Nickita winning Best In Show
Judge: Dr. Rochelle Erlich

Rules and Regulations.

All shows are  held under the  auspices of K.U.S.A. ( Kennel Union Of South Africa ) and all shows are licensed by them. There are strict  rules to be observed and club officials must ensure that there are no infringements. All puppies must be registered by the breeder within three months from date of birth. When buying a Alaskan Malamute puppy it is wise to ask the breeder to include a signed statement that he has applied for registration of the litter if he has not  received them back from K.U.S.A. When the registration form has been received, the breeder will send it to you together with  his signature on the back of the  form so that you can fill in your name and address to place the dog in your name. Do not forget to post it to K.U.S.A. in the envelope attached with the Registration form, so that the dog can officially come in your name. This is what we call the Transfer of ownership. There  is no charge for  the first Transfer of  ownership for the puppy.


There are a  number of different types  of shows namely :-

Match Meeting

This is a fun show, being a competition  between two or more clubs challenging one another  on  a point system. This  can be great fun as one does not worry about being competitive in won  owns breed  but rather winning  against the other breed.  The objective is  to have  fun  and try  and win for your  breed club.

Open  Show

If you are wise you will  attend  a few open  shows before attempting  a  championship show.  All dogs over the  age of 4 months can compete and registration is not necessary. Entries are taken  on  the day  of   the  show. This  type of  show is good practice for both the  novice handler and his  dog.

Championship Show

The final step up the ladder  is the championship  show. This is  were dogs compete for  the  Challenge certificates  which count towards becoming a South African champion. Entries must be received by the  secretary of  the  show holding club by a  specific date,  usually  at least four weeks before the  show as there is a great  deal of administration to be done. Do not expect to have a late entry  accept. The show holding club  will post  your numbers to you before the date of the show.
The show  will take up a  long and tiring day, so  make sure  that you consider comfort. Chairs, umbrellas, water  dishes and comfortable clothing are  a must. Food is often expensive, so take along a snack for your family. Most important is to take your dog with that you have entered as this could be highly embarrassing if  he is left at home. You  might think  this  is funny, but I have seen  where exhibitors have come to the show and set  up their benching place and they have forgot  the dog. This  could  lead to a family dispute and the funday could turn sour, if you  are the first exhibitor  in the ring.
Arrive early as parking is usually a problem. Upon  arrival, find out where your Alaskan Malamute will  be judged and bench yourselves near the ring. Find out before the time when your dogs are going to judged and take your dog for a walk so that he can releave himself. Remember to clean up afterwards where your dog messes.  Put on your  official number before  the time. Watch the judging of the other dogs before the  time  and see what the judge requires you to do. Above all listen to what the  judge expects from you.
Always place your Alaskan Malamute to his best  advantage but donít fuss  too much. Only take  your dog and yourself in the ring, not brushes, handbags, or anything else. It is courtesy to congratulate the winner but donít let your dog approach his. Your dog might be a sour looser and it is best to keep a firm hold on your dog at all  times.
Finally dog showing is a  hobby and therefor it is obviously a certain amount  of competition involved, but this should not detract from  the social  side or the spirit of the show giving  club. Good luck and enjoy your Alaskan Malamute.

Horst and  Susan Kranz