Ruby is pictured here at a side profile at 4 months of age

Ruby looking for her teddy bear

Arctic-Luv Heart of Gold of Richtavier better known as "Ruby Tuesday Child" by friends. This name was given to her by Horst because our friend, Joanna Riccio of Templum Saint Bernards (USA), had a stressful Tuesday finalising the export/import and transportation permits for her to come to South Africa. Finally after a long 3 year wait, our dream finally came true.

Ruby is the first "RED" Alaskan Malamute to arrive on South African soil, not only is she a "RED", but a representative of a true M'Loots type of Alaskan Malamute.  Superbly bred by Bernadette of Arctic_Luv kennels in California USA.
Ruby Also has one of the kindest natures that we have witnessed in a Malamute. Although she is a puppy and still gets upto puppy doings, she is a very good puppy otherwise and really isn't that naughty at all. She is exceptionally playfull and by the time our batteries need recharging she is still only getting started.  Watch out South Africa here comes "Ruby Tuesday Child"
We are very excited to start her show career here in South Africa early in the next Millinium.

Thank you Bernadette for allowing us this opportunity to forward this great specimen called Ruby. Thank you Joanna for all your help in getting her here safe and sound.
Well done SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS for going the extra mile to bring her here comfortably.