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This trichotillomania guide is for the person who says: I never knew there was a name for what I did.  I cannot believe I’m not the only one who pulls out my hair, eyebrows, lashes, etc. But where do I go now to get help?

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Warning:  This site contains explicit references to the Lord Jesus - my Saviour and King!  All the honour and glory and thanks for this site goes to God, who made it possible for me to do this.  Praise His Name!





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About this site

My awards  ## Last updated:   05/10/16  

This website was set up in response to a message the Lord gave me on 20/8/96.  He told me to proclaim my healing from trich to the ends of the earth.  When I got the message  I still had all the urges and I asked:  What are you saying to me Lord? Please tell me!  A month later I started the John Kender diet, my urges diminished dramatically, and even though the Lord didn't heal me the way I asked for, he brought wonderful emotional healing from the terrible pain I experienced because of trich.  In fact, much better healing than that which I asked for. 

Isaiah 48:20    ... Announce this with shouts of joy and proclaim it.   Send it out to the  ends of the earth;   say, "The Lord has redeemed his servant Jacob."

You are   welcome to make any links to my site - the more,  the better chance to get more info out to unknowing trichsters out there.  Please link to my site, using any of my 3 banners.  Thanks     

Disclaimer:  Although I have many links from my page, I cannot take responsibility for what is published on those sites. The information on my site is as I experienced it, as well as many other trichsters, with their experiences.  I cannot accept responsibily if you try some of these things and they don't work for you.  As you may know, very little reserach has  been done on Trich - so not much on here has been scientifically proven.         

This Website has been designed to be a general information resource. It is not intended for use in diagnosis, treatment, or any other medical application.  Medical questions should be directed to your personal physician. There is no warranty on this information and no liability is assumed by the author or for the recommendations, information, dietary suggestions, menus, and recipes promulgated. Products mentioned or omitted do not constitute endorsement.                                            

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