The Information Age has made time, distance and traditional electronic communication systems almost obsolete. What is new today, will be outdated, incompatible and dispensable tomorrow.

One electronic information and commerce system, however, has confidentially stood the test of time for more than 13 years: Beltel. This Telkom videotex service has a proven track-record of being the most secure, reliable and, above all, affordable system for electronic banking, financial transactions, teleshopping, electronic mailing, and a wide variety of other services and information.

Today, Beltel boasts more than 65 000 active users- compared to last year's 55 000 - and a growing 150 service and information providers. We at Beltel are proud to present you with our latest Services Menu to show how you can stay in touch with your world - cost effectively and efficiently.


All you need to connect to Beltel is a telephone line, a personal computer equipped with PC Bel software and a Telkom approved modem. Alternatively, you can also use a dedicated terminal such as a Minitel. The PCBel software can be bought from Telkom at highly competitive rates, whilst the Minitels can be rented through convenient loan agreements.

When you register as a Beltel user, you will receive a unique mail number and password which will be your key to a world of on-line information and services. There is a once off, minimal registration fee, a monthly subscription fee, a log-on charge for every successful log-on, as well as a part-time charge for the time you are connected to the computer, which varies depending on the time of day, public holidays and Sundays. In addition, each information and service provider can, at their discretion, charge you for each "screen page" of their data you access or the time spent browsing through their service.

PCBel 4.13

To turn your personal computer into a Beltel terminal, it must be quipped with 640 k RAM, a hard drive with 300 k bytes of free disk space, a suitable modem and graphic cord. This upgraded DOS application is also Windows friendly and offers you the following features:

  • Support for CGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA and Hercules graphic memory
  • PRESTEL, ASC11 and Teletel emulations
  • Support for BPPC, X-modems, Z-modems and Kermet protocols
  • Connections at 300, 600, 1 200, 2 400, 9 600 or higher baud rates
  • E-mail support for Telkom 400 via Beltel.
  • Automatic terminal mode switching
  • Automated log-on sequences to facilitate setup.

PCBel for Windows

PCBel for Windows made Beltel and a whole new range of user friendly features as easy as…"click". All you need is a personal computer (minimum 386), equipped with 4M bytes RAM, Windows 3.1 or later versions - even Windows 95, as well as a Telkom approved modem.

  • Fast access to Speedlink, Easy Access and a host of Bulletin Board Services
  • Multiple dialing directories for easy classification, storage and access of numbers
  • Customisable toolbar with "tooltips
  • "Programmable toolbars with icons.
  • Graphics copying facility
  • Converting of bank statements into spreadsheets
  • Viewing of multiple windows in multiple terminal emulations
  • Scroll-back option for browsing
  • On line help and Hot Dial feature.
Click here for a complete list of the Information and Service Providers.