Tour of Cape Town
Cape Town is rapidly becoming one of the world's premier travel destinations. Find out why with this brief tour around our beautiful city.

History of Cape Town
An introduction to the history of our city from the early hunter gatherers who lived in the region to its central role in one of the most miraculous revolutions of the 20th century.

Olympic Movement
Bring yourself up to date on the culture and history of the modern Olympic movement. Background and links to all the major Olympic organisations related to the Bid.

The Bid Committee
Meet the team behind the Bid, see who is funding the Bid, and read about the strategy of the Cape Town 2004 Bid.

Have Your Say
A visitor's book where you can make comments about the Cape Town 2004 Olympic Bid or this site.

Bid Party Live Webcast

Let's party together over the web! Click on the countdown icon to find out more about the live web-cast of the Flying Colours for Africa countdown party on the Grand Parade in Cape Town

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