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Analogue Dial up

ISDN Dial Up

Analogue leased line

Diginet Leased Line

Connectivity will give you access to the world of information on the Internet. You can send and receive e-mail, get onto the World Wide Web, newsgroups, software archives and all of the many information-rich resources the Internet has to offer.

It is the most exciting development in new media and publishing since the advent of television. It allows businesses, both big and small, to market products and services, communicate with their customers and employees and gather information about markets and trends.

By connecting to the Internet you will have access to the one communication vehicle that has no time or geographic restrictions.

It has changed the way in which people "talk" to each other - and it will change the way you think about the world and your place in it. Now the "global village" is your oyster, and you can navigate the future of yourself and your business.

Add the benefits of being connected to the Internet to the advantages of using Intekom as your Internet Operator.

With a world class service desk, flexible packaging that is tailor-made to your needs, cost effectiveness and 24 hour a day, 365 days a year service, youíll have to go far to find a better partner on the Internet.



Analogue Dial-up Connection (Individual/Small Business, SOHO)


    • Fully comprehensive, starter kit
    • Personal e-mail address with up to 5 aliases
    • 5Mb of Web space for your personal "home page"
    • 24 hour Intekom support, seven days a week
    • Local call access almost anywhere in South Africa


    • Cost effective - most users will only be charged the price of a local call
    • With several international links and abundant bandwidth, Intekom/SAIX offers quick, reliable Internet access, which will make the most of your modem connection
    • Assistance when you need it - Intekom's world class support desk will ensure your Internet experience is frustration free

Suitable for

    • Individual home users
    • Small business users
    • Single user access

ISDN Dial Up (Individual/Small Business, SOHO)



Intekom ISDN is a dial on demand connectivity solution. It offers the client

an efficient and effective way of connecting a LAN or personal computer to

SAIX via a 64 KBPS line using an ISDN line. The product will allow single

or multiple users Internet access at the same costs as local calls but users

will receive a more stable and reliable service.

Benefit and Features

    • Affordability - ISDN provides dial up digital connections, at a more affordable price

than expensive digital leased lines.

    • Quality and Reliability - ISDN Digital connections are virtually error free compared to analogue dial-up services.
    • Faster Speeds - Are achieved when using ISDN for data transfer as speeds are up to 10 times faster than analogue dial up services.
    • Flexibility - ISDN can support voice, data, images and video.

Suitable for

  • Individual home users requiring a superior dial up product.
  • Small to medium businesses requiring an inexpensive digital product.
  • Large corporate clients looking for an affordable alternative for leased line back-up or disaster recovery application.


Basic ISDN Dial Up

R300-00/ month

Unlimited Access 24 hours per day

One e-mail account

5 aliases

Unlimited support 24 hours per day

Subject to month on month terms


2) Leased Line Connection (Business/Corporate Users)

Analogue (ANTU)Leased Lines (Available only in certain areas)


    • Speed of up to 33,6 Kbps depending on the quality of the line
    • Dedicated 4-wire line
    • 24 hour dedicated connection


    • Cost effective multi-user access
    • Fixed overheads rather than variable internet phone bills
    • Assistance when you need it - Intekom's world class support desk will ensure your Internet experience is frustration free

Suitable for

    • Small to medium sized businesses
    • Entry level connection to a dedicated Internet Service

You require an analogue modem for this product to work. We recommend that the customers make use of the following modems:

  • Microcom Deskport Fast+ or the Datatronics 3314LC or
  • Datatronics 3314CX (2Wire Only)

1) This will elevate any problems connecting to our modem equipment.

2) These modems can support 2 and 4 wire leased lines except for the 3314CX.

Digital Leased Lines


    • Speed of up to 2 Mbps, starting at 64K
    • 24 hour dedicated connection
    • 24 hour support desk provides assistance, seven days a week
    • Access to SAIX (South African Internet Exchange) which has the most Points of Presence (PoPs) in South Africa


    • Cost effective multi-user access
    • Less errors and more reliable than an analogue service
    • High speed connectivity
    • Fixed overheads rather than variable Internet phone bills
    • With its international links and abundant bandwidth, Intekom through SAIX offers quick and reliable
    • Internet access and Assistance when you need it - Intekom's world class support desk will ensure your Internet experience is frustration free

Suitable for

    • Corporate users
    • Multi-user associations

Client will require a router. The range of router required would depend on the clients need. The most common router sold is a Cisco 1601. The price quoted by Intekom includes the Telkom monthly cost as well as the Telkom installation cost. These prices have been based on an average distance between Midrand and New Doornfontein

Dial up vs. Leased Line Connectivity

  • Leased line links ensure continuous guaranteed connection
  • Higher access speed
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Multi-user access
  • Fully scalable


Providing connectivity to the Internet is only one component of Intekom's

comprehensive services. Intekom is also able to host your Web site/home

page or your Web server as well as offering a full e-mail and mailing list


Some computers have much more computing power than others and they can

connect to the Internet at very high speeds. These computers are designed to

deliver services to Internet users.

Hosting your Web site on either our UNIX or NT server means that people accessing your site from anywhere on the Inetrenet will be able to access it at very high speeds.

Web Site Hosting


Intekom allocates customers 10 mb of space for the site and 10 mb of traffic.

Your company's Web site is stored and 10 mb of traffic. Once your web site has

been developed Intekom will set up the site on either our NT or UNIX server.

The Intekom server farm is managed by a disaster recovery policy which ensures

all data is backed up on a daily basis.


Cost effective, "hassle free" Web site management and maintenance. Easily

updated Intekom employs highly skilled employees versed in both NT and UNIX

servers. Their core function is to a 99% uptime of all our clients web sites.

Intekom has in place a Systems Operating Center that is a service channel for all

calls to be logged and monitored by the 24 hour support center. Intekom monitors

the traffic to all our clients web sites which is available on request and at a fee

Suitable for

This product will suit any business who do not want to spend money on providing

bandwidth. It is also applicable to business users who don't want the additional

expense of installing their own server or the increased responsibility of managing


Server Hosting


    • Your company's server is hosted and managed on
    • Intekom's Server Farm
    • Intekom manages your bandwidth requirements your server is stored in a temprature controlled Environment, which is also access controlled.
    • Once your server is available Intekom will install into the server farm and

ensure all connections are in place. Should the actual server need to be

configured Intekom will gladly provide you with the expertise to help at our

normal hourly fee.


    • Up to 100 Mb traffic free
    • Uninterruptable power supply
    • 24 hour monitoring ensures maximum uptime
    • Cost-effective bandwidth and network capacity all data is backed up and available on request.
    • Intekom employs highly skilled employees versed in Managing server farms.
    • Their core function is to a 99% uptime of all our clients servers.

Intekom has in place a Systems Operating Center that is a service channel for

all calls to be logged and monitored by the 24 hour support center

Suitable for

    • Controlling a server without the added overheads.
    • This product will suit any business which do not want to spend money on providing bandwidth.
    • It is also applicable to business users who don't want the additional expense of installing their own server or the increased responsibility of managing it




    • Acquire and send messages to a computer anywhere in the world at any time
    • Intekom will set up your complete business e-mail service with personalised e-mail addresses for each staff member


    • Break geographic/time barriers with today's most cost-effective and reliable way of communication
    • All e-mail boxes are limited to 5meg.
    • Intekom has dedicated leased lines to the SAIX backbone to ensure mail is sent and received timeously both national and international


Suitable for

    • Effective internal communication as well as external global business negotiation
    • Any business that does want the added financial burden of purchasing a mail server and having the skills to manage it



E-mail List Hosting


    • Bulk or mass mailing to a standard group of recipients e.g. a nation-wide staff, particular list of clients or suppliers.
    • Intekom offers full mailing list services and will help manage and store your mailing lists.
    • The mail list can be moderated to ensure that the Administrators approve all mail to the list.
    • Size of mail limited to 5 meg


    • Fastest medium to communicate business messages to a select group
    • "Hassle free" e-mail list management

Suitable for

    • Mass business communication
    • Businesses, corporations and organisations, who need to communicate effectively

Domain Services


    • Registering a domain name provides shorter, more user-friendly Web (URL - Universal Resource Locator) and e-mail addresses ie.
    • Ideal way to market the business
    • Advisable to take as many domains linked to the Business/site
    • Advice is to market the URL on other company material


    • More flexible site management and the ability to retain corporate identity
    • Intekom offers all domain services including advice on availability and registration of, .com,,, etc domains

Suitable for

    • - South African Web Sites
    • .com - commercial sites
    • .org - non profit organisations etc and others


Global Roaming


Global Roaming focusses on the business person who needs e-mail access when

travelling abroad. International roaming software is included with each Intekom

starter kit


Global Roaming is an international extension of Intekom's dial up service which

allows users to log into international PoP's to retrieve e-mail or surf the Net With

the current Intekom partner network one can dial into local PoP's in most

countries of the world, so in many instances only a local call is necessary and in

most cases local calls are free

Suitable for

Those who prefer to download their mail in the comfort of their hotel/guest house,

rather than going to an Internet Café Intranet Development




ntranet Development


Intranets are internal networks (LANs or WANs) that support Internet applications -

primarily web (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), but also other applications such as

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Intranets are Web sites belonging to an organisation,

accessible only by the organisation's employees, or others with authorisation. In

Intranets, Web sites look like any other Web site, but the firewall surrounding an

Intranet fends off unauthorised access. Like the Internet itself, Intranets are used

to share information


Intekom offers a complete range of web technologies and advises on how they

can be used for a wide variety of Intranet applications. This includes document

distribution, interactive services, integrated production systems, training, database

access, and many others. Secure Intranets are the fastest-growing segment of

the Internet because they are much less expensive to build and manage than

private networks based on proprietary protocols

Suitable for

Companies which share private corporate information with internal users




Internet Consulting


Intekom offers consultation on all aspects and applications of the Internet,

Intranets and World Wide Web technologies


Our skills and expertise include system development, strategy recommendation,

opportunity evaluation and overall project management.

Suitable for

All business people who require insight into the industry, so they can recognise

and evaluate the available opportunities




Intekom offers training on web site maintenance and other applications. Please

enquire before quoting. Whilst training is not core to Intekomís business we do

have expertise on Internet tools and applications.


The Internet brings a new dimension to your business, and employees may

need guidance to understand this new medium

Suitable for

All levels of usage Technical Support


Technical Support


Intekom has a world-class customer service facility that is available 24 hours a

day for online/telephonic assistance. Intekom's unique "Internet on Wheels"

mobile service provides onsite help, installation and support on request. Please

note that Internet on Wheels is only available in certain areas.


Our specialised consultants will assist you free of charge. Telephone number :

0800-111-720. Toll free fax number: 0800-113-305

Through "Internet on Wheels", qualified consultants are dispatched to assist

companies in the set-up and configuration of their modems and Internet

software - at a reasonable hourly rate. This service also includes basic Internet

skills and e-mail training

Suitable for

"Internet on Wheels" is very useful for busy professionals.

Internet Presence

An internet presence is an essential element of the business, communication and

marketing mix in today's competitive markets. Intekom will assist in development

of an online strategy, as well as internet presence creation. This encompasses layout design, overall structure/web architecture, content, graphic design, sound, video, animation, interactive applications, online marketing, online media planning and secure Internet commerce. Intekom's Commercial Services are suitable for: Businesses who are interested in Intranet and Extranet opportunities Companies who are interested in taking advantage of new technologies in order to gain a competitive advantage

Web Development


Intekom will tailor make your web pages, focusing on:

    • Creative, innovative and appropriate solutions
    • Appropriate and up to date technologies
    • Ease and speed of use
    • Convenient information access (information architecture)
    • Support for conventional marketing activities
    • Market research
    • Turnover generating opportunities/return on investment

Intekom offers:

    • Strategy formulation, design, development, maintenance, support and training for internet web sites, Intranets and Extranets
    • Internet Commerce enablement for secure transactions
    • Interactive database functions (queries to Oracle, Informix, Sybase, MS SQL server, etc)
    • Electronic Broadcasting - real audio, real video, online systems interfacing, on site webcasting
    • Interactive Multimedia - video clips, three dimensional animations and online sound
    • Virtual Reality - VRML and QTVR
    • Search Engines, interactive response forms, chat or web board functions, web counters


    • Measurable and interactive marketing and advertising
    • Generating online sales to new untapped global markets.
    • Market research opportunities - assessing the success of your web site and vital for establishing return on investment

Online Marketing and Advertising

Intekom will work together with your company to assist in developing an effective

strategy to attract users and potential customers, suppliers or partners.


    • Launch Marketing - submitting the web page under multiple categories to local and international search engines, as well as our own search engine - Aardvark (
    • Successful marketing of a web site involves aggressive advertising to establish awareness both online and offline (using traditional media)
    • Ongoing Activity - continued submissions, linking and checks to directories and related sites and services. New search engines and resources need ongoing evaluation and cross-linking within communities.
    • Sponsorship and Banner advertising - exposure opportunities exist online in the form of sponsorships, banner and promotional advertising, with direct access to the web site. Intekom will create a banner and place it on targeted sites in order to attract the maximum number of buyers


    • Online marketing focuses on "capturing". This is usually directly related to the success of your Internet presence.
    • Online marketing is usually overlooked or underestimated - we ensure maximum exposure through the use of our own Internet presence online, and by Including the African Search Animal - Aardvark, as well as Intekom 'Online', a community of interest, and 'Two Oceans Trading', a community of Transactions
    • The Internet is all about advertising and PR



    • In keeping with the dynamic nature of the medium, information and content offerings online often require regular updating


    • When new products and/or services are introduced, they are associated with information.
    • In today's information age up-to-date data is essential
    • Continuous improvement and change are associated with the web
    • Archiving and data mining



    • Intekom offers full "webmaster" services to maintain your company web pages and ensure that online information is current and up to date
    • Alternatively, Intekom will work together with your company to set up systems that will allow information to be input and updated
    • We will train and empower you and/or your company to become Internet self sufficient


Electronic Commerce


    • Electronic Commerce allows a company to enter the global market.
    • Goods and services can be ordered and paid for electronically.
    • Intekom offers a range of the most current secure online transactions.
    • We offer a personalised service if you are interested in entering this new and fast moving arena


    • Suppliers and customers can be networked into the organisation to introduce a seamless flow of information
    • Lead times can be reduced for ordering which results in lower stockholdings
    • This facilitates demand based rather than supply based production
    • Cost reductions by shortening the supply chain



Suitable for:

    • Traders of goods and services
    • Buyers of local or international stocks or parts


The security of company data is of critical concern in the information age. Therefore, the development and implementation of an integrated security strategy is of vital importance to provide a solution for the security risks associated with the Internet.


    • Intekom offers a wide range of security services to cater for all your needs:
    • Intekom provides solutions for both internal and external threats against system security.
    • Intekom examines the functional systems in an organisation and provides hardware and software solutions to enhance security.
    • We offer a complete and integrated security solution which allows for a secure operational environment for the following:
    • Electronic mail
    • Secure File transfers
    • World Wide Web publications
    • Dedicated servers
    • Secure electronic transactions
    • We also offer these security services:
    • Security policy development and implementation
    • Cost-benefit analysis
    • Audit and incident response
    • Training
    • Other security-related services
    • We have a partnership with the South African Certification Authority


    • External vulnerability assessments
    • Existing networking software can be enhanced to make it more secure
    • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption offers a safe mechanism for entering credit card information, etc. allowing users to make secure online transactions
    • Point-to-point tunnelling protocol ensure safe data transfers in a client-server environment across the Internet

Suitable for

    • All online commerce
    • Environments where external internet users require access to limited internal company information

Intekom analyses Internet and network security policy development

Evaluation of security counter measures and firewall solutions

Penetration studies to review the effectiveness of Internet-related controls

Independent assurance and confidence to customer senior management

Intekom sells two types of firewalls being

Checkpoint Firewall 1 and Citadel


The Citadel Internet Firewall is an Internet firewall and server incorporating application level, circuit level and stateful packet filtering technology. It provides an extensive set of Internet services, with a fine degree of access control, as well as sophisticated logging and IP accounting capabilities. The Citadel Firewall is hosted on an Intel platform running BSD UNIX, and can support many multaneous connections to Internet services.

Using advanced techniques such as network address translation, stateful inspection, mail anti-spamming, content filtering, intrusion detection and real time connection control, the Citadel Internet Firewall offers high-end security. Specific performance related features such as the asynchronous DNS cache, banner ad filtering and the ability to chain caching Web proxy servers mean that the firewall software performs well even under conditions of heavy load.

Secure mail server support and the ability to host www, FTP, Gopher and WAIS servers either directly on the firewall or on a demilitarized zone ensures that the

Citadel Firewall is a good fit for organizations ranging from the small to medium sized enterprise to the large corporate.

The Citadel Firewall offers global availability of strong encryption and optional Windows IPSEC-compliant remote clients, ensuring that your data is protected with the best available technology. The rich feature set of the Citadel Firewall and a competitive pricing structure ensures that it offers the best value in Internet firewalls.

For more info:

Checkpoint Firewall 1

Internet technology has changed not only the way organizations do business, but also the way they approach network security. The dynamic nature of today's corporate networks means that they are no longer defined by physical boundaries, but instead by enterprise-wide security policies. To be effective, these policies must include a broad range of security services that govern access to network resources, while protecting these same resources from both internal and external threats. A complete enterprise security solution must provide the ability to:

    • Grant selective network access to authorized remote and corporate users
    • authenticate network users with strong authentication techniques before granting access to sensitive corporate data
    • Ensure the privacy and integrity of communications over untrusted, public networks like the Internet
    • Provide content security at the gateway to screen malicious content, such as viruses and malevolent Java/ActiveX applets
    • Detect network attacks and misuse in real time and respond automatically to defeat an attack
    • Protect internal network addressing schemes and conserve IP addresses
    • Ensure high availability to network resources and applications
    • Deliver detailed logging and accounting information on all communication attempts

With its Enterprise Security Management product family, Check Point Software Technologies offers a comprehensive set of solutions that meet these demanding requirements. Check Point's FireWall-1/VPN-1 security suites enable all functionality to be deployed and managed with a single enterprise-wide security policy for straightforward management and administration.

Enterprise security solutions are unified by Check Point's OPSEC [Open Platform for Secure Enterprise Connectivity] policy management framework, which provides central integration, configuration and management for Check Point products as well as other third-party security applications. Only Check Point provides organizations with the ability to define a single, integrated security policy that can be distributed across multiple gateways and managed remotely from anywhere on the enterprise network. There is never any need to individually reconfigure each security gateway.

All of Check Point's security solutions are built on Stateful Inspection, the de facto standard for network security that was invented and patented by Check Point. Stateful Inspection provides full application-layer awareness without requiring a separate proxy for every Internet service and protocol. This provides unparalleled performance, scalability, and the ability to support new and custom applications and services quickly and easily.

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