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    Frequently asked questions  (FAQ) about Trichotillomania

The answers in this FAQ is my own opinion as well as that of other trichsters.  I have no medical background  and I have no scientific background,    BUT I do have 22+ years of experience of being a sufferer of trichotillomania.  I know how it really is to suffer from trich.  So please keep in mind that the answers given here, is my personal opinion and experience.  I also acknowledge every single person on the Fairlight BB and the TTM mailer, whose letters have been included in here.   Without their info and help, there would not have been a site like this.  THANKS - this is OUR site, not mine!  

What is trichotillomania?  ##(the official view) Who gets trich?    
Is trich a mental problem?                      Doesn't it hurt?  
Why don't you just stop? Where do people pull from?            
Will my child inherit TTM from me?  How long before my hair will grow back?                              
What about shaving my head?              What control / choices do we have with trich?           
What extra advice do you have concerning shaving (and a few other things)     Some practical tips for when you want to pull      
Do others do what I do? (List of rituals)a_star.gif (952 bytes)   How do trichsters feel / impact of trich 
Why do I get ingrown hair?  What reasons do others give for starting?          
What is PPF (what is trich success?)     What excuses have others given for the state of their hair? 
              Various elements that cause pulling       a_star.gif (952 bytes)
My tweezers haunt me - what to do?  So Amanda, what would you suggest?   a_star.gif (952 bytes)a_star.gif (952 bytes)  
Trich = OCD = ICD = something else?       What is this trich monster you're talking about? 
Myths and facts about trich a_star.gif (952 bytes)   Is pulling sin? (spiritual question)  
In a nutshell.....  a_star.gif (952 bytes)  Can scalp injury take place? 
How has trich affected our lives?   How many people are affected by trich?
Why do some male trichsters have a problem with shaving?    Is it an iron deficiency?  

eyes1.jpg (5429 bytes)Can lashes grow back?

I just wanted to email you a photo of my eyes for you to keep. I had totally bald lids for more than a decade, and brows too. After I gathered strength, and allowed them to grow in ( not as easy as it sounds) I had a full set of brows and lashes in under a year ( well under a year if I recall), and have not had urges ( there , anyway...)since. Please feel free to keep or share my photo with anyone that wonders if their eyes will ever look normal again.

(please note that this was sent in by a trichster, this is NOT my (Amanda's) picture)

Why can I stop in front of others but not other times?    Trich and the law in the workplace
Can trich cause eye problems?   Will my hair grow back?   ( a must read) a_star.gif (952 bytes)

How long will it take to grow back?  

Is there a connection between candida yeast and the malesezzia yeast? Trich and Luvox   (by John Kender)    Several therapists and TTMers have reported that Luvox seems to make pulling worse, even though it is an SSRI in the same general class as several others
(Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, etc.) I happened to find today that Luvox is unusual in that, unlike other SSRIs, it is metabolized by the body by the same enzyme that metabolizes caffeine. This overloads the enzyme, and the result is that it takes caffeine four times longer to be removed from the body. Given that many people have found caffeine to be a trigger, this could help explain why Luvox is often so dramatically bad.
Can/does Ritalin cause trich?   Trich and meds - Dr. Carol Novak at recent TLC retreat


Is it obsessive grooming?   Why can't we stop? (+ some tips) -  2001 TLC Retreat by Suzanne Mouton-Odum, Ph.D. (from Houston)  
'm not adding the following pictures out of vanity, but to help answer the question:  Will my hair ever grow back?  I hope this will inspire you to to keep on fighting - I'm proof that hair CAN grow back fully - even after 21 yrs of extensive pulling. (I'm now at almost 7 yrs PPF (practically pull free)) - Amanda  Jan 2003


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Interpersonal Questions

What to say to rude people     

What to say to rude people (2)      

How can I help my child with TTM?     
Should I tell my spouse?             Help for Parents  (msg to parents + parents' loop etc)    
What can I do to help her/him?   (for spouses etc)       a_star.gif (952 bytes) Support for youngsters        
How to tell others what your'e doing  Relationships between trichsters and family/spouses
Please listen to us!   Relationships between trichsters and siblings  

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More Good FAQ's

  An OCD FAQ   ##(No, I don't believe that trich is OCD, but they have good info on here)
Pioneer Clinic FAQ  ## A short FAQ by Sue P   
Questions and answers by Christina (TLC)  Ask trich and other  questions and get personal answers within 3 days    ##
ExpertCentral   ##- Ask questions and get personal answers Geoff's FAQ (excellent! -  recommended)a_star.gif (952 bytes)
Hairboutique tips - very good ideas    

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Pam's FAQ  

A Compilation of good e-mails from the TTM mailer and notes from TLC conferences

Causes of trich    Accepting the chronic nature of trich   
Ideas how to stop (+ some pep-talk)   Trich and PMS  
How to tell your parents   New research into environmental causes  
Hair products Pam finds helpful TTM in young children  
How to answer rude people   Summary of success stories  
Therapists - experienced vs unexperienced  Tricking Trich TLC Retreat Notes  
Good advice on relapses  ACT Therapy TLC Retreat Notes  
Perfectionism   Herbs Pam have tried  
Trich as Addiction: A Holistic Perspective   Approaching other trichsters  
Care of the soul   Washington Times article (Jul 2001)   
Why join TLC?   Genes for obsessive grooming? (research)  

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                                                           Helpful Trich Links

TLC - Trichotillomania Learning Center  ## Catherine's Trich Site         ##
Pioneer Clinic    ## Steph's Trich Site     ##
Obsessive Comp.Foundation(OCF)  ## Bruce's Trich page     ##
Tina's Trich site and resources    ##   a_star.gif (952 bytes)  
Robin's Trich Resources and homepage      ## Trich DEJA News community     ##
Dr. Fred Penzel's Clinic's website         ## Trich related site for face-picking    ##
Helen's UK trich site      a_star.gif (952 bytes)     ## Eva's German trich homepage      ##
Mari's Trich site (with JK diet info)   ## Another German trich link    ##
Carla's Trich site (JK diet related)   ## TTM Self-Help Network in Vancouver, BC   ##
Noelani's Trich website   ##  Noelani's Trich website in French    ## 
The TTM mailer trich library a_star.gif (952 bytes)     ## A small trich site     ##
Brenda's trich site     ##a_star.gif (952 bytes)  This site's message board is very active with 700+ Members. Lots of discussion from the users of the No Trichs Trigger. An active chat room and more. UK Trich site    ##
BrenDakota's Trich page     ##   Laura's Trich webpages   ##
Steph's German trich site   ##   Another UK based trich website  
New Australian website  (safe and secure - need a MSN passport to join)  Lois' UK trich website 
Spanish website for treatment of trich  Kat's Australian trich website (very good) 
Naomi's UK website 

Link 1

Link 2

Naomi's UK permanent message board  

(in honor of her 300+ PF days)

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Links to more scientific psychiatric websites with info on Trich

(use my signon and then customize your own signon)

Medscape   (have to sign in before you can read the articles)   Medline (do searches on various psychiatric issues)
Good article by Dr. Fred Penzel (on Medscape) Trich citations and abstracts of articles 

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Trichotillomania Specific Organisations (that I know of)

TLC   (as above)   ## TSS - Trichotillomania Support Services 
TLC (South Africa)    ## UK Trichotillomania Resource Group - e-mail Julie for Info 
Trichotillomania Christian Ministry    ##  

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