't work.More detailed info on Nannette's site. ##  If you have more queries on the diet, please contact John Kender
or Mari