Ten Favours a Dog asks a man


1.   My life lasts between 10  to 15 years.  Every separation from you  means suffering  for me.  Think about this before  you decide whether or  not  to take me.

2.   Give me time  to understand what you  are asking from me.
Install confidence in me  -  I thrive in  it.

3.   Donít be angry with me for  long,  and donít lock me up for  punishment.

4. You have your  work,  your  pleasure, your job - I only have you.

5.   Talk often to  me.   Even  if I  donít understand the words, I  do understand the  tone of your voice.

6.   Know  that, no matter how Iím being treated, I shall never forget.

7.   Keep in mind before you hit me, that my jaws could crush the knuckles of your hand  with ease, but I donít make use of them.

8.   Before you scold me when  working with me, consider:   perhaps  I am uncomfortable  from my least meal, perhaps I was in the sun too  long,  or perhaps I  have a worn - out heart.

9.   Take care of me  when  I am old; you too are going to be  old one day.

10. Be with me  when my  going is rough.  Everything is easier when you are beside me.

From  the  Swiss Disaster  Dog Association