Some of the older Von Sauliamt dogs in Mr Rodel's Kennel
          Tarras Von Sauliamt                                                                                Mr. E. Rodel

During 1979 Mr. Eduard Rodel was extremely successful in both National (Swiss) and International (European) shows. His dog at that time was Vasall Von Sauliamt who won the top awards at virtually every show. At Bern, in June 1979, Vasall was awarded the gold medal, having won both CAC (Switzerland) and CACIB (International) awards. At the same show five Sauliamt dogs won awards including Silver and Bronze medals, and Mr. Rodel was nominated top breeder - All Breeds. At Basel, also a European International show, Vasall again won the CAC and CACIB awards and Sauliamt was nominated as the top kennel.

The above two awards both qualify Vasall as Weltseiger (World Champion). In fact, theses are European International Championships. At Lenzburg, later on in that year, Vasall won Best of  Breed and a few months after, at Aarau, Vasall was again Best of  Breed. At the same show thirteen Sauliamt dogs won awards. Both of the above shows were Swiss National Championships, as apposed to the International Championships at Bern and Basel.

These achievements of Mr. Rodelís Kennel are quite remarkable when one considers the magnitude of competition at these shows. In the ring against Vasall at Bern were about thirty dogs, of  which more than half were National Champions from the various European countries. All these shows draw entrance of between sixty and one hundred Saints in total, with the International shows normally running in excess of that number. 1979 was Vasallís first show year and he turned four years old in September of that year. It is normal in Switzerland and Europe not to show your dogs until they have reached full maturity. This explains the comparative high age of entry (by South African standards) in the show ring.

Mr. Rodelís Sauliamt Kennel has dominated the Swiss Saint Bernard scene for many years. He commenced seriously breeding saints in the middle 1930ís and has exported thousands of dogs through the years to almost every part of the world. In the USA, in particular, his dogs have got and excellent record, having won many National Championships. They are also well known through out Europe. Comparatively few, however, have gone to countries such as, United Kingdom, and Australia. The reason for this at that time, the Swiss Standard was not recognised. It was also typical that time that these countries have followed the British concepts of what the Saint Bernard should look like.

The success of Vasall was due to his outstanding movement, which is one of the major features that has accounted for his great achievements. The Late John Treger brought in two top Sauliamt bitches which have been mated with Vasall to South Africa in 1980. In both cases a litter of puppies were produced. In 1981 I was introduced to the Late John Treger for the very first time, and as time progressed I was fortunate enough to have three of the offspring of the imported Sauliamt bitches.

Vasall  has helped to improve the general Saint Bernards in South Africa. Incidentally Vasall successfully defended his World Champion title and unbeaten record in 1980. To my knowledge Vasall was later on offered to John Treger for free by Mr. Eduard Rodel. John Treger refused the offer due to that the bloodline was already available in South Africa. Vasall was later on sold to Canada by Eduard Rodel. Where ever you are Vasall thank you for giving me a chance to help to improve the Saint Bernard.

In 1997 my friend Mike Hauptfleisch went to visit Mr Rodel under my request. The very frail old put a smile on his face with a gift that I gave Mike to give him and told him that the bloodline that he so dearly worked hard on is still living well in South Africa. I and a few others agree that Mr Eduard Rodel and his Vom Sauliamt Kennels was and still is a legend.  Thank you Eduard, rest assure that your bloodline is in safe hands with me. Thank you Eduard Rodel, thank you John Treger...the legend is still a live.

-Horst Kranz